: Platinum Birthday
http://www.reactiongifs.us/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/slow_clap_citizen_kane.gif ######Welcome and congratulations! Now you'll get the neat border and summoner icon in preseason!###### Also here's a {{item:2009}}. Happy Birthday!
DaveRod (EUW)
: Is Gnar still relevant?
Was he ever relevant? I never saw a gnar win lane. Not any of mine, anyway.
: Tanks Consistently Deal Most Damage
As a tank main i have some theories of my own as to why. You see, damage dealers do dish out a lot of damage - but its usually in small bursts, due to their own life span and that of their targets. Tanks, on the other hand, often get into extended duel with their opponents - very frequently. They do not do earth-shattering damage, but they keep slapping each other for ages, whereas an adc duel can be over in 7 hits.
: suggestion: button to delete tier 1 and 2 runes
: > [{quoted}](name=Aldduren,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=1ObEVfef,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2016-10-29T04:56:36.984+0000) > > From your name i can tell you're just crying out of jealousy. Rengar's rework isnt even out yet, and Riot has barely begun balancing him. Do you actually believe they will ship a rework stronger than before when their entire goal with it is weakening his one-shot potential? > > Evolve your eyes so that you can open them, mantis. uhm... nope XD i was just interested in the most ad possible on a champ :D and this is the current data. just because i'm a kha main, doesn't mean that i hate rengo. i mean... do you really think that this could happen in a normal/ranked game? o.O it's like saying that veigar and nasus are op, because they can scale to infinite dmg. theoritically, it's true, but in practice... well not so much
Sorry if i seem aggressive, i just love building on the Kha'zix/Rengar rivalry. My hostility is a sign of respect for you, as a Rengar main! In fact, i think you're MORE Likely to see the AD cap in normal games than in the competitive ones. In ranked games, at least at the higher levels, people will most likely go with a bruiser build to better scale off his new kit's synergies. Personally i've allways thought Rengar was the most fun to play as a bruiser, and with his new W i figure he'll be better off as just that to help his team out.
: Reworked Rengar maximum AD
From your name i can tell you're just crying out of jealousy. Rengar's rework isnt even out yet, and Riot has barely begun balancing him. Do you actually believe they will ship a rework stronger than before when their entire goal with it is weakening his one-shot potential? Evolve your eyes so that you can open them, mantis.
: "reliably" Brand can't reliably do that either. He not only has to get into range, but he also has to rely that 1. Opponents have already taken a decent chunk of damage (Unless he's ridiculously ahead). 2. Opponents don't play around it correctly.
Implying your average random teammate knows that they should not hug you when Brand ults.
: Is the support broken?
{{champion:40}} Yes, this support is broken
: Did you know that Nautilus can do the same? Seriously now, what's annoying about a champion who sends out an easily counterable bouncing ball of fire? Removed from doom bots? When did this happen? I played with a Brand in doom bots last night. And only because a % health AOE champion is effective in a gamemode where every opponent has shit tons of health and mindlessly groups doesn't mean they're annoying in a normal game.
Nautilus cannot reliably delete one to two champions with his ult alone. Brand can often do this even while behind.
: Well, the way I look at it, sometimes you can get a bunch of these games in a row, but also a bunch of really nice ones with nice teams as well. But losing an account over some people I will never meet or interact with again, idk if that could ever be worth >.> But yeah I get your frustration, I also have have times when I just crack on the inside as well when it becomes too much *sigh*
I'm unable to see the big picture once i focus, so i dont think "this could cost me my account". I just roll with my emotions. If i get an impulse to do something, i act on it - its the main trigger that allows me to do things such as dodge skillshots and react quickly. Instinct comes first, thoughts afterward. If i ever get nice teammates more than once in a row i'll come back here and tell you. To this day i've never had friendly matches more than once at a time, usually only once every two months at that.
