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: Who else is disappointed that next ult skin will be Lux?
How do you know it will be Lux? Can someone send a link please?
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: My Player Behaviour
Nope, a permanent ban is permanent , it wouldnt be permanent if it got lifted upon request..
: Vayne Montage - falke D mihawk
Its good but dont add an effect like that to a video its harder to watch imo
ZartarUK (EUW)
: why would you be scared? they wont actually find you or anything just use the ingame report system and if you are really worried send a support ticket with the screenshots
Acc support will tell you to contact local authorities if you feel that your life is in danger
Giani A7X (EUNE)
: A good build for Akali and Katarina ?
Why attack speed and ROA on Kata?
: Forcing somebody to take role what i cant play and then report him. I hate everyone who do that.
I know the feeling, Im decent everywhere but jungle. I cant play that role at all and when I fail to play it properly even after I tell them in champ select they still want to flame :D
DoDo 7 Apla (EUNE)
: I still haven't got the Silver awards
If you were punished 3 months prior you are ineligible for end of season ranked rewards. I.E Yes, some players are ineligible for rewards because of negative in-game behavior. This applies only to the 2015 season. Here are the details: Players with bans or chat/ranked restrictions active when the season ends are ineligible for this year’s rewards Players banned for seven days or more in the three months prior to the end of the season (August 10) are ineligible for this year’s rewards. Players banned for boosting during the 2015 season remain ineligible for rewards Players who experienced fraud-related and erroneous bans will still be eligible All players will have another chance at future ranked season rewards.
: Shame on all fiora and vayne pickers.
Lel, Vayne has one of the weakest early games and if you have 1 cc on her and focus right shes gone..
Eambo (EUW)
: Plans for New Years, and 2016 in General?
I want to do well on the 17 exams I have beginning in May and end in late June,{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: You are not alone with this. yesterday i was in my promo to plat (hundredth time again after being plat 4 this midseason) lost all three games, first enemy team had premade smurfs who even admitted it (diamonds). second two premades flaming and sucking like hell and third game was overall bad. Now i am at 2 lp again. Last three games i played with gold 4 and 5 on my team (premades) and enemy team consists out of 3 plats and one gold 2 and 5 and the 5 was even a fucking smurf account. This isn't even fun anymore. But ofc i'm just too bad to carry it's not like i was promo to plat 3 already and had some mysterious losing streak of 25 games over 2 weeks out of nowhere. Several breaks, some normals and arams in the mean time but 25 games only trolls and afks. And this is the fucking truth but don't bother mention it on those boards, go to NA there are actually people with a brain and common sense and even diamonds and masters admit silver to plat is pure luck either u get lucky and some winning streaks and rise or you are plain unlucky and get only baddies and get demoted. Most funny thing is winning like ten games to get to your promo, lose 3 games and start at 50 LP again. It doesn't matter if my MMR is good or bad i always lose 20-22 points so i have to play another 8 games and win them in a row to finally get to plat or play 8 games, lose promo rinse and repeat.
If you are good enough to be in that tier you will climb, if not you will not. Yes there are bad games once in a while with trolls and all that but ultimately it depends on you.
: nope the one on the mastery page is correct. your heals, such as mundo's ult voli's passive aatrox's w, all have 10% increased healing, but they dont give you the additional armor and magic resist.
o: didnt know that {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Leptyx (EUW)
: Grievous Wounds reduce the effect of those abilities (unless i'm wrong), so i'd say yes they are both self-healing or health regen. So you confirm the in-game description is the correct one.
I have no idea which one is right, but I guess the in game one would apply? I think they mean direct heals like Sorakas heal would be affected by the mastery only. Grievous wound just affects regen basically.
: Fine fine, I let your live in your little peaceful world.. maybe someday you will understand son ;)
Theres just no need to be verbally abusing another human being over a game.
: Maybe you should read my comment again... ;) If you suck in a game, you suck. You probably know it and you don't feel good if someone else keeps telling you, I get that. But, it is some random dude, that is judging your whole skills and personality over the internet in a game... do you really care what that guy says? Some of us play the game because they are bored, some because they want to have fun, some because they want something positive and there are some who just flee from reallife problems. And I tell you what, sometimes you get carried away by your emotions... The right thing to do (by the teammates of those flamers) is ignoring them, let them get some pressure of their shoulders or release some anger. Be the stronger person, or if you can't, mute them and enjoy your game :)
You dont need to release your emotions at the expense of other peoples feelings. Yes give them constructive criticism but death or cancer wishing is not acceptable regardless..
Leptyx (EUW)
: Please clarify the description on Windspeaker's Blessing
I dont think those abilities are even classified as healing because one is stealing hp and one is just increased health regen. Any heal on yourself would not be affected by the mastery like Namis heal for example.
: Well, I never said that and I agree that this might be not the nicest thing to do, but do you really care if someone does it? Are you really afraid that you will magically get cancer or that the player will do some voodoo shit on you? Play the game, ignore/laugh about the flame ;)
You obviously dont know what is right and wrong do you? Its not about being afraid of "voodoo" shit its about knowing what is acceptable and not acceptable.
: *Well, I am a bit more careful since Rito does not allow strong words and removes my comments, but in my opinion it should not be punished. If you really think, that someone is going to f***k your mother or you will get cancer just because someone says so, you are really stupid. (and maybe your mother likes it, don't you want her to be happy?) Yes I get the point that someone will not play better if you keep flaming him, but hey, if he gets annoyed by your comments or thinks that they are offending, why does he not just mute the flamer? Those a just words, laugh about them, or ignore them, they won't do you any harm... no real harm at least xD Sometimes I flame, sometimes I get really angry, but that are emotions. You have those in every sport and game, so stop b**ching around and start playing the game. Mock each other, have some good rivalry and don't report because someone says some bad words... it's like a small kid running to his mother complaining about another kid... Edit: let the downvotes be mine xD
Because it is so acceptable to wish something like cancer to someone **over a game**..
Sheëp (EUW)
: Freedom of speech?
Nobody minds criticism as long as youre not being a dick about it...and flame always escalates to stuff like death threats and cancer wishing anyway so it might as well be banned. Also regarding freedom of speech, if we apply the same idea to real life that would mean people would be allowed to be openly racist and act upon it because it is their right to do so.. what will happen then?
Einxelll (EUNE)
: Permanently banned account
You already received warnings..
: Skinuri Gratis
Uitate aici
: How much have you spent on RP since the making of your account?
f7cough (EUNE)
: yeah but i dont want to enter my login and password into a third party site. Also I want to have this on my LOL client, a tool to browse my skins! I beleive it is fair to have it , right?
You dont enter anything for them at all. You just download their client, open league, open their launcher, log into leage and done..then you just press on saved skins or something similar
f7cough (EUNE)
: Please make a way to see the skins owned as a collection type
You mean something like [this?]( Oh others already linked it
NewMk (EUW)
: A difference between paid mods and mods that aren't paid
Point? Dont post stupid stuff and nothing will happen..
: can't reconnect
Yup, just happened...
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TeiX (EUW)
: those are skins that needs fixing(they arent the only ones) Iblitz and ghost bride morgana say hi too
Whats wrong with ghost Morg?
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