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Kurotsu (EUW)
: I have no right to judge you here, but if you were bullied for 12 years then isn't League a bad place for you?
I would think so sence it was the reason for few of my frends suicide, Thou spending all of youre teanage years on a single game you think anyone would apsect giving up on trying to rank up, that is like trying to quit life. I done so little more than play only this game I dont know how to do anything eles, leagal at least
: > Don't become a flamer to combat flamers. Mute and report them after the game, defending yourself is pointless in games, especially in LoL. You most likely won't meet them again, and if you do, you can mute and report them again. Otherwise, your actions will backfire. True! I've got ban because I "defended" myself. But every single word in the chat counts. Be smarter than them and just report them after the game and write what they said exactly. If it's justified enough, you'll get a pop up named "instant feedback" or smth like that telling your rep is valid. But you won't know what happened to that person because of _**privacy reasons**_. Happy new year, peace! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Fight fire with fire, tooth for a tooth, father for a father, hand for a hand, bone for a bone, we obyously dont live in the same countury
Kurotsu (EUW)
: I never reply to aggressive questions or comments. It's his opinion against mine and that will have no end. But if they said "Why didnt you ward?" and start arguing over that, then I show that my trinket was on cooldown and that's the end of the discussion. Nothing could be done there. So yeah, play against the enemy team not your own :3
Yes I aggrea with you on that, thou, I dont expect that you got bullyed for 12 years out of 21 in youre life. That alone can change youre action against someone rakking you down
GreenKnight (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=AnarchyxHaven,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=QUB5y4oU,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-01-04T03:31:54.918+0000) > > Yea, thou still, incording to sientist's (social studie's) when someone is aggrovated by a group it is instant reaction to defend youre self the same means that youre attacked with. So wouldn it be a bit stubit for a company as stubit as riot to not look into these short of studie's? Dont awnser. this is just my thought on it. I actually studied social issues, during my time at university. I learned that it's a reaction that SOME people have, others would have different reactions. But that doesn't matter in this situation. In real life, issues like that can be hard to resolve, but, in League, you have means to defend yourself, and your dignity. It's a simple solution to most of your problems with flamers: the Mute button and the Report button. Works wonders, trust me.
Depend's on the school, the teatcher and the year you learn it on, thou this was talked about natural behaviour, not outhought behavior, wich might be the difrence between wha tyoure talking about and I. Thou the suport calls me thrash, I call him thrash back and djudge his runes sence he keeps on saying that the team does not have an adc, that I should uninstall the game and such. Whyel I just tell him his runes and build are horrable choice and he should learn to play the most symble lane in game, and more than that I did not flame from what I see. Would you consider that punishable?
GreenKnight (EUNE)
: Don't become a flamer to combat flamers. Mute and report them after the game, defending yourself is pointless in games, especially in LoL. You most likely won't meet them again, and if you do, you can mute and report them again. Otherwise, your actions will backfire.
Yea, thou still, incording to sientist's (social studie's) when someone is aggrovated by a group it is instant reaction to defend youre self the same means that youre attacked with. So wouldn it be a bit stubit for a company as stubit as riot to not look into these short of studie's? Dont awnser. this is just my thought on it.
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Asher2406 (EUW)
: You [sure]( Your last 20 games didn't have that much of an impact as previous ~450 games had. Plus, all those wins are against players from b1-s4 elo. The highest elo players in your last 20 games (particularly, wins) you had 4 s3 and 2 s2 players and they all were in your team, meaning the matchmaking had to put them in your team to somewhat equalize mmr with the enemy team. You can not expect good lp gains when you're playing against player from LOWER elo than you. And, of course, you will lose more for losing to 'weaker' (lower elo) player than 'stronger' (higher elo).
My frend had around 30 % winrate earlyer in the season in gold 5 and she was getting 20 LP per win and loosing 12 per loss, and the MMR system and LP system is supoes to give more LP linked with how youre MMR is, and if it say's avrg mmr for silver 3 is 1376 and my mmr is 1476 should it not give me more LP becus my MMR is higher than for my rank?
Asher2406 (EUW)
: In what universe is this "Silver 3 9 LP / 251W 238L Win Ratio 51%" a "68% winrate"? According to, every single match out of your last 20 you played with players from b1-s2 elo. Considering, you have slightly higher mmr, it's obvious you will lose more lp when losing to lower elo than you and gain less.
When I look at OP.GG I see 68% winrate, 1477 MMR how come you see difrent on OP.GG than me? thou see what youre looking at now, I am looking at the past 20 games, youre looking at the entire last season
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Ceberuz (EUW)
: I don't need luck to compare them given all the other metrics that way in. this is what I am talking about, I am just asking if this is actually gonna be or if its just a rumour
: The system works, you need skill to win and your vanity can't make up for that lol.