: It's really important to remember that you're in control of your own emotions at all times. You can choose whether to get frustrated or to just enjoy the game while you're playing it. If you can't yet control your level of salt in a team based video game, it's going to knock on in real life. This is coming from somebody who very nearly got permabanned and has lost a lot of IRL jobs because of his inability to contain his salt when other people are messing things up.
If you actually believe everyone's capable of controlling their own emotions, you are severely deluded. Funny you should claim it knocks over into real life - it doesnt. I can usually keep myself in check, especially with friends, but the few that has seen my bad side has said playing league with me and hanging out in real life is like being with two completely different people. Besides, League is in fact the only game i've ever behaved this way in - in other games i hardly even curse if something goes wrong. I guess everyone's different. I can easily "contain my salt" in real life. League is the only place i have problems with it.
: There's nothing wrong with brand. His only directly annoying ability is his Q, which requires setup. Well, of course, unless it's support Brand.
Uhm... Mid lane brand can generally miss his entire combo and still get a kill or two using his ult alone. Removed from Doom bots because its simply too easy to win using him.
: Syndra and Annie are the exceptions. Don't lump up those piles of garbage with other champs as if they're the same.
{{champion:63}} Hello!
: When the biggest annoyance becomes your greatest ally
You know, after reading this post i stopped regretting my permaban. I'd rather let my anger flow freely and lose my account than sit through THIS shit 2 out of 3 games. Well written, your _twitch_iness really gives an idea of how amazingly frustrating this is. I rest my case, however. It was worth getting banned just so that i didnt have to go through this mental torture of keeping it all in. Rather that than let these [_young, frustrated_] top laners comfortably enjoy their harrassment of everybody else involved.
Saldone (EUNE)
No, you dont have to be a rocket scientist. In fact, even a player below level 30 can figure out these changes are going to make the assassins a lot more FAIR TO PLAY AGAINST. The assassins will be DESTROYED in the way that they can no longer kill people in less than half a second. They will no longer be able to delete another player by pressing ONE button. How about you try the changes before you judge them?
: So I guess it was positive towards me. And you are asking me if I studied psychology? Don't worry you are probably way more clear than I make it seem, I just haven't slept in 2 days.
That doesnt sound very smart. I like you now, so i hope you manage to get some sleep again soon.
: So are you replying to me saying that you see through me or replying to my comment saying that it sees through the one I replied to? Just making sure before I ask you to point out why and how.
Oh gods no, i wasnt self-righteously speaking in third person. It was directed both towards you and the person you were "challenging".
: The community is.....?
Lost it at "almost-proffessional CoD player" I just cant take you seriously after that xD To answer the title, The community is immature. Its like a playground for everybody's inner adolescent/prepubertal child.
: >r after community request. Community request does not mean that the community decided it, it means that the community told riot that this is toxic because its unsportsmanlike and rito said "ye das true". >They don;t . They do, your basic thought process makes it impossible for you to not have a plan, there might be holes in that plan but its still a plan. >No one of these exist at what i say. I speak for special cases not to based the average your commenting . Some players don;t even follow or thinking based a plan.The way they adc and move show that. Yeah you dont understand how to thought. >You ending up at totally wrong (on purpose ofc) conclusions. Or maybe. Just maybe. Whatever you said actually would lead to that conclusion but the reason you said it that way is because of your bad English. >No i dont know but you know that rank games toxicity>>normal games? If not then go check some statistics. How many normal players got banned and how many rank players. You do know that the game = Ranked + Unranked. One having more toxicity is irrelevant since its still the same community. >Well the fact players are 70% if not 90% of the times are typing "report x" even if it doesn;t even exist a reason shows a large number of the community is bad aaaaaaaaand now you are making up statistics, good, no reason to talk to you anymore.
