: Get tickets for the Rotterdam LEC Spring Finals
And ofcourse I have a bachelor party when finals are next door....FML!
: Perma banned for this?
I feel you bro...Riot is ruing good players lives...same with me :)
: Discussion about should chat option just be removed from the game?
Croc46 (EUW)
: Is Permabanning Accounts good?
It doesn't work....PErmabanned players are still in my games trolling feeding and leaving
: 4v5 every game
Oow and I already know Riot doesn't read or comment on this post because its EUW so they ignore it. :)
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: > [{quoted}](name=Almighty SnowFox,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=vQNZEKZ0,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-09-19T16:34:35.431+0000) > > So flaming is not allowed... I understand... > But Trolling hard and ruining someones fun in a game is allowed? he's going to be punished too, dont worry.
Jeeey....So after 14 days I can play again and see this guy again because he can play again after 14 days...awsome....that makes me so happy ......NOT
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Voldymort,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=IEjMchZq,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2017-09-19T08:49:16.085+0000) > > are false positives common? Common? No. Possible? Entirely. Finding the difference between "intentionally feeding" and "just having a REALLY bad game" is tough - it's one of the reasons our feeder detection isn't as accurate as the toxicity system - it's much easier to tell who is being toxic versus who is feeding due to simply being unskilled or having a bad game.
So the system is not perfect? Because I just got banned 14 days because I got a trolling player in a Star Guardian game..She made me say bad things because she was not playing purposely for a 'mission', thats what she said... I believe she was in a 4 premade game and I was alone...she just wanted to end the game faster...so instead of playing she went afk made me angry and I got banned..... I also just bought the new Ashe skin and this is what I get for it? My Honor was lvl 4...doesn't that mean anything?
: you did flame your team there and thats not acceptable no matter what they did. if they don't follow the rules it doesn't matter you shouldn't follow them aswell. 'If they jump of a bridge, would you follow?'
To save them if they can not swim
GLurch (EUW)
: What others do is no excuse for using hate speech. Flaming is simply not allowed, there are no other circumstances in which it is. >this was a 4 premade and me One report is the same as nine. One report triggers an investigation by the system. If the same player gets reported twice for the same reason, the system will simply ignore the second and every other further report. Meaning, multiple reports are useless, because they do the same as one report. >I got banned and she trolled hard and can play... This strongly depends on your belief what "trolling" is. If you mean **intentional** feeding by trolling, then I think almost everyone agrees that person should be punished as well, which Riot is actually doing. Intentional feeders also normally start off with a 14 day ban as the first punishment, while it's rarer to happen to flamers. If you by "trolling" mean someone **feeding**, by simply playing bad, then this does not get punished by Riot, because bad players are already getting punished by the MMR System (losing mmr, getting lower skilled enemies and teammates).
She was intentionally just standing on the same spot to die so the game ended faster because she had her mission or something...The other teammates just kept playing and said nothing...just did their best, but she was just making me angry on purpose so her friends could report me... I should not have get angry in chat and instead stayed calm and reported her...but I was trying so hard to get the Star Guardian mission on rank A and she just ruined it...it's normal that people get angry because of something like this... I understand I get punishment for my language, but it's not completely fair imo
Doomley (EUW)
: >Explain to me why I got banned if other players troll, except of my bad language? The bad language is all that is needed to make your ban valid. No other reason is needed. You get banned for YOUR actions. What others do is completely irrelevant.
So after 14 days I go in game....Trollhard....SAY NOTHING...and get away with it? If people like this lulu are banned instead of me it would be a much nicer environment and I would not have to become angry.. If someone is a bad player ..sht happens...I don;t care..but if people do stuff purposely I will get angry If someone kicks your pet you are allowed to get angry...so why if someone ruins my game am I not allowed to get angry?
: Flaming. That's why you got banned.
So flaming is not allowed... I understand... But Trolling hard and ruining someones fun in a game is allowed?
: Look, it's very simple: Flaming is not allowed. It doesn't matter why you flamed, it doesn't matter who started it, it doesn't matter what happened in that game, it doesn't matter who was even worse. Flaming is forbidden, no matter what. No exceptions, no special circumstances that allow you to flame. It's simply forbidden. You flamed. So you got punished.