Main suport, isint the suport role to create oppertunatyes and try to keep youre ally alive, not to carry the game?
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=AnarchyxHaven,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=At1yVE6z,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-08-11T02:47:43.049+0000) > > will the ranked system ever determin youre rank as youre skill level instead of the player's you play with skill lvl? How else can the system know your skill level if not by comparing you with other players? In a nutshell, that's how it works. Your rank (skill level) is similar to the people you play with and against. [Ranked 2019](
Lets say im main suport and I constantly keep getting an adc that dives in and dies when my abilatyes are on cooldown and he does not attack when I actually manage to make an good oppertunaty for him to get a kill?
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Pyrosen (EUW)
: Well, how would they detect it? Riot isn't going to go out of their way on some irrelevant individual case, there's no penalty for smurfing lol
If the player confessis it in game and on chat I think that's proof enoth
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: Havent played league for 4 months now and even longer breaks then that before cause im not a fan of season 8 bu why delete account. If ya think you will make a statement or somthing ya wont. and if ya quit then quit dont make a drama out of it. if ya like the game play it if ya dont be quiet and move on
That's the thing, I love the game, not the peepole who play in my elo, I have sevral times had my suport intentionally trying to get me killed when thay were playing tham kentch and last time avinia. As well is the attetue of the players where I am getting me so pissed off that I have broken over 8 keyboards sence only this season started. So to awnser youre question, I dont wanna quit I was being forced to quit by a pycolagyst.
Pyrosen (EUW)
: Why would a company do something like that? "Here, have access to premium content but hey, if you want a refund in 4 years, just tell us!" Stupid to even propose it lol
Difrence is, this so called "preium" is paying every month and you spend time. But in this case it would be more like, hay, I jus trealized youre game is broken, made like wow used to be at the pycological lvl, and few peepole did manage to sue blizzard for that. And I gotten sick of the shitty communaty that is also one of the reasons my depression is getting worse. A preium on F.X. a telivision network or something like that is a whole other thing.
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Omblondra (EUNE)
: RITO should give you complimentary climb for being so faithfull)
No, I have to climb my self, But I should at least get a passabilatyes of playing with peepole who know how to play, took few games with a frend of myne that is challenger and we were ending the game toghather with max of 2 deaths in 11-18 minuts.
Antenora (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=AnarchyxHaven,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=O3Gmy6fz,comment-id=0000000000010000,timestamp=2018-04-04T01:42:22.351+0000) > > Yea, If only I knew someone that was not plantnum or above. You can only duo with 5 ranks ahead of you was that not right? No? Bronze can only queue with Bronze and Silver players afaik. Silver Supports know not to farm unless they are a relic supp.
Omblondra (EUNE)
: Have you tryied all adcs? perhaps some adc you didnt try will suit you better
I have tryed all adc but my main are sivir, lucian, varus and ezrael becus the others dont have the stabilaty and escape passabilaty that I like to have in my personal playstyle, and also played a lot of Tristana, but she is too weak, unless she gotten boosted, just ended a game vs tristana, was playing ash and dam, could not do naything against her, was in a game vs tristana and I was ash some time ago and then it was exacly opositive to the game I just ended
: Best way to climb from bronze is playing support, dont play ADC
Every choach I have had have told me the opesite. Thay are all dia or higher
: On my bronze smurf i take all the farm i can get. On every role. Cant risk to waste some of them to some low elo bob teammate. They could have a stroke, forget what a keyboard is, go for a walk outside or just start randomly yelling. Not sure what they could do. But there is a reason why they are bronze and im not keen on learning why.
Well, for past 5 months, I been doing everything to try to get my CS better, my ward controle and roaming improved. My positioning in teamfights and my standard punishing. But even after trying to improve all of that and training it more than actually playing gets me nowhere. From that, what could help training to get up in ranks?
Antenora (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=AnarchyxHaven,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=O3Gmy6fz,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-03-30T02:40:28.311+0000) > > I have been told by every single choach I have master my minion manipulation and farming first. How can I amnipulate minionwaves and farm well when suport is ruining the minion setup and taking farm for himself is what I am asking,m I been in bronz for 7 years for god sakes Don't play ADC in Bronze without a duo queue support.
Yea, If only I knew someone that was not plantnum or above. You can only duo with 5 ranks ahead of you was that not right?
