: I played Varus.The enemy marksman was Draven.I won bot lane.I won the game. You can SEE where Draven is GOING TO GO to CATCH his axe so you can PUNISH him THEN. With Kalista you CANNOT SEE where she will jump to so you can choose to predict her movement with a skillshot or just basic attack her and run and take damage from her E. This for bot lane If you are going to go mid,Draven might not be that kind of a problem if you have damage.
Yeah this is pretty much the only counter play, you can if u have a zyra , varus even caitlyn q punish him pretty hard that way his q is on cd and he can actually run out of mana, but he will usually just position the axe to fall behind him pretty easily :/
: How is Kalista difficult in any way lol, you just auto then click where you wanna go its piss easy.
well yeah it is.. its just if anything is harder its gona be that than catching an axe yet if he catches a axe hedoesnt just gain gold he does more damage than most champs full ability combo landing all skill shots its like if veigar could cast ults on his basic attacks pretty much
: No Point Playing ADC anymore Bye Bye League of legends
All kata yi and jax can be outplayed they have counters and cant 1v1 any champ in the game. Draven cant be countered theres no way of losing lane with draven if you basic attack your enemy. the only way you can really lose is if top or mid somehow finishes game before you do. and that doesnt solve it theres still teemo , jax , darius , yi ect the games just not worth playing you can never truely win a game with skill if they had a kayle , yi ect its just maths :/ need more balance plz
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