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Kurotsu (EUW)
: I watched an interview with a top 10 challenger player who gave his input on how to get better. 1. Learn 3-5 champions (and 1-2 roles) and STICK to them, your confidence will go up. 2. Expand knowledge of the game, which comes naturally I suppose 3. Check your weaknesses, is it farming? Is it trading? Is it you getting ganked too much? Develop only one the weakness for now. And I think 2 more that I forgot. This is more for climbing ranked though but goes well with normal games too. Especially point 1. No matter the matchup if you're on a comfortable champion you'll be playing like you're breathing.
Thanks mate, valuable information, appreciated!
: I had to play the matchup once against someone in my elo. All-ins' won't work if he aggros the minions (E gets a refund for every hit he takes), but poking is pretty easy with (e?)-Q-W-AA-Q out. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Fck it, hes my main top laner now :D Impossible to kill, even got last whisper and still, he owns ass. By the way, its the intermediate bot, ive made a miss read on what i was playing against :D
: Hey newbs! Amumu is a killer!
Well, i found that out by playing against beginner amumu Bot Top lane as a riven lol. He is just too tanky! Level pre 6 theres just no chances and he was not even using his w lol...
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