: This is not getting better, this is called "avoiding a problem".
This is getting better, you won't have to listen to flamers and therefor you will perform better.
: But that kinda cuts off the positive people on your team too in a way >.> So while not having negative experiences, is it worth losing the positive as well? Eh, I guess if you get annoyed easily or tilted by snarky remarks from people it might be the best solution, but as I said, kinda cuts off the whole "team game" part of everything. Or well, the communication part of it, excluding pings..
Yeah, that's the only bad flaw of it. Maybe if you don't mute all and see how your team is doing, if they speak too much or remain quiet, or just being nice in chat. If they're nice or not speaking much then of course you don't have to mute all. But as soon as someone says something toxic in chat it's a high chance it will continue thoroughout the whole game. So at that point, you can mute all or just mute that player instead.
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: i heard many people say this works out for them but do you tell your team at the start or just insta mute ? :P
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