By the powers of logic and education, this person is seeing right through you! Concrete and concise comments all explaining clearly how each and every statement made above is false. Have you studied psychology? tl;dr: Up you go
: Can't fight back assassins (Help an ADC out)
As a Rengar main caitlyn shits on Rengar. Just use your E whenever he jumps on you (or better yet, have a pesky thresh or janna that prevents him from ever getting close in the first place) and abuse the hell out of your range and his cooldowns. Place a trap on yourself when you see the exclamation mark pop up, then use your dash to escape as he is forced to jump into your snare. At the end of the game you'll kill him in three shots.
: So I made a glowing Championship Thresh figure
: I would like to take a break, but i don't know how
Dont play games. Do something else. Anything else, really. I find the game is a lot more fun if i spend a week or more away from it, and i also often win a ton more upon returning.
Xhyr (EUW)
: wow you make it sound so bad in that sarcastic tone :D Can you tell me more about the hextech crafting system? I understand the other things now, haven't had time to read up on that though
Well, i hope you get a better impression of it... Basically, most of us veterans from season 3 and earlier think this is the worst stage the game has ever been in. On to hextech crafting - it's pretty cool, really! Basically, for getting "S grades" (Yeah, they have a grading system now. Nobody's entirely sure how it works, but it seems to count everything from minion kills to assists.) - S-, S and S+ - will yield you a "mastery chest" for the champion you're currently playing, if you own the champ. (And own with the champ.) You can only get one mastery chest for each champion per season, meaning your main will only ever land you one chest per season - but thats no biggie. You can only get like four chests a month, at most. They have a counter similar to first win of the day! You can also get key fragments randomly, just for playing. Collect three of them and you can combine them into a key, and unlock one of said chests. Now here's where it might get confusing. Basically, you get a starting amount of "essence", blue and orange. Orange seems to be the most ordinary one - used for unlocking skins, from ward skins to champion skins. Blue is used for champions themselves, and for "champion mastery tokens", that allows the "BM-tool" we've mentioned to be upgraded past level 5. Basically gives your champion a fancy border and the mastery icon that pops up over your head from time to time look more shiny. Anyway, you can disassemble skins and champions you dont want or already have to get more of their respective essence. They can also be combined, three at a time, to reforge into a random new one. Note that the rarity of the ingredients do not affect the reforged item - you could reforge three ultimate skins and get something like loch ness chogath. Basically, its a system that allows persistent players to grind their way to fancy champions and skins. Legacy skins do usually show up, but not temporary skins like Championship Riven. I hope that helps, try it out if you start playing the game again. And keep the /mute all command handy, just in case.
Xhyr (EUW)
: Back after two years...
Adcs and mages dominate the game. Gone are the days of "top lane is an island - this is league of group as 5 @ 12:00 The community is split between an extremely (more than ever) toxic section and one "pure" section - as long as you stay in the pure section you will have very enjoyable games, while if you first slip up and end up in "toxic" matchmaking the days of enjoying a casual game are gone. Supports! EVEN stronger than before. Riven is out of meta! Lee sin is as popular as ever... Gosu and unseen shadows are as popular as ever. Essentially free skins! Provided you have patience. Hextech crafting is basically CSGO's crate system with a potentially free design. Earn keys by RNG after each match. Super tanks - essentially champions that can go nearly full tank and still nuke everything else. See Denye's post, as they've already written down all that came to mind, in the right order of popularity and viability. New masteries! These affect the game itself MORE than rune pages do now, so do not underestimate them! New items. New "mastery symbol" people spam to harrass enemies. Make sure to use the mute function on the TAB scoreboard ingame. There are freaking FIVE NEW DRAKES and a Mini-baron that gives a TWENTY-MINUTE BUFF to the person who picks it up, that lasts THROUGH death giving damage reduction and bonus damage on a statikk shiv-like stack system. I'll let you discover the less abstract/difficult/important ones for yourself.
Nherax (EUW)
: This game gets better by every patch
The same applies to Kennen from personal experience. The hitbox is at least 2.5 times as wide as the projectile itself.