If this game is so good in banning people who get tilted...than how is it possible people get tilted anyway? because of trolls who don;t get banned? NIce system
: this is League punishing system drama
I feel you..I was lvl 4 honor and always nice...ONE game Lulu troll in Star Guardian...her whole premade friends reported me while she was feeding and afk...I get banned 14 days.... ONLY ONE GAME.... Game 1 Almighty SnowFox: boss has no magic resist..thats why I do this build Almighty SnowFox: lulu troll? Almighty SnowFox: what mission? Almighty SnowFox: %%% this he is trolling..reported assss Almighty SnowFox: nope.... Almighty SnowFox: just play %%% Almighty SnowFox: report this bittth Almighty SnowFox: report luu Almighty SnowFox: WHYYYYY seriously..at least play Almighty SnowFox: frikkin %%% you get banned Almighty SnowFox: for ruining and tilting people Almighty SnowFox: FRIKKIN PLAY YOU MOFO OR GET BANNES! Almighty SnowFox: i dont have any mission :S:S I need rank a Almighty SnowFox: FU! thats the chat I said...At least give me chat restriction..but banned 14 days is INSANE!..I just bought the new Ashe skin and 3 games later BAM banned..I will delete this game from my pc..I;m done after 7 years fulltime playing!
: I got banned while my teammates trolled..Explain Riot!
So instead of Lulu getting banned..I got banned
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Gasburger (EUW)
: What is the point of +24 health at level 18 runes?
I believe that if you have 100 armor you will recieve less damage from physical attacks.. with 200 even less damage with 300 its around 70% less damage from physical..BUT the more armor you stack the slower the resistance gets. Same goes for Magic resistance.. So why do you need Health? To make more use of the armor and magic resistance you have. Also Health can regenerate, arm and mr can not. Some champions scale with Health dealing more damage or getting more shield (Vlad for example) or heal more (zac, mundo) So...in most cases the armor will be better..but in some cases HP will be better..it's all for diversion of the game.
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ST Paws (EUNE)
: New ban system has a bug/mistake.
It should be like this.. Because enemies cannot see what you will ban with your team... It's all explained in the riot video last week
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: The best and the worst champion
BEST {{champion:6}} Because no one knows how strong he really is (this is an advantage for Urgotmains) WORST {{champion:82}} Very low HP,very low defenses, no mobility. His uniqueness is his shield and it depletes too fast, which means you need to spam your abilities but then you have cooldown or have to be in melee range. So what do we need for Morde to become a monster: Items for AP and/or AD, we need HP and defense and we need more mobility...And the item you need to rush {{item:3078}} happens to be the most expensive item of the game and doesn't even provide you with mana....
Smerk (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Almighty SnowFox,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=HWRVl1GT,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-05-27T19:36:36.490+0000) > > what if: > > Your team bans away 5 early game junglers...you probably don't get any early game ganks > > Your team bans away 5 marksman and the enemy team also bans away 5 other marksman ...is there one marksman left to play with? > Every role has more than 10 champions available and chance that both team will randomly ban 5 different champions for same role is almost non-existent. So I guess that is not a problem that will ever occur. > No one bans a champion...you can play whoever you want :D :D :D > Won't happen for the same reason. Only 5 bans situation has higher chance to appear when both teams bans exactly same champions. > Everyone bans the same champion, for example Yasuo xD...then no one can play Yasuo...This doesn't matter because he is always banned anyway > Your team must ban different champion or don't ban at all. So only one ban will be shared for sure, 8 others have fair chance to be different. > Your team thinks that Yasuo is permabanned and doesn't want to waste a ban on him...And the enemies think the same thing...This means that Yasuo will be picked first every game. > > There comes a day we all forget about Yasuo..............untill he gets reworked :D :D :D That is why Riot went with this system, to give Yasuo mains a chance to play their champion
You know, this was just some funny examples which will almost never happen..but there is ALWAYS a possibility xD
skocc (EUW)
: Diana Suggestion
There is absolutely nothing wrong with Diana... If you make her E a skillshot she would ne harder to play because you have to aim your E..this will be very unsatisfying when you use R and then try to land your E because you move so fast... The whole reason you use the E on yourself is to keep enemies as close as possible to use your third attack to the max. For example..you hit one AA on minion, then use Q and R to dash to someone and get your instant second auto on someone....THEN enemy wants to get away...OW NO....you can use E and third AA for maximum potential.. Or just AA a minion 2 times and jump to enemy :P
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ThePikol (EUNE)
: Latest leak. New champ, Eve and Urgot rework and new skins. What do you think?
SO Urgot becomes a Starcraft Siege Tank with Zerg grab abilities and Teleport summoners will give him Protoss powers,..... Urgot Rework is Starcraft 2!!!
Riryz (EUW)
: there is barely any chance that your friends account actually got hacked (i mean without your friend giving away his details, even if it was unintentional). though just in case he actually got hacked then he can send a ticket to riot support and ask them for help. if the account actually got hacked then riot would know and revert the permaban. at least if the account was hacked due to a lack of security on riots part. otherwise its the creators responsibility.
