: well its not actully free u should get some point by answering some quiz and play some games and i saw there are lot more people do that and they give u the gift card in ure email address some sites like point prize or gamehag i saw it in those 2 i think we can trust those sites
ah yea, that, yep, it's real. just get the points and you get the rp, but for that you need to play lots of games. previously there were also online tournaments which granted rp if you won some games. Just know that everyone else also wants to win rp. I played once, won 1000 rp, played another 50 times and won nothing. you may also just draw something for riot support to get 20 or so rp
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: 1 Second freeze at random timing
you can't fix it. the issue is on riot's side
Rioter Comments
: Hm... again I’d recommend hourglass and fizz to make sure it’s not s vision thing. Also have you tried varying how far into the cast the champion goes untargetable, I do remember it being finicky even at his release.
vladimir is exactly like fizz, so there's no issue for that. i.e both can be knocked up by blitz / volibear while in their untargetability. it took me many times against the bot just to make it happen xD so no, i didn't try to test how far into the cast the champ goes untargetable but this should have no issues. as i said, previously it always went on cooldown if the target went untargetable.
: Oh wait, the two changes where done at different times... yeah it does do this. I’m really getting fed up with riot doing so many undocumented changes, it makes doing counter play stupidly hard when you think something works... not to mention this one was stupid there’s no reason to change how it worked
i added those wikia notes btw, based on what i've seen on synapse videos and stuff. so the info may not be completely exact. i added it on the patch notes based on a before and after logic. the reason i'm here is to find out if what i've added is good or not. zed r doesn't put it on cooldown, so that's fine. i'm looking for cases where it goes on cooldown.
: You sure... there’s an undocumented change for it affecting the out of vision interaction but it doesn’t meantion untargetability... could be that untargetable champions like zed tend to go out of vision as well, have you tested with fizz E or hourglass?
i tested vlad pool, and the cooldown refunds.
Aihtiram (EUW)
: Morde ultimate interaction with Zed
morde r never goes on cooldown as far as i tested. at first it did. but riot should have fixed all interactions since his release as far as i've seen. I noted the undocumented changes on the wiki's patch notes. it only goes on cooldown if he targets cc-immune / unstoplables / dead sion / decoys
: The interaction between morde ult and untargetability is finicky... but I’ve had it where my ult went on cooldown after a yi bot dodged it with Q so it is possible. I think you’ve gotta do it earlier perhaps... there is a sweet spot for this and I don’t think it’s just as it’s about to go off
how long ago tho? they changed untargetability / out of vision interactions only a few patches ago
Marissa (EUW)
: [Volu] Definitely don't gift a gift!
The one i'd like santa braum to visit this year is https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=+P%C3%ACo+Zeppe And i think he would like Forecast Janna. I picked him because he's one of my friends with whom i play the most League with. He's also a fellow Illaoi main, and what can i say, i like to play with him. I like to think of him as my rival. As a matter of fact we're both equal in ranked, i.e diamond IV, which is a fun thing. We also have two of the worst pcs and basically play the same and in the same conditions. Sometimes he plays better, sometimes i play better.
Marissa (EUW)
: [Volu] Definitely don't gift a gift!
200 words? is that correct? or 200 characters?
Petorital (EUW)
: Found a fun bug with Annie
can you tape it / link the replay file?
: 🎃👻 Volunteer Halloween Quiz 👻🎃
: Exiting the game doesn't dodge?
yea, riot took sides. They had to choose between helping people dodge or helping people with bad connection get into the game. and they chose.
: Clash finally worked almost properly and THAT is what you are gonna be complaining about? Can't you be happy it worked for once?
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: Illaoi's tentacles attacking hitbox are no longer visible
afaik replays don't show hitboxes. also, are you sure she didn't ult? Her ult makes tentacles around her have invisible hitboxes. The bug fix was about tentacles revealing themselves when attacking, not their hitboxes, so it shouldn't be related.
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N o (EUW)
: League of Bugs. Literally.
you cannot displace illaoi during her ult
Gladiator (EUNE)
: Master Yi, 2 buggs found
illaoi can kill you during Q if she grabbed your spirit
: I think the players themselves decides this thing?
fnissar (EUW)
: Suggestion: Short champion information in loading screen and in-game
not knowing how champions work is cool too i remember when i was fighting against zed at lower lvls. He came at me, hit me with everything, then he disappeared, made me think i survived, then randomly i die, and i'm like WTF. These WTF moments are hardly seen now that i know every interaction in the game, and this makes stuff less interesting. I remember seeing Illaoi's tentacles around the map, and i could kill them. It was cool at first. Now, well, i just kill them without a second thought.
: I think the players themselves decides this thing?
i don't think the players could decide how to name anything. from 2011 to 2017 it was consistent. I just think riot messed up
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Grandvolt (EUW)
: As the last patch was 2 weeks before i was expecting a new patch that would have made me not able to download a replay of the game. I've known Kayle for years and you literally can't take damage, except for fountain, when it's used on you. The entire premise of the ability.
was there a bard, kindred, taric in your game? / did you use stopwatch / zhonya? the bug happens when one invulnerability finishes, the other is not taken into account instantly i.e you are in kindred's ult. Kayle ults you. When the kindred ult finishes, the kayle ult invulnerability also cancels for 0.25-0.5 seconds, during which you can take damage
Grandvolt (EUW)
: Kayle Ult Bug
The last new patch was 2 weeks ago. Your game was earlier than that? ps: There're ways to get damaged in kayle's ult
: Have you tried to falsify this by trying the same with other champions?
pretty sure it only happens with him. I play lots of champs but only with him i felt "omg why can't i basic attack". I tested other charged abilities, i.e Vi Q and Sion Q, and they don't have this issue.
