duckarp (EUNE)
: That depends solely on the implementation...
Exactly, yu can add it step by step. First, you add the visual update that makes the cycles (light changes, timers...), something simple. Then you add alignments for a couple of champs (dianna and leona seems an obvious choice). And all thats left is or improving visual effects or adding an alignment + balance to a champ. Once you did that, your test phase is ok, you can fully test the mechanics on the beta by e.g . Once you are satisfied with it, you can finalize it with a longer dev phase, like they did with the hextech boxes (which is an idea taken from the cstrike trade system btw). It should take long to have a system visually as good as the rest of the SR, but they proved they know how to work fast too: the biglewater map, the temp game modes.. The cool thing is that you can add champs progressively
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