Rainst0rm (EUNE)
: FPS Problem!
if you have a amd card, try to roll back to an older version of the drivers, it fixed everything for me. if you have a nvidia card, i saw that a lot of people have problems with the new pascal cards, if you have one, you can only wait for nvidia or lol to fix this. I don't know where's the problem on nvidia cards because i do not have problems with mine.
: let me know if it helped
after 2 days on that amd site i finally found that the last 4 or 5 drivers relased by amd were literally crap for the R9 200 series, doing whatever they want even without the control panel. i went back to 17.4.3 Relive update if someone needs it. i still have win7 so i didnt test this on newer systems. the only thing i know is that now i can get around 300fps stable during the entire game, using about 25% of my gpu. Anyway i liked how riot copy-paste pre-built messages on tickets, not even reading the description. They told me to downgrade the texture detail level, lol. For you nvidia guys i have no idea, last drivers installed on a 1050ti and got 0 problems. Maybe its just a high-end gpu problem.
: It seems like they have problems with pascal-cards in general. Are they working on a solution?
Not at all, i got a i5 4690, R9 270x oc , everything up to date and at 30 min+ fps drops are huge, having both cpu and gpu usage around 20%. Before the patch i managed to have around 500 fps without vsync, so its a lol problem. I'm going to downgrade my videocard drivers to see what happen.
Voldymort (EUNE)
: ***
Guys i wrote my post because i saw the light through all the flamers in this game, and what i'm seeing is flaming for a different kind of opinion, it makes me really sad.
Voldymort (EUNE)
: >one of them said "People like you should be killed by isis", i'm hoping you reported that guy. i wanna see him on these boards wondering why his ban happened, like most toxics tend to do:P
Absolutely yes, i reported him, just him because that phrase was really really heavy, the other two guys were "normally" flaming, but i know that they were frustrated, infact both of them asked me to forgive them in the end lobby
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