: why TFT still not up ?
Whilst I see the Timeline thread on the Dev Boards (thank you for that link @Eambo), would there be another platform (e.g. Twitter) that would give a more definitive time slot? "PM" is a 12hr time window from Midday to Midnight is quite broad, especially when you're very keen on getting your Little Legends all beefed up!
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Saristas (EUNE)
: What is wrong with Promo matchmaking?
Having experienced trolls, flamers, etc. a LOT last season (and the season before, etc...), I can definately understand the frustration. Now adays though, I try to use those cercumstances as a positive. For example, it is a much more "testing" scenario to not go on tilt from, which helps improve my ability to keep calm and not flame etc. Also, there's significantly more emphasis on me needing to carry the game harder as 1 (or more) lanes will have fed enemy players, this also helps me improve better as a player. Eventhough there appears to be an increasing number of 'toxic' players within the League Of Legends community, I'm try to take what positives I can from EVERY game I play in order to keep improving, including those filled with trolls, flamers, etc.


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