PepijndM (EUW)
: Pyjama Ahri: Q: Throws a bed cover and pulls it back. W: Has small pillows floating around her E: Throws a life-size pillow (or smaller pillow) with "Bikini Ahri" painted/printed on it (Dakimakura) R: Jumps forward, throwing small pillows in multiple directions. Clother in pyjama of course xD (I'm not serious)
Its actually a good skin idea xD i would buy it.
Nixodelic (EUNE)
: NO? lol
why not :D its funny and there are some champions that are forgotten ({{champion:44}} ,{{champion:98}} ) and people actually maybe play them :D
: I'm not sure if this was a joke or serious but either way those images just made me piss my self haha
: Ideia:5/5 Creativity:5/5 Photoshop Skillz:{{champion:6}} /5
: I suggested pillow fight Nautilus a while ago! With a big pillow anchor, pijamas, sleeping hat and fluffy slippers!
BoggLorD (EUNE)
: those were all horrible ideas
Its just funny skins :D i mean did you see definitely not udyr?
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: LOGIC !!!!!!
Riot needs to make that with Tahm Kench you cant eat champions that are taