: Just mute people like this if it's tilting you otherwise just ignore them at the end of the day all of the flame annoys your team also so they are more likely to report the real perpetrator. Sadly at times people blame their jungler for them not winning their lane so just play your game, focus on the win and staying positive. If you feel its warranted report them after the game.
ok ill try this, thanks
: midlane main looking for someone to help me improve
if you need help CSing, try useing veigar to know when to kill, as his passive stacks with his Q kills,i think if thats the same. and also try to see what yoiur auto attack dmg is, look at the minions 999/999 hp think, then when its in ranged of your dmg, right click it, if youre having trouble with your champo autoing without you clicking to, jsut press s and it will stop untill orders are given
TTekkers (EUW)
: There's a very very grey area .....
trash talk tends to be exactly the same as flameing tbh, unless its actualy jokeing around without any negative comments, but then its kinda hard to trash talk in that way
: New type of permaban?
i think that just means your client/game bugged, as a ban i think would mean you cant login
archerno1 (EUNE)
: Well tbh he didnt really say anything harsh to trigger punishment.
delissional child is more or less unsportsmen like right?
: any help with people like this?
keep in mind he has asked people to report me for constant flame through the match
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Than0o (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Stell,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=JA9j6pJb,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-09-13T06:24:24.173+0000) > > You can either > A) Keep blaming your teammates who are out of your control since you get a new team every game > B) Keep improving yourself since you are the only player who will be there every game > > Your enemy team is formed from the same pool of players than your team. They are the same bronzes. They have their flaws too. > Sure your teammates are doing mistakes etc, but what's the point on raging at them? There is literally no point. They won't be in your next game. That's why you should only focus on yourself. > > If you think your team is shit when you lose, are you also thinking that your enemy team is shit when you win? Or are you winning because you were so good? Think about that. Isn't that kinda flawed. If you think you lose because of team, and win because of you, you ain't gonna improve at all. thanks for yr comment ,, as i flame them , most of my games i mute all before game starts , this is everyone says and for me it really helps , as for team play everyone i asked before say bronze all about you and only you ,, there is no teamplay in this elo , all about win yr lane farm good and snowball to win , at 1st i didn't follow this and try to make my best with my team but i found this wrong and keep going and going in the direction " all about me , only me " , so are this is true all about me , even soo how should i carry 4 pple feed , ok who care it's a game can;t win all time , but with 15 lose after lose and it's not yr fault , what should i do ? and SORRY all if i said something wrong cuz I'm abit tilting right now cuz i'm going in the lose streak again .
the fact you arnt out of bronze kinda means "all about your, win your lane" isnt working
: Lose your email 1 time and you might as well delete your account
you do know that your account has an actualy name to it, if you make a false name then you, no chance, but if you didnt then you need ID
: HEY RITOOOO F*** YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Than0o (EUW)
: I can't stand it anymore !!
with that grammar and the fact you consider your self" the best" when a ranked is ment to have teamwork and not just "thebest", its no wonder youre in bronze


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