Meriipu (EUW)
: * poke whenever the other adc/support use abilities to farm * poke whenever your support somehow manages to land cc but back off after a bit if they were too high hp * put control ward in tribush if blue side and occasionally trinket in front of dragon pit, I doubt many junglers in bronze will jump from red side jungle over the wall into the river bush often if at all * check map for their jungler every few seconds, if the jungler comes slowly back off but not in an obvious way so that their jungler will wait in bush and waste their time * never type anything that might make somebody on your team upset, limit it to stuff like "(their) lee might be at blue" or "inhib and back". Most other stuff can be pinged with say missing ping on baron or pinging the portrait of a dead opponent to get respawn timer * try to stay nearby somebody else on your team (unless a lane seems safe to farm, e.g it is pushed past river or near your turret) even if it means losing a bit of farm, at least until silver or so
Even if the suport is trolling and taking all the CS poking the enamy wont get me ahead in lane. Take an example of my last game, we had bot inhibitor down, there was a huge minion wave incomming at bot, all of the enamyes were alive, we had in total 3 wards up, one right in front of fountin, right side, 1st bush in bot and one at the top. the entire team decided to go after mid and made me sit solo to defend, and 3 enamyes were incomming in minion wave, no one decided to come help untill thay pushed down one of the nexus turrets and I was haf dead. Its impassable to climb.
czuR (EUW)
: most people who are in bronze dont really understand the game. just try to farm the best you can. if i were you, i would find a support main to play with to talk about the game. thats what i did when i was down in bronze 4 and playing together and synergizing with them will for sure help you climb!
Yea, the problome is everyone I know are plant or above, so I cant really duo with them
: >Get new acount every time my mmr is so bad that I just dont gain any LP any more how many bronze accounts do you have then?
: 7 Years? it might be time to find another game took me 4 months of playing to hit silver edit: why lie aswell i looked up your account and most of the games your support has normal cs for a support its time to face the facts you are a bad player stop blaming your team
But from time to time my suport decides he needs the farm more, and I need to find tips on how to adept to that and still get ahead of my enamy. Besides this is my 8th acount, so many more years of experience of suports doing that (personally would prefer to play suport but no one can climb by playing suport) Get new acount every time my mmr is so bad that I just dont gain any LP any more
: get good and carry you legit have no idea how easy it is to win / carry in bronze!
I have been told by every single choach I have master my minion manipulation and farming first. How can I amnipulate minionwaves and farm well when suport is ruining the minion setup and taking farm for himself is what I am asking,m I been in bronz for 7 years for god sakes
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: ... Okay then, well I guess I've never encountered that because I don't play ranked
Yea, difrence between casual players and players who only play to get to a high rank so that theire frends will stop make fun of him for being titled the worst player in the countury, and wanting to compeat in tournements but sence no one wants to take unranked or bronz on team I been trying everything I can to try to rank up.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Is this the kind of "help" you were looking for? This is gonna be only a short term solution and most of it could've been adressed by checking some meta builds in apropriate sites.
Well, did get me 3 wins with lower death rate and higher sustain in combat. So only the armour and MR building seems to have been a big factor in me dieing alot in game.
: I can see your ENTIRE match history here - you are playing few games and then pausing for weeks. I don't know why you posted this thread if you can't take critics tho, you obviously don't listen and probably don't want to improve.
Had a choach for past 5 months (4 sence he quit choaching me like a month ago sence I was not showing any sence of improvement. Thou I did try what Khou3 said, and it got me 3 wins and less deaths. so youre a bit wrong on saying I dont lisen to others. But I basically jus tbeen using practice tool trynna get better at farming and such and took a little brake after I just could not do that all day long any more.
: It makes no sense to create a new account for every season, at least for me
It would make sence to you if youre gaining max 12 LP per win and loose 22+ LP per loss to make a new acount and reset youre mmr instead of trying to make 20 wins to get the same amount of LP as for when you loose 10 matches
C9 Starboy (EUNE)
: I guess you are low Bronze when you say that you're at the bottom of EUW, it kinda depends on what champions and what lane you play. For example, there is no point in going Yasuo mid if you wont abuse his lvl1-2 op trade, I would recommend you playing either mid or jungle since they have a big impact on the game atm. Play champs on mid like Annie, Veigar, maybe Viktor and stay away from Teemo/Yasuo top. Or at the end of the day, find one champ that you really enjoy playing, master him and its really a freeelo from there since people in bronze dont know how to do a comeback. Wish you the best of luck
I tryed playing mid and top for tow seaparate season (My jungleing skill has dropped severly after thay removed the green jungle item, I get way too low on vision control), was not really working for me, but my personal favored role is suport. But you cant climb as suport so I am following an advice of one of my frends in Dia 3 if I reamember right and play the adc more to get better at suporting. Would that be making any sence?
: Dude in your history i can clearly see that you play 1 game each 2 - 4 days so it doesn't matters how many hours you got on your account. When you don't play you forget how to play and you get rusty so you cannot improve. Improving and climbing is achieved by playing and you don't play.