His name and PW were placed on a forumwebsite....how it came there no one knows. It was also the same password as his Blizzard account, and those were hacked some time ago...so I think they got his pw from that hack. :(
Solicitude (EUNE)
: Additionally from what's been said thus far, the moment he realized his account got hacked he should contact riot's support. Then they would know that the one using the account at that period of time was not your friend. But really, its almost impossible for 99,9% of the players playing this game to hack an account. You need to be a master at computers to achieve this. Probably, as said before, your friend gave his account's password willingly to a 3d party program or website, which was probably a scum. Riot has cleared the company's stance regarding 3d party programs and websites and grew awareness that most of them are scum. So its your friend's fault, no matter how you see it.
Ìxeas (EUW)
: Why are you writing this, not your friend? Tell your friend to send a support ticket with all details. And to be honest, I don't think he just got randomly "hacked", more like he gave away his account info, but that's just me.
There was a forumwebsite on internet and there were like 500 names with passwords on it. His name and PW were on it. I just googled his name and found the website. No idea how people got this information but if I can find it, everyone can (because I'm a complete PC noob). So that's how he got hacked. I send a report to Riot about the website and they responded very quick and said to fix it. My friend send a ticket with the details to Riot today so maybe he gets Re-Suspended, let's hope so. Why I write this...dunno, just to let people know that you can get a perma suspension when it's not your fault, because that's how the system works. If Riot did their job better they would have seen that the cheats were used from a different IP adress (from the hacker) at the time he was hacked, which they knew. Untill this is fixed my friend cannot play his main account without doing anything bad....it's just sad for him.
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Allosen (EUW)
: Any Tips on stacking Tear fast, when you are any other Champ than Ezreal or Cassio?
I actually play Jhin Blue build. You can push very fast mid game and never run out of mana...so cool :D
Allosen (EUW)
: Any Tips on stacking Tear fast, when you are any other Champ than Ezreal or Cassio?
: What is the purpose of APCs that can't burst?
Champions like that most of the time have something special...for example Karthus his Ult...He can actually get a penta with only one button standing in base..(it will never happen, but its possible. Fiddle is the special AP jungler and is a real disruptor...a good fiddle can suddenly win teamfights. Another AP champ that doesn't burst down enemies is Lissandra...she has CC on all her abilities and a zonya ult that does damage or a hard CC stun point and click ulti.. All these not bursty champs have something that makes them special...and gives you a new playstyle. This doesn't mean it's bad. For example Swain is a high pick in proplay and extremely good in teamfights, yet he doesn't burst anyone down. Like you said, people need to build them tanky to give them a purpose in game. So....shall we build a more tanky version of Karthus and destroy the meta?
: [NEW SKIN] - Dreadnova Darius
Kurotsu (EUW)
: I need 3 words!
I have a good tip for less losing...ban Yi please!
: Fizz is unfun to play to against
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Fidda (EUNE)
: If you mean the Item Sets, they are disabled with the new client.
Yes I mean them..but thnx..now I know... btw, are your games also lagg as !@#$%... I can probably play better on my gameboy now xD
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: looks good but shame putting it here will not make it become real you need to put it on the na forum
hmmm I shall try that..but most of the time I cannot post on the NA forum :(
Leptyx (EUW)
: You confuse Jungler ROLE with Jungler CHAMPION If you have Nunu toplane, you don't have the Jungler ROLE hence you won't get smite by default Besides, the Smite spell would be set by default upon entering Champ Select (as the title says) so that's even before you pick Nunu, you misunderstood my thread a little
Ow...yep you are absolutely right, my bad...well if that's the case...I would want Smite instantly on your summoners if you get the jungler role :D
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: Yorick
Riot won't release skins for champions on the rework list..but wait...and your wish will be granted
Leptyx (EUW)
: Put Smite by default (upon entering Champ Select) on Jungler role
This doesn't make sense...why would you want that? so if I want to play Nunu toplane and I select him I always have to change {{summoner:11}} for {{summoner:12}} and that means that Riot thinks Nunu is only a jungler...Riot doesn't want to put champions in a role. players need to figure out what type of play they like...and if you want to main Zac toplane you main Zac toplane..that means you don't want instasmite when you select him. I won't say he is way better as a jungler...but people need to have free will. And if you want smite on your jungler, well...don't forget to select it.
: I just want to mention how ridiculously broken tank Vlad is.
{{item:3123}} {{item:3033}} {{item:3165}} ... and magic resist can work pretty well..you wont kill him with it but he sure isn't going to kill you
: What's Wrong with Vel'Koz - Vel Main.
Riot should reconstruct him again ;)
: Creating a new champion 2 (Cerin, the weapons enthusiast) (MANALESS Marksman/Assassin)
All those views and no ccomments...what am I suppose to do without them :(
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