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: Its real tough when it happens. Happened to me a couple seasons ago and thought I was cursed haha. I think what happens is your mmr take a nose dive and you just have to grind it up I'm afraid. Even if it doesnt show so much in LP points gained, your mmr will slowly go up and if you manage to win 2/3rd of your games you will soon get it up :) Or if you want help with it, try and duo with someone who is higher rank than you. This way you will get more mmr for each win. This is just my own ramblings while waiting for my tea, and they might have changed the system. But that's how I found it a couple seasons ago
Well incording what most peepole told me that are on the game FB group for my countury its easyer to make a new acount. get it to LVL 30 and start rank anew than to try to rank up out of bronz.
: Its real tough when it happens. Happened to me a couple seasons ago and thought I was cursed haha. I think what happens is your mmr take a nose dive and you just have to grind it up I'm afraid. Even if it doesnt show so much in LP points gained, your mmr will slowly go up and if you manage to win 2/3rd of your games you will soon get it up :) Or if you want help with it, try and duo with someone who is higher rank than you. This way you will get more mmr for each win. This is just my own ramblings while waiting for my tea, and they might have changed the system. But that's how I found it a couple seasons ago
One more loss and I get back to getting 20-21 LP for each win. and not expecting to win next one becus 90% of the time I get a player on team that refuses to help teams. does not play with the team and does not know how to play the role thay got or a role someone offers to swamp with them.
: > [{quoted}](name=Anarchy haven,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=4rB075qE,comment-id=000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-02-02T01:06:24.542+0000) > > Yea. this game used to be competative. Its turning out really shitty in the past 2 seasons no longer about players being skill just on if you get a good team/ a team that can work as team
Yea, and thay removed ranked teams so now teams have a lot harder time to get sponsers and thoes things unless thay are streaming all the time. If thay would have ranked Like in season 1 where all players were set in one line and everyone would get a passabilaty to get in a game with any player I dont think that many of the challenger top 100 players would be that high in rank.
: > [{quoted}](name=Anarchy haven,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=4rB075qE,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2017-02-02T01:03:01.186+0000) > > All thou in 6 years the lowest I have seen was 15 per win, I do not belive it is passable thay dropped the lowest gain this much after last season I dont no what Riot are thinking of when they come up with this stupid things
Yea. this game used to be competative. Its turning out really shitty in the past 2 seasons
: > [{quoted}](name=Anarchy haven,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=4rB075qE,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-02-02T00:59:16.885+0000) > > Still have not seen anyone loose this much LP in the past 6 years I played the game. I asked the support staff last year why I was long like 22/23 per game and getting like 17 for a win and that what they said
All thou in 6 years the lowest I have seen was 15 per win, I do not belive it is passable thay dropped the lowest gain this much after last season
: its because your MMR gone down a lot, the you start losing more and win less. So you need to go on a big winning spine to get it to go back to win more lose less
Still have not seen anyone loose this much LP in the past 6 years I played the game.
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: Yeah, there are a fair number of clowns down here in Bronze :)
yea, its called the reason i will quit in mid summer if i wont be gold by then
TeeTohr (EUW)
: So you have the replay of the game xD Just record it using the red button on the replay UI and post it on youtube so everyone can watch it, then you can do a post (or I'll do it if you're lazy xD)
I just finished looking at it and saw that when it looked like it went throu the shild it was actually 0.1-2 seconds befoure the hurricane hit me the shild went down, had to watch it slowed down to nodis this, and the other times the anckle was so close to being the shild i did not nodis it, sorry for the trouble. But seems like i did not nodis thoes details in game.
TeeTohr (EUW)
: Yeah maybe we can find a way to get that replay, I'll check it out tonight, do you remember around what time it happened ?
no but i have saved the replay in my game client, i can look at it and write down at what time each of it happend. i can do it in about 2 hours
TeeTohr (EUW)
: I don't think that should be happening, do you have a video of this ? Or do you remember when it happened so we can check with the replay system ?
dont have replay of the game but this is the game it happend in if this link can be of any help
oEnoMous (EUW)
: the ranking system is great.. dont blame that there alot of guide's on youtube how to improve your gameplay.. dont be that kiddo that thinks he is bronze but belongs higher -,-... and ive check your history be happoy your bronze 3 ;)
Well, if the ranking system would be like the old one all would have eaqual % of getting bad players/ toxic/ trollers/ players who dont know the game. and thats how it should be, becus if a player has been playing 7 years ends up with a player that been playing 2 years in the game and the enamy team has the same then the passabilatyes of victory would drop down to 50/50. but becus of uneaven ranks aftert playstyels and skills the ranking system is not balanzed. if u would have a single line where all the players are u could then see youre true standing at the server, but as it is now u just see the stand in where u are as a solo player. wich is kinda unfair to thoes who have had 3 acounts and spent over 2-3 years in game.
