: Xayah and Rakan Gifting
Looking for trading with someone I want Xayah. Add me: IGN : Aless Windrunner Server : EUW
: Activate/Dezactivate ENTER button from the game
Yes, I can't control myself to don't press it. Can I dezactivate the enter button from the PC only when I am in game ? :P
Rioter Comments
: Dominion removal will destroy everything i love in this game... :(
Riot you are ruining the game ;( {{item:3070}} Personally I like the calssical things about this game, taking Dominion form me is like taking my memories. You want to make the game better, but you are ruining this.... new champion select, the new UNBALANCED champions and now retiring dominion... huh... why you didn't make that mode more attractive for the community ? Because you want just money, better get on a new champion then make Dominion ( in that case ) more attractive for us. STOP make stupid things like that, STOP make champions that over powered, I miss season 3 when the game was balanced ( more then now ) and calssical. Can you STOP thinking only about money and START make good decisions about this game ? A beautiful game witch is destoyed by the owner.... Wake up RIOT ! {{summoner:1}} {{item:3151}}

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