: 14 days suspension for using "Int Sion" strat. (Controversial response from support)
This strategy should have never seen the light of day , sorry for sounding harsh but I feel like League is not meant to just play a champ and run it down top taking objectives and such doing nothing else besides that on top lane .... It just feels sad... I encountered that strategy 3 times I think and they always lost ( I main top lane) , you should play the game as it is its a Team Game , made to play it with your team to overcome a bad situation together or push the advantage together if you have it . I really do not see the fun in just A+ left click on top lane ( joking of course , but pretty much an accurate description), about the punishment I guess that is just how the system works in response to too many deaths , also claiming paper towers its kinda funny since the build and all is made to melt towers... but nonetheless I guess the automatic ban was a bit harsh and I feel sorry for your situation hope it all sorts out in the end...
: I am not touching ranked for the rest of the season....


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