: Well, I (as being a bad Bronzie myself) agree in parts. However, there is no point in playing "your own game" within a game - what I believe you do. If you say you get caught out, and there's a lack of vision - OK, but then just don't go there.... even if it would be the right thing to do right now. There is a video from (I believe) Phylol who says exactly the same, and it deals about higher ELO players struggling in lower ELOs. It is just because in our Bronze world games work different. Hey, that **is** why we are Bronze. So, you need to play the game and adapt to the team. I also think of myself that I have map awareness and provide vision more than an average Bronze player -- what does it help? If I ping an enemy tower which has 60 HP left, and noone goes there... so be it. Better stay with the team and be useful than complaining about bad teams. You can't carry 4 teammates, at least in most cases. And yes, there is no excuse for bad results other than your own playstyle. Even less when you (think you) are better than the level you currently play in.
Well, i am the only one i have seen going bot from top to assist getting first turret this entire seaon so far, and how can u adept to bronz playstyel? there is no playstyel at all, most players just rush for kills, there is no potentials in that, that would have worked in season 2-3 but not as the game is now. Adepting to players is easy, but adapting no non stragic playstyel is impassable.
: Japan is not Europe. Things are different here, as much as the culture is. It is very clear that Japan is more team-oriented. The same way, NA, EUNE, .... are also different. So if you want to teamplay only, better go back to the Japan server.
Yea japanece are raced right, thay have common sence on communication behavior and other thoes short of things. If i would not be having 800 ms now when i go on that server I would never touch the eu server's. The players here are awfull and dont really know manners
: Can I just say, on behalf of us Bronze players, that the OP does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the rest of us. I am bronze because I still am not that good at the game. I have many Bronze friends who are also aware that they still have a lot to learn about the game. I also have friends who have been playing a long time but don't have the time to play because of other commitments in their lives, so it makes it harder for them to climb. The "it's not me, it's my team" mentality IS their in a lot of bronze players, but most of us are not as deluded as the OP. Thank you for listening :)
I am not saying its the team, i Am saying its coaparation, not only on team but also me with the team. But then when u are hittig the nexus and there are 3 of u there and one decides to dive fountin then u can blame him if the enamy's kill all 3 of us and one did not hit the nexus once
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Scrinnid (EUNE)
: There is a difference where you make mistakes and how hard you get punished for it. In diamond and higher, mistakes get punished hard. In platinum, sometimes people forget to do it and in low elo people simply don,t know when and how to do it.
There is a low chance that teams in bronz know how to punish, well. actually thay do punish, but dont do it at the same scale as in higher elo.
: I know the tam is picked by some system that goes after KDA but I want to get to gold or higher to have a chance to compeat in my countury's championship and thay dont give a dam about what rank u are at flex. so it wont really mean anything for me.
and so far as i know there are 5+ challenger players from my countury, thay made a team once and were on the top 5 in challenger teams.
: If you say so i have never been in bronze but if you are not satisfied with your teammates picked by riot pick your own teammates just play flex q its the answer ;) Its just better to play with friends :)
I know the tam is picked by some system that goes after KDA but I want to get to gold or higher to have a chance to compeat in my countury's championship and thay dont give a dam about what rank u are at flex. so it wont really mean anything for me.
blissbomb (EUW)
: ***
Then I am expecting that u are a solo player, not a team player. I played on japan server most of the time from season 3-4 and I still play and hope teams play like there. tthe jp server has not only better players but most every player playes for the team. and thats what the game is about so I expect that to be done everywhere in this game. But seems like euoropeance are just selfish bastards I cant really count on teams on EUW server to play as one like I am used to see teams play.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Not a bot, just trying to get you to realize that you're not perfect when playing, like nobody else is. If you want to climb, you have to play better. The fact that you can't see mistakes by looking in your match history is evidence to show this. Not being able to see ones one mistakes is completely normal, but if you want to improve, you'll have to start doing so. Nobody gets better by not improving, that's just not really possible as it goes hand in hand. If you want to improve, you first need to see what you're doing wrong. If you turn a blind eye and refuse to accept that you're making mistakes, then you'll never get better. Honestly, from what I can see, you're stuck in bronze because you spend too much time blaming everyone else. You don't see that you make mistakes, and that's hindering you from climbing, because you probably excuse every death you have, every negative score, by blaming other people in the game. That's just not how it works. When you have under 100cs as an ADC after the entire game, that's something you need to work on. When you die 15 times in a game, you're probably overextending too much. When you haven't bought a single Control Ward, then you're not playing around vision. These are things that come from your match history. There's nothing wrong in playing bad in a game; everyone does that. Stop looking at everyone elses mistakes, and start looking at your own. What good does it do you to say that everyone else makes mistakes? What do you ever learn from that?
