: Void Gaming Community - Recruitment Post
Good to see more trialists everyday, join too ;)
: Void Gaming Community - Recruitment Post
Currently a good amount of active people that are online on our server every day, good to see that :)!
: Void Gaming Community - Recruitment Post
Coaches in 2k17 lul {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: Void Gaming Community - Recruitment Post
: Void Gaming Community - Recruitment Post
Shini is the worst classmate ever eksdee
: Void Gaming Community - Recruitment Post
Planning to have a tournament soon with a prize pool! :) thanks to our donators!
: Void Gaming Community - Recruitment Post
: Void Gaming Community - Recruitment Post
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: N1 Gaming Community WANTS you!
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: You realize the meaning of "soft reset", right? Soft Reset means if u are high plat+ you will get into at least G1 to P1 But if u talked about Hard Reset that would probably be normal, not on the soft reset tho. At this point I feel that a Hard Reset would be the answear to fix this problems. Everyone starting line would be on Silver ranking and from there on people who would have to climb would climb.
I ended plat 3, did i get atleast G5-G2. Nope.
Eambo (EUW)
: Flex Queue Fix and (Re)Placements Information
I mean, i see comments stating about you got placed to high. But i am pretty sure people got placed very low then they should be. I mean a Diamond player cannot get placed in silver, neither a platinum player (me with a 8-2). So i mean i get the fact that we got placed to high, in my case i got placed in plat 3. I understood that was to high. But dropping 2 tiers instead of just 1 tier, that can be really annoying.
: unban my accoynt pls ill not do stupid things again :(
You think Rioters will vote on that poll ^^
Wârrod (EUW)
: i played 8:2 went gold 3 , today i played 1 Game was remake cuz our janna was afk and went bronze 1. Really riot are u kidding ? what a bullshit is this gold 3 to bronze 1 ? fix ur shit.
Bro, lets not get mine here :) 8-2 Plat 3 in Flex, I lost the one game and got placed in silver 2 :)
: Galactic Gaming looling for members
: Yeah it will affect your real placement to some extent. Your placement is all based on MMR, which is a hidden rating. This rating is increased as you win games (or decreased by losing). If you manage to win a lot of games in preseason, it will improve your MMR and you will be placed higher in season 7.
Alright thanks for the information @Panda Popz & GLurch
: It will stay like that. But remember, this is preseason so it doesn't really count for anything. You will need to do placements again at the beginning of season 7 anyway.
I've heard that it effects a bit for your placements in season 7, is this true?
Smerk (EUW)
: There will be another reset at the start of the season, shouldn't be any more changes until that
Darn.. Thanks tho That's gonna be climbing then.
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: Let's just break this down a little bit. The game starts, botlane is 1v2, the jungler is doing his first buffs. (without botlane's help, maybe an auto or two from the ADC) The ADC gets 2-3 cs before being exposed to enemy harass/all-in, so he decides to play it safe and goes under turret. The jungler gets his level 3 and is ready to gank. By this time, the ADC has probably eaten some harass/minion damage and/or got 1 cs per wave at maximum. If the enemy is freezing lane (how they should in this scenario), the ADC doesn't even get all the XP, meaning they will not have a level advantage. The jungler goes to gank on level 3, while the botlane is pushed to allied turret. The enemy has full HP both, while the allied ADC is pissing himself with happiness that if you come to gank, he can finally get some CS. If he helps your gank, he aggroes the CS, resulting in some HEAVY damage taken. If you screw up your gank, you only give a kill to the enemy, rendering the lane IMPOSSIBLE for the ADC. Let's assume the toplaner TPs bot. You got an even situation on midlane, a bad situation on bot, which is hoped to be balanced by sacrificing top. Even if the best thing happened and top, jungle and the ADC coordinated to get a kill or two on bot, top is still going to suffer heavily for this. Toplaner loses CS, XP, gold, and half his top turret. And that's assuming the enemy toplaner didn't follow. While all this happens, what have our Singed been doing? In the best case, he didn't die. In the worst case, he gets gangbanged and dies. He is not able to get a kill on his own. He can "at best" harass the enemy jungler to delay his ganks. I don't think it's worth it. Definitely not in soloque.