That's only for the past month or so, used to take like 6-12 hours per day
: > I have 8 acounts. _**...What?**_
Normally make one for every season and when I get to bronz or next season I make another one becus it irratetes me to be in bronz
: I checked your OP.GG profile, and here what I can say about it. I would like to mention first that I am just a Silver/Gold player that just plays normals now, but I think my advices could help you. -First I think that you are playing a lot of champions, try to have 2 champions per role only and focus on them. For instance play only Xayah and Tristana, and you will notice that you will get better with those champion. You dont have to play all adc if you want to climb. Also Xayah is really strong atm and you can easily outplay people with her ult especially in low elo. Tristana is good because she is one if not the most safe adc thanks to her W. You can also take turrets really easily with her. Ashe is also a good option. -Dont play Lucian, you dont have a good winrate or KDA with him (seaon 7 and 8). Also he is not in the best spot right now, even with the buffs he got. Whenever you see that you have a negative winrate on a champion (20 games or more played), just dont play him, it means you dont know what you are doing. Dont play Kai'sa, she is not easy to play and require some knowledge about the game and vision, you will often be tempted to go in with your ult and will regret as soon as you get in the middle of a team fight and get one shot. -You die a lot, which means that you are probably playing too agressive or not looking around you in team fight, try to stay behind you frontline, and learn how to kite also learn to build according to the enemy team comp. You always go for {{item:3006}} when sometimes they have heavy CC comps or a lot of ad dammage. When you see lot of AD build {{item:3047}} and when a lot of CC {{item:3111}} . Also there are plenty of games where you dont upgrade your boots for some reason and stay with {{item:1001}} after 30 mins of game. -You always go press the attack when sometimes its better to go fleet footwork, try to look runes and build on probuild -{{item:3100}} on {{champion:145}} is awfull if you want some ap take {{item:3124}} -You never buy {{item:2055}}, it is very important and you must buy at least 3 of them per ward, yes even as an adc. It gives you vision -Upgrade your {{item:3361}} for {{item:3363}} when you get lvl 9, its really usefull, so you dont have to face check bushes anymore. -With Lucian it is better to go for {{item:3508}} or {{item:3153}} -Improve your farming by going in custom game or coop vs AI, try to last hit as good as you can and you will see an improvement after some time. CS is really important, 2 waves of minions > 1 Kill. Dont overextend or chase for kills play for objectives, try to end asap when you have a lead and your winning. Ping your team drakes and get vision on it. At this elo you can not expect the vision control from your support so try to do it yourself. If you want more advices add me on League. Peace
Thanks that really helps.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Climbing is a slow process that will take you whole season and many games. Climbing is a marathon not a sprint.
Yea, my old acount taht was stolen by the guy boosting it he went from bronz to dia in juist a week. You say its a marathon not a sprint then explain that
: You don't play often and that's your main problem. If you want to play the game casually and have fun then it's okay but if you want to improve and climb you need to play everyday.
323 hours on this acount created in september last year, I have 8 acounts. one was stolen that I played on sence 2011. So that in total is 7 years constantly playing. And no improvement. I need some advice, other than farm, punish, be agressive.
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Smerk (EUW)
: Filter by role shows data based on previous patch, you can't find new champions there, you have to use search without filters. And autolock was removed from draft games long time ago, don't know how it works in blind pick games .
I only play ranked not normall, dam, if only thay would indicate that in the description, how do you remove filter now on day's? I cant see the buttom for it
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Shiwah (EUW)
: It's not a bug. Leavers, even those who are experiencing severe technical issues and not leaving voluntarily, lose LP. The reason being, that it would be really easy for anyone to fake technical issues, and reap the benefits of a victory without the effort required.
But at the riot HQ thay have all info on connection right? My frend told me once he got hawy lagg and got leaver buster someone at riot managed to remove it for him
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Maluber (EUW)
: Both stopwatch and perfect delivery do not affect the chance to remake as stated by this rioter. > [{quoted}](name=Riot Sparkle,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=KVQHu3Ah,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-12-08T16:15:53.297+0000) > > I posted on Reddit re: Biscuits when this came up there recently. Here's the copy pasta - > > > Hi! We looked into this one pretty extensively when it was first reported and found that it **Biscuits are not affecting /remake**. There are other factors that could stealthily block the /remake (such as the afk player moving, etc.) but I can see why you might think it's some weird interaction with Biscuits because the timing lines up so well. > > **Receiving other items, such as Minion Demats, Viktor's item or a free Stopwatch also do not have any impact on /remake (we went ahead and checked all of those ones too, just to make sure). ** > > TL;DR Biscuits are not blocking /remake > >
Still 3 times when either mid or suport had that one it seems to be only thing that was stopping the remake, did not move, never said it connected or disconnected them.
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