As i have told u befoure, I do realize mistakes, I do improve them in evry game but always when i am under in the game, fx get counterpicked on top by poppy or xin then team refuses to help becus enamy might have 3 kills. so I usally have to sacrifice a turret to go bot to get kills and such. And i look at everyonce mistake not only my allyes but also mine. so u cant really say I am judging everyone but me, I am judgint how bad teamplay teams have in bronz.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Lmao. You deserve it. Bronze is easy. And a friend of mine on eune starts every season in BV but gets to silver II by the end of season and he is only casual player.
If I deserve bronz then why is reckless not in bronz. I have looked at some of his games and he makes way too many mistakes for a challenger player.
: You've played League of Legends for seven years and you are stuck in bronze and somehow you think it's because your teammates are holding you back and because you had one bad season? Stop, just stop. You are in bronze because you are bad at the game. Now, that's alright, you can get better. The first step is to stop being in denial and accept you are bad. You say you are a support main, but looking up your I see one support game out of the last 20 played. The 19 other games are ADC and top, basically in all of which you have sub-par csing and weird itemization. Also some questionable keystone mastery choices in there. I can also imagine you are not making the best possible choices in-game, as your most played champion in your last 20 games is Lucian and tells me you die an average of 9.4 times per games as him. That is completely unacceptable. You need to stop with excuses and take a long hard look at what you are doing in your games rather than focusing on complaining about your team mates. Also, since it's not always apparent to some people and they feel the need to grasp at straws for counterarguments; this account is a smurf account, my main account is sitting in diamond for the third season in a row now. I was placed in silver 5 after placements in my first season of playing, ended in high gold, and been in diamond every season since then.
Well, if u would look at the top games i have with olaf fox example u will see i have avrage first blood within the first 3 minuts and first turret avrage at 15th minut. U cant judge me from my adc play where i am 2nd worst role. And i do realize the mistakes I make but most of the time in game when I ask for assist when i am doing bad in lane then I most of the time get no help, so if u want to judge by my 2nd worst u cant really tell on how I play on my better lanes. I die a lost due to lack of communications and lack of vision, and its just stubit to take sightstone on top. As well I do dive a lot in on enamyes when I see a potentials of my allyes backing me up when I go first in 3v1 and ally should normally take 3-4 seconds to reach the fight but instead thay go to tower even if we have perfect vision. So u cant really judge the last 20 games where I been playing my worst lane
Magneset (EUW)
: If it takes you 3 years and you still aint out of bronze, then you are blaming the wrong people.
I am blaming how teamplay is in bronz, I mained an acount on jp server and there was nothing but teamplay, so I gotten used to that playstyel and do u know how hard it is to change youre playstile in a low elo on server players only think about them selfs?
: Your enemies are bronze too...
Yea, but my enamyes normally work togather, for some reason the chance of getting a team loke that in bronz elo is so low that it happens once every 10-20 games
blissbomb (EUW)
: ***
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. If you've been unable to climb out of bronze for 3 years, then you can only look at how you play yourself, because there's the issue. Everyone is able to climb out of bronze, but it requires you to play better than a bronze, in order to win games. By looking through your match history, there's several pointers I can provide you with regarding what you're doing that's not helping you climb. You complain that you can't climb because your allies are so bad since they're bronze; but your opponents are 5 bronze people, why are they able to overpower your team of 4 bronze and you? If you're stuck where you are for years, it's because you have to realize that you belong in bronze currently. If you want to get to silver, you need to start playing like a silver player.
I have, only thing I can see I can change in my gameplay is that i trust too much in the team playing togather as one. but when there is no PING communication and most players splitpush all the game its impassable to get out. this season I got out of B5 3-4 times to B4 but then every time I have been close to getting out of b4 to B3 i start getting troller's, afk, feeders and even players who just stand on the map, dont move and farm there lane untill we loose. so if thay would have team play I dont think I would still be bronz, besides, got to bronz after having heawy depression over a single season and after that i just could not get out of that elo. BTW are u a bot? i seen u write the exact same thing on sevral of my posts
: Woah, I know it took me like 5-6 months to get out of bronze but 3 years? Holy shit dude!
3 years still in bronz and played 7 years. All becus i had a single bad season and I have to stop team playing and start solo playing from what most higher elo players tell me. so hard when u main bronz to play carry champions again after maining suport for 2 season.