: Reminds me of that thread where someone asked why there aren't any girls in the professional teams. I wonder why.
If you look at the few female pros that have competed in various games, they simply get too much attention. Literal thousands of these toxic {REDACTED} _gamers_ see them on camera just about daily, comment about them, send them personal mail and messages. Most of these are sadly obscene and offensive.
: So we are supposed to take neutral names, because, yeah, we _have to_ expect we'll get harrassed otherwise? Definitely our fault, right? Because people called King xyz get flamed as well, right? No. It's just straight up idiots thinking that it makes them cool in front of their friends.
We do not have to pick "secretive" names (such as mine). But if an obviously aggressive/intolerant player addresses you, simply ignore them or disprove them - just say "i'm a guy xD" and they'll stop caring. Its that simple. You know what's even better? Mute them. You dont want to be communicating with that sort of people in the first place.
BlauDroid (EUW)
: Female player, gets 84 comments, that's what men are like, see a female, just jump on her :|.
The perk/curse* of being an attractive minority ;3 *depending on mood
: This HAS to stop.
Use /mute all. I use it practically every match this season, due to the way the community has been evolving. Avoid broadcasting your gender. It has nothing to do with the game to begin with, and letting your average {REDACTED} _gamer_ know will generally have no positive results whatsoever. If someone asks (your name is a pretty dead giveaway, after all - but be proud of it, it's nice) just dont respond or say you're a guy. Add an xD to ensure everybody believes you. Just some advice from a fellow female gamer who's been enduring this sort of behaviour for roughly 11 years now. :) Do not let this disencourage you from playing the game. A few rotten apples doesnt ruin the entire tree, right? Worst case scenario, stick to playing with people you can trust. Allways queue up with at least one premade that's willing to stand up for you (preferrably in a non-aggressive way, so that neither of you will suffer punishments from the inevitable reports being spewed out by the toxic {REDACTED} _gamers_ that blight this game.\ Its a sad truth you'll have to use the /mute all function more and more often these days. Try not to let it get to you - this doesnt happen anyhere near every game, right? One bad experience should not be allowed to ruin all the good ones.
Ferogriff (EUW)
: Aatrox is the worst champ in league since he was out
I agree he is way out of Meta - like Urgot, he DOES have extremely situational power (i played a plat 2 ranked game and won easily after first responding to this post) and could definitely use an ability alteration. Buffing him wont make his kit better - it'll just make him another "hit or miss" burst assassin, which is not making him healthier. He should get one of his abilities altered, perhaps added functionality to his Q or E. I feel his W is pretty damn cool as it is, and his ult does a good job of doing what it does.
SeekerK (EUNE)
: It's nice that you helped the community find another negative minded player but sharing this ain't realy that friendly. In the boards it's best to respect all the players, positive or negative. And guide those who are negative to become more positive in the future.
Actually, this IS good. Its a deterrent for the adc players who see it. They mentioned no names, not even a champion name - only "those that flame the support".
Ferogriff (EUW)
: Yeah, maybe after Yorick, Assassins, Warwick, Tryndamere, Urgot, Galio
Not to mention Ryze, Talon, Ryze, Taliyah, Ryze, Leblanc and Ryze.
: [How to] Get permabanned.
Step 7: Vow to change your ways Step 8: Create a smurf Step 9: Repeat around level 21 Step 10: Repeat
wingzerzzz (EUNE)
: Pantheon is a girl ? xD
So... Is this a troll? Or are you serious? Aurelion is speaking of many, many years before League of Legends takes place. The Pantheon at the time was a woman, not a man. Pantheon is a sort of god of war - like a ghost, that "combines" with a living person to use their body as their own. tldr: Pantheon is not the name of one person, but the name of the "class" - the super spartan. When 1 Pantheon dies, a new one takes their place. Read Pantheon's story and you will understand.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Is pointing out Grammar Mistakes Toxic?
