: Or CRASH have MOVEd?!
what an awfull, awfull, awsome joke.
: League Of Legends Braum vs Maokai Outplay ^.^ 2017 !
it is not a bug. it is coded as a targeted dash. if the target moves, Maokai will follow. is is just an undesired interaction.
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actpower (EUW)
why not update the passive stacks to form a sharingan? what is it with the Q? it looks bloodmoon-ish the coloring is nice and the skin too but it doesn't say uchiha to me.
QA guy (EUW)
: ***
I don't get why Riot puts your 8 highest mastery champs on display without giving you an option to NOT show off and permanently tarneshinges an animation of a champ you probably like playing but they probably have their reasons. BTW what is that 'unbinding the icon' you talked about?
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: Skin idea - Archlight Hecarim
Ï like 'dark' champs with 'good' skins, but unfortunatly the opposite has been happening (void fizz, blood moon zilean , forsaken jayce) and a new arclight skin sounds good to me. that would make a full team : top hecarim , jungle syndra, mid varus , vayne adc and vel'koz supp. (syndra is a decent counter jungler and a great buff stealer)
Charteur (EUW)
: Replace Howling Abyss map by the new Butcher's Bridge map permanently for ARAM gamemode
: The EUW community champ creation project.
TBH i am not looking for worked out idea's. im more looking for interesting themes like yasuo's 'mobile fighter with a shot stopper', or vi's 'brutal police' theme. I want here to be the go to place when you notice such an idea that is not present in League and see what the rest of the community thinks about such a theme on the fields of justice. Because no matter how good or original an idea is, sugestions of other people can help it come together as a whole. {{item:3057}} is strong but only with other influences it becomes{{item:3078}}
Riquelme375 (EUNE)
: Euw? http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20140605232214/adventuretimewithfinnandjake/images/1/1f/Crying.gif
: Skins for the "newest" champions
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: WTF?
i once had a pissed off lb who raged on ekko for having too many mechanics. yeah. think about that for a second

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