: I dont understand how people cannot get out of bronze that long? I belong to high silver/low gold and ive been in b5 0lp last year.Climbed up in a matter of days. This year same story,placed in b3 or b2,cant remember and few days later im battling for s2 and not even trying,i really mean it. Whats happening with these people i dont know.
Thats becus u are a good solo player, when u main suport like me U cant really do that when u cant duo with a frend
Kensei0 (EUNE)
: Well average lol player is silver - it's about 43% of ranked players, so bronze consists of people who are worse than average. It's not groundbreaking news, that people playing there are bad at the game, but since you can't get out, it means you belong there.
Well, only reason I am there is becus of a single bad season. Dont even see pont in closing season if u dont get a fresh start at the next one. Any admin that can tell me why that is not done?
Gojiraw (EUW)
: Actually, most people in Bronze are pretty good. If you compare average Bronze players with people that just start out to play the game, the difference is huge. I think that ranked should be available right from when you make the account. That way, you will really have bad players in Bronze and better players higher up. The system will adjust better too, because right now, the average Bronze player it's not playing bad. He knows to CS, he knows to ward, he does have game knowledge, just that it's more limited by a Silver player. For a casual player, the game can feel frustrating, because it's hard to feel a progression by playing more. There are Silver players that can CS just as better as pro players and that can tell you something about the level of their play.
I have spectated some of the pro players play, and nodis so many mistakes thay should not be making in the challenger tie. and the avrage bronz player is shit, I have had 3 games in a row as adc where FX suport refuses to get sightstone. jungle does not gank top even if enamy jungle is babysitting, players just flame as all %%%%kks becus u were outplayed at one point in the game, ally not knowing communication with pings, like my last game every time I jump in a group of 2-3 the tank and the heawy dmg dealer were 3 seconds away but thay just walk away when i lead the charge wich would have been easy kills and a turret. So bronz eint anything compered to gold and above, I have now been playing 7 years, had 3 acounts in total wich I have mained and the best season was season 1. this is my 3rd ac becus i did not apsect being gold when the new rank system got out becus then I found gold players to suck bad. so i made another one, got that to ranked, nono, silver so then i made 3rd and been maining that one for past 5 years. and I can tell u bronz dont know teamplay or even communication. So being a team based player in bronz is living hell.
: Have you tried flex q? I hear you pick your teammates there ;) Also most ppl in bronze are bad??? Lol wtf? That is exactly why its bronze... no offense i want to say that ppl who are not good in a game should also be allowed to play
I tryed it, but dont like the thought of it, its not as fair as the solo becus in flex u might get a full team and be the only one thay dont know and thay all decide to report u u might as well get a ban. besides its just noobish to take a teammate with u in game, if u want to play u should be able to play alone, I would play with frends in this game but I am the only one of my frend group not in plantnum or ablove
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Sefi (EUNE)
: it was my second, and i played well over 150 games in rankeds. edit: it was just a fluke. Got to silver around summer and didnt get myself to play anymore all year round.
well this is my 3rd acount and played in total 7 years. there is no getting out of bronz
: Bronze has a mix of players who can play and can't All the newbie play for fun fresh out of 30 and long term league players who can't really play the game are bronze. Going from a brief check of your match history, you are losing lane to Bronze 4,5 players when you are playing top lane, top lane I find to be one of the more solo lanes that hardly ever gets ganks(at least when I play it) This post might come across as really negative towards you, but I don't have enough time just now to analyse your games fully.
perhaps look at first blood and first turret as well? I have really high first blood rate on top and most of the time when i get firts blood on top i also get first turret
Hansiman (EUNE)
: And don't let a loss get to you. Not a single person in this game will have a 100% win-rate while climbing, so I'm sorry to say that I don't believe that it will be you that does that first. =) As long as you win more than 50% of your games, you're climbing. So don't look at single games, or loss-streaks, because it's how you do in the long run that counts.
Well, just finished a game as olaf VS trundle on top lane, wondering when there is no lifesteel runes, and full tank masteryes what are the passabilatyes for a trundle to get more lifesteel than olaf using w, vampiric septor and warlord lifesteel keystone when he has no lifesteel items, and only getting the lifesteel at the scale between 20-30% hp left. I am just wondering cus i used to main trundle and when I mained him the ult only stole part of hp nothing eles. Wondering what might explain what happend in that game?