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: > [{quoted}](name=AnataBakka,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=YPtRAlIo,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-02-21T14:32:21.586+0000) > > It should grant 10% but it grants 10% once, and then another 1%, 0.25 second after. > > An easy test can be done with Illaoi's W. There're so many healing numbers coming on the screen that you can't understand how much you got. u sure u dont have the healing Hunter rune on spells ?
yep this happens on all champs tho. Better seen at lvl 18 with high ads If you should get 50 healing, it gives you 50+5
: Did it make you stronger?
If Illaoi's E% is higher than 90% then this is a buff If not it's a nerf. So... it's a nerf
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: Now people can correct me if I'm wrong, this is just an assumption. But, I believe the close W is counted as a basic attack whereas the dash W isn't since the dash W is out of her auto attack range. I think that's why it happens.
that's what i also thought at first, but nah, it still reduces the cooldown from her other abilities it just doesn't reduce the cooldown of her own W the same way her close W does
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: > [{quoted}](name=AnataBakka,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=J8HO9vyd,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-02-17T14:17:14.905+0000) > > that's what this inconsistency is about lol I don't really think it's inconsistency, but rather necessity. For Swain to use his ult, he needs to have his soul fragments. If you could block him from getting them, you'd essentially remove the strongest part of his kit for very little cost. Soraka, on the other hand, is the designated healer of League. The thing that limits her ability to heal is her own health bar. If she was able to regen from her Q without recourse, then it would likely cause balance issues as time went on.
i mean, yasuo blocks entire ults for very little cost this isn't any different.
: I'm pretty sure it's because they aren't coded as projectiles, whereas Soraka's Q return is.
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Eambo (EUW)
: Hey everyone, We have made some changes to try and alleviate this issue. Can you please test and let us know if things are fixed, better, the same, or any worse? Thank you!
no longer always happens at minute 6-10 it seems. but it still happens at minute ~2 however
Eambo (EUW)
: Hey guys, A few questions for you on this one: 1) Do you have Avast antivirus installed? Some players have reported issues like this with Avast. Unfortunately it has taken some to uninstall Avast to clear it up :-( 2) If you don't have Avast, do you have this issue consistently (100% of games), or intermittently? If intermittent, at what times? (IE: Only during evenings? Random times of the day?) 3) Have you opened a [support ticket](https://support.leagueoflegends.com)? If so, please provide the ticket number here so we can take a look. Thanks!
1) nope. I've got bitdefender if that matters and i don't think all euw players should disinstall their antivirus to play lol... This issue started this patch so something weird should be happening on your side. 2) 100% of the games. Times differ tho. The range is 2:00-2:50; 7:30-10:00 3) nope. I usually do that if i'm the only one who has that problem, but other of my friends also do so
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Tarolock (EUNE)
: i think this is true for every stat, maxing out only one of them is pretty bad, but once you mix and match you can get more powerful
other stats have formulas and they show the real amount of, for example, reduction armor / mr give you What my bug report was about, is the mismatch between the tooltip value and my test. Below 1.00 attack speed the values are the same in both the test and the tooltip. After that however the tooltip races forward
Rioter Comments
Playerh8a (EUW)
: Thanks for the responses as that has cleared a lot of my questions. Riot ARedHerring thanks for the super amount of information as that's really going to help me play the character correctly. So many things i was doing wrong that i can now correct. I guess my next line of thinking is where should i be playing Master Yi? Middle? Bottom? I got the feeling from my games last night that he is more a "wait until they are near then and pounce" kinda character. Once close they are in trouble. I thought teamed up rather than solo worked well. From a gear perspective i pushed for Attack Damage, Then Attack Speed, Then Crit & finally Life Steal. I added in some HP for defense. Thanks again for the assistance
As other said. Usually in jungle, but sometimes he can also go top, depending on who's against. If you try top i suggest you to max your W. This will let you keep regenerating your hp while staying in lane. Some very pro stuff you can learn with Yi is auto cancelling your basic attack by using W. Each champ has a delay before they start their next basic attack, but there're some abilities or effects that let you reset that delay. For Yi it's his W. You can try it in practice tool if you want to. Follow this order: Basic attack W Basic attack and you will attack much more faster than doing: Basic attack Basic attack Just a little tip that made me become a better yi player xD. Also, while keeping in consideration top lane, if you use your Q most players will know at which location you will appear at, and might exploit that knowledge to stun / attack you the moment you appear. I use the Q on an almost dead minion, so that when it dies i appear at the location i casted the ability (just what the rioter below said), sometimes making the enemy top laner waste his ability on nothing. Also in top lane, for summoner spells you should consider teleport / ignite with flash / ghost. Just try them and take what you prefer. Flash is good because it lets you flash-q on people, killing them by surprise because of the massive range. Ghost will let you stick to targets, which is definitely fun as a master yi player. Even if you go jungle you should take flash / ghost.
Shamose (EUW)
: Future market let's you go into debt to buy items. You can go 150g+5g per minute into debt plus an additional 50g as a lending fee. So you have 0 gold and you buy a potion. You'll be 50 gold in debt, after leaving base the lending fee of 50 gold will be added. You'll be at -100 gold.
my example above is different i buy an item with debt. I've -30 i leave the base. a big writing shows up saying "-100g" i look at my money and i've got -80 that's what the bug report was about. a simple vfx bug
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