You gotta realise that the XP range damn large is right? and that the solo laner more xp gains then 2 people. he will reach level 2/3 faster then the enemy adc and the gank comes in what makes them win the 2v2 trade even though there was harass, cause a jungler is much stronger than a support Anyway let's quit this discussion here about the adc and just wait for the rito gods and their opinion
: Why would a jungler gank a botlane where one side is full HP, full mana and the other side is underfed and most probably half HP? There is not even an option to get a kill, you would be basically diving into a 1v2, risking your life for almost no reward. Are you really suggesting that because this Singed has left the botlane to jungle, the jungle should babysit bot to make the ADC able to get at least a few CS? No sir, this is the SUPPORT's job.
We cannot assume full HP mana or that information, adc can always back for full hp and prepare the gank with his jungler when they both are full HP. There are enough option to help an 2v1 adc with tp plays, roams etc.. come on...
: I tap my "play only in full premade" card and I win it all!
I like you.. you are right .
: I'm support main:) I can count on single hand games, where were 5 pinks. Besides that poor "gold" ADC, was stuck to his tower, no point placing a ward you can't even defend, being always outnumbered.
I really understand your point there, but we really gotta look at the fact there arent 3 players in that game but the adc got 4 more teammates to back him up. But yes you are right xD
: How long will a control ward last on botlane when it's 1v2? About 10 seconds. How many wards can ADC provide for themselves? About a third, when compared to a support/ADC botlane. How many times can the ADC even leave his turret to go ward? 1v2? ABSOLUTELY NEVER
I pull out my Imaqtpie card and use that on your "information about wards" card and will tell you sir that a jungler still excists to gank that 2v1 lane and still help warding :)
: Cause you leave ADC alone, with no protection and wards. Basically you pick support role and do whatever you want. Why not double mid, that's so unique, and you shouldn't blame me, I'm trying to win, just that meta.... I'm not gonna explain you why proxy signed was smart, simple cba. Google it. Now, that new style with jungler, and ninja singed counter jungler may work if you do it properly. Send your ADC top, get tonk for bot who can hold a line, and that's it. However to do that in yoloq you need to communicate and hopefully get a green light. Very unlikely.
True about him giving his adc no protection, but please warding is a TEAM JOB and not only supports should ward. ADC's gotta buy them control wards too.
Infernape (EUW)
: It's like Tyler1 all over again.
: Do it with an ADC that can stay safe and farm from far away like Ezreal or maybe Varus. If he does it with anybody else, the only thing he is going to achieve is his ADC being outrageously underleveled, underfed, constantly dead with little-to-no CS. This tactics can be viable in premade teams, such as those going to LCS. Doing this in soloque, not discussing it with your teammates can be reported for "refusing to communicate", whilst also "helping the enemy team destroy bot". Yes, i know that you potentially can set the enemy jungler back and therefore, your jungler can get fed. However, this is one certain downside with questionable upsides.
I myself main adc, if i ever see an singed support i know what to do and play a bitchy adc that can farm from a distance and actually survive laning phase, i wouldnt flame him cause it wouldnt matter anyway.. you CAN ALWAYS play safe.
: Did you even bother to read reddit link I posted?
I did my fine sir, but he still doesn't deserve a ban for this reason.
: plays it with smite and goes counter jungle and he also roams a lot. Like a global support instead of a Bot support. some pros have done it with nunu at LCS, did they get fucking banned? noppppppppppppppppe
He shouldnt get a ban, if he creates a winnable favour for his jungler that can make a big lead and win the game cause of this then there should be no complaints. I myself am a ADC and if i am 2v1 i really dont care atleast if my support does something good for the team.
: It's not about champion, but how is it played.
How does he play it? It seems that the guy wins a lot of games and tries his best.
I mean, ban urgot and teemo players too then for not sticking to the meta that annoy people aswell :)
Awokên (EUNE)
: the new Flex ranking system
I am crying, sorry but this is just so fuckin hilarious ahah {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
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: N1 Gaming WANTS you!
: N1 Gaming WANTS you!
Lorcz (EUW)
: sounds good. May sign up
Would be nice :). You won't regret, if you melt in with us :)!
: N1 Gaming Community WANTS you!
: N1 Gaming Community WANTS you!
: N1 Gaming Community WANTS you!
: N1 Gaming WANTS you!
: Can't sign up :/
Hmm can you add me on League so we can fix this?
: Help !
Our elise states it comes from her, but if its something bannable i dont want to deal with any of this
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: N1 Gaming Community WANTS you!
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