Sefi (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Hansiman,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=xPTLJTF6,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-01-10T01:29:47.278+0000) You won't make it to silver if you're playing as bronze. If you want to get to silver, you need to start playing as a silver. i play like a wood 5 yet i did get to silver last season, so that can´t be all true.
if last ranked season was youre first ranked season then it can be, u get higher rank for first seaon on each acount u have
Hansiman (EUNE)
: You climb by getting better. There's no shortcut here. If you want to get higher on the ladder, you have to become more skilled. You won't make it to silver if you're playing as bronze. If you want to get to silver, you need to start playing as a silver. For starters, in your games you die a lot. After every single death, as yourself what **you** could have done differently in an attempt to avoid dying, or bettering the situation. If you just think "this wasn't my fault, it was because of my ally", then you're not going to improve at all. Being able to criticize yourself and finding your own mistakes is key to improving in the game. You also very rarely change your trinket from the Warding Totem. When you get to level 9, you have access to two new trinkets, and you'll often want to switch to one of those. Your cs could also stand an improvement. In some games it's good, and others not so good. The key here is to get more consistent with the good amount of cs across your games, since cs is your main source of income through the game. --- Start with those 3 pointers, and you have something to consider on how you can improve. I talk to a lot of bronze players and provide them with basic tips, but a lot of them get angry and say that it's never their fault for losing a game. That's the kinda attitude that shows me that a person isn't actually interested in getting better, and they'll remain in their rank for a long time to come. I absolutely believe that anyone can climb out of bronze with pretty much any champion, but they have to be able to say, "I make mistakes, but I can improve on them".
What I actually think when I die is Well better try not to make that happen again, and normally after I die I play more carefully and dont push as much and ask jungle for help when enamy is pushed in too hard. With the trinket's. I normally dont change them becus I think it is better to have passable 2 extra wards than 1, even when I play in top I often think if I should get a sightstone as well, Would that be a good idea?. And yes, with the CS i know I have to keep improving that in the early game. And I agrrea with U on that many players in bronz get angry when U try to guide them. And often that agressiveness acours in middle of game and it happens that it ruins the team spirit and makes the teamplay not as grate as befoure thay start flaming and spamming. Well thank U for the advice, This game needs more players like u who help give tips to players that want to improve, for the past 7 years I played u are the 2nd one that gives me advice on improving, and the other ove talked to me this season as well, Thank U for the tip's, I will keep them in mind for my games yet to come.
Neur0tiix (EUNE)
: Wow, you really like that word **COMPETITIVE**
Try to find a team that will work togather and is not negative as hell, reamembers to use ping and wards in 5 games in a single season then U can call it competative. Usally when I play I only get players who flame, feed, afk, go 1v5 and splitpush instead of sticking togather and work togather.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Ranked is still the competitive environment, where players match up with other players of corresponding skill and try to climb the ladder. I can understand that it can feel less competitive on the lower end of the ladder where you may encounter players that don't seem that interested in improving and climbing the ladder, but if you're better than the players in bronze, you'll be out in no time. --- > Or is it just comon in the lower elo's that teams dont play the game competativaly? I'm pretty sure they do play it competitively there as well, but they are in the lower end of the ladder since they lack understanding of team play, and that the game is objective-based, not KDA. --- > nd if a player who playes the game just for competative and plans on quitting due to unsatisfaction is there passable to get a refund for all the RP he purched and used for his acount to spend the money on competative games? No refunds are available at all.
And how can u climb the ladder when U main youre play and pick for the benafit of the late game teamplay? any sugjestion?
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: Its not stealig money when you get the Riot Points added to your account.
its actually steeling if u do not get to acsess the items u bought the money with, at least in the countury EVE online was created in.
deathgod5 (EUW)
: My trick to get out of bronze was to find my biggest faults and trying to not be too bad on those faults. I for example fed a lot early and in the early game due to simple mistakes and my farm was awful. Furthermore I learned how to communicate with teammates and what to say in which situation. the way to get out of bronze is to learn what makes you as good as the players you play with. if within the scale of 50+ games you are not out of your current place you are probably in that division with a reason, find that reason to get out. also consider this: the game isn't going out of the way to troll you, they pick 9 players of "bronze" level and place them in one game. If you are better then the average player in your games you will rise over time
Yea, my already found my foults and already improed them over 50% in the start of this season. Like the way U think thou. this game needs more players like U.
energyDZN (EUW)
: R.I.P this account
I would contact riotgames and see what u did wrong, becus if u used real money in game u have parshally bought the game and thay have no autorasation to ban youre acount unless it says somewhere when u click apsect when u create the acount. if it does not show there and thay refuse to refund youre money then u should have full right to sue the company for thevery and something, dont reamember the english word for it.
: Sadly you need to be able to carry the game allone if you got no premade, so that you negate in the worst case 4 bad players.
So basically if u main suport and start in bronz u wont ever get out of bronz?
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