No, its just bad manners. _As if manners didnt go out the window the moment people press LAUNCH_
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Would you rather... (Part 2!)
1: Caitlyn trap. They do little harm by themselves. 2: Master Yi. I like the mountains, and there's no way i'd be able to keep up with Garen's literally limitless endurance. On the other hand Yi seems to be a big fan of meditation. 3: Nunu - Gnar is literally a barbarian. Nunu seems civilized towards those he tolerates. 4: Lucian. Guns are guns - you do not need particular skill or physical capabilities to wield them, while a sword requires extreme endurance and skill - not to mention putting yourself in harms way - to use properly. 5: Froggen - i'd rather face a mage than an assassin-bruiser-marksman
: Patch 6.15 Seems worrying for botlane, darkclouds decend.
Even as a top laner i think this patch will cause the game to drop to its lowest point since AP Yi and Riven's golden age. Pick a champion like Udyr, double kill the enemy bot and kill their tower at 4-5 minutes - voila, the game is yours. The enemy bot lane can no longer farm or get xp and will thereby be forced to either extend and get ganked bot, or enter other lanes to pick up what little xp they cant get. As if games being decided at 11:00 wasnt bad enough.
Solash (EUW)
: Well, well, well, who do we have here
The new yordle jungler, Rengnar. Yes, {{champion:107}}{{champion:150}}.
abbbez (EUW)
: A complete mute on ping should not exist, Maybe some sort of higher restriction "mute" so that they may only hear a ping form that person once every *insert amount*
Keep the mini-map icons. Remove the on-screen blemishes and the sound effects. Problem solved. If you're incapable of spotting pings on the map you're not on a level that requires communication and teamwork yet anyway. *Its an example, i dont mean you personally*
candoodle (EUW)
: I just afk'd from a free ARAM win
I see a lot of critique in the comments, but i personally support you in this situation. I can see the case from both sides and yet i still think it would be healthier for the game to also allow muting pings - perhaps leaving the visual stamps on the minimap only.
abbbez (EUW)
: No You should not be able to mute pings as that is the last form of communication.
On the OTHER hand, when that last form of communication is abused and the person in question has no intention whatsoever of communicating constructively, it'd be better to be able to mute them than to have to suffer through a potential hour full of their harrassment.
Raistlin (EUNE)
: You'll be able to mute pings the same time you will be able to mute laughter and dance spam from others :))) Meaning never. Oh and better yet when tahm decides to spit you out towards the enemy, or anivia blocks you so that you die than laughs, there are all kinds of mentally disturbed people playing this game. Its starting to look like arkham to me more like lol :D For me its annoying when someone uses laughter spam forever, have to turn off audio, dance less so, buts its distrurbing when you see enemy dancing on your or your teammate corpse. Or in many cases i see in my team someone ignores to help his teammate than dances on his corpse, those people, blight on nature. Trolls will always exist, just report them as unsportmanslike, they very well deserve ban to chillout or go get some mental help in the meantime.
You can mute laugh spam. Muting a player also mutes all sound not related to spells or ambient noises. (Which means champions like Singed, Veigar, Ziggs, Nocturne and Illaoi are some of the very few exceptions)
: i did'nt lost a single time lol, fukin Heimer should be perm baned in this mode xD
Rioter Comments
Calgren (EUNE)
: Choosing when to have hood on Ashe Project skin
Should have done the same thing they did for Night Hunter Rengar - that one's not even legendary.
: Why Americans are so bad at League Of Legends?
Now guess why Taliyah is the most-played champion on NA :^)
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Dark humor is like kids with cancer, it never gets old.
Rioter Comments
: Loyality.
Speaking of loyalty, it's the only thing keeping me playing.
Skeezo (EUNE)
: Let me guess, you're lvl 14 now. It's a joke {{champion:9}}
I dont see what's so funny. {{champion:64}} {{champion:9}}
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