: Seriously, is anyone enjoying urf in 2019? What the F* happened to the "it's supposed to be fun".
It's also extremely, EXTREMELY toxic. I haven't played a single urf game without someone saying ''gg easy noobs'', people calling eachother tryhards and telling eachother to kill themselves, not to mention the countless people going afk or feeding because someone accidentally banned a champion they wanted to play. All of these things just happened in my last game, too. Honestly wtf happened to this community? I have never seen such hatred and toxicity. I understand now why Riot decided that this is the last time we ever get URF.
: 🎃👻 Volunteer Halloween Quiz 👻🎃
I knew my knowledge of League lore would come in handy some day. The quiz was actually great fun, too! -Aikki, EUW
: Why no one play custom funmodes anymore? FTT (Find the Teemo) UB (Ultimate Bravery) e.g.
I miss hide and seek. We used to have so much fun playing it on the Dominion map...
: Game randomly capped at 30 FPS when I can run it at 120+ on max graphics.
It sometimes happens to me in TFT and I get 30 to 32 fps for no reason, sometimes even less. My laptop is only two months old and never had problems running league at 60+ fps.
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elin990 (EUW)
: You can remove 3 champs permanently from LOL, who?
{{champion:157}}{{champion:238}} {{champion:105}} Honorable mention: {{champion:64}}
: wow it feels so nice to find a fellow drag race fan in this game lmao
Drag race come throughhhh.
: I need to get up on this gig girl !
I read all that in Alyssa's voice. Yass.
scousersuk (EUNE)
: URF Warwick being sold again
Urf Warwick was sold for 50 RP, you drama queen. What kind of compensation do you want?
: The old ww oO And can u say me how did this pls? (gif) 10/10
You just copy the link of the gif and slap it in here. c:
: 70% my games:( + farm jng with full build, and dont help end game!
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: Is it physically possible to get consistent winrate as support?
Theoretically, yes. But it doesn't really depend on you as much as with other roles.
: can you delete zed
Fixed it for you. > [{quoted}](name=Diesel River,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=GcEs3TAU,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-08-26T18:38:01.597+0000) > > playing ~~an adc~~ vs a zed is the most miserable thing ever
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Rípley (EUW)
: EuW problem?
I thought I was the only one. Can confirm, happens to me too sometimes.
: Do you remember your FIRST EVER Ranked game?
Season 2. My cousin pressured me into playing ranked otherwise I never would have, I was too scared. I got mid, played Ahri (Midnight skin, it was the first skin I ever bought and at that time, was my only skin) and went against Ryze. Was so scared, but I somehow beat him and we won. Yay! c:
RosarioPk (EUW)
: 1 game = permaban are u serious??
Seems well deserved. Buhbye.
abraklaas (EUW)
: Whats the best to drink when playing lol?
Water. Just water. Water is healthy and good for you and you should always be drinking it. Keep a full bottle by your side and just take a sip whenever you feel like it. c:
roy038 (EUW)
: Client crash ingame
Happened to me earlier aswell. Got blue screen of death while playing.
BlackTrnAdo (EUNE)
: Lee sin Nerf isn't fair
You know what isn't fair? Getting oneshot by a Lee who only has a hunter's machete and a refillable potion. That's unfair.
: just dont play ranked, if you are really losing as much as you say, you will only ruin other peoples expirience. take a break for a couple of weeks and practice champs in normal after your break. You'll be fine :D
I don't play ranked anyway because it's stressful and I just want to have fun. This is all happening in normal games.
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MadWifeHR (EUW)
: which skin was the most profitbale/ sold?
Probably Battle Bunny Riven. Everyone seems to have it.
dexcore (EUW)
: why is camille legal? :o
She's over 18.
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Tiichu (EUW)
: Do you forgive someone who flamed you during a game if they apology to you afterwards?
Whenever someone flames me or is tilted, I usually add them after the game and say a nice hello and ask about their day. And then we become best friends. c:
: Poor Poor Camille
Oh, I get it... {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: It's UNACCEPTABLE that Yasuo doesn't have this skin
''You must heed my INSTRUCTIONS!'' That's so Yasuo...
Wex0r (EUW)
: new season new ranks your just gonna have to grind your way back up
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The point of ''noob'' champs is that beginners can use them to get to know the game and then switch to more difficult champions.
PyroTom (EUW)
: This game is full of people who are just c*nts. (Rant)
I'll play with you. I never get any toxic people on my team so yeah, might be good for you. c:
Mini Baws (EUW)
: That champion you HATE
Irelia and Fizz. Irelia because she punishes you for being good by stunning you when she has lower % hp and Fizz because he has Zhonya on a few second cooldown. That, coupled with an ACTUAL Zhonya pretty much equals an unkillable bastard that is somehow also capable of oneshotting people from level 6 on with nothing but a Sheen. /drinks some water to soften the effects of the salt
LovroLox (EUNE)
: What champion do you relate yourself with?
{{champion:6}} for obvious reasons. I have a great personality though.
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: Galio is a good champ but don't pick him into Katarina
Assuming both players possess the same level of skill, Katarina will never win the lane against Galio. He pretty much has everything he needs to make her life hell. -Tanky -Can heal himself -CC which cancels her strongest ability He was just bad.
: Tetris is more fun than LoL in s6
Don't let the door hit ya where the Lord split ya.
derpystin (EUW)
: how do champions odor smell like?
I feel like {{champion:21}} would use Chanel N°5.
: {{champion:267}} ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
: What's your favorite skin that's cheap?
Mine's Pharaoh Nidalee. She always looked awesome to me, even with her shitty splash. Now that her splash got updated, she's pretty much perfect. ~~Too bad I can't play her if my life depended on it.~~
: What champions are "taboo" to talk about?
Riven. Mention her kit once and get burnt on a stake by her loyal mains.
: What fi i've done a one for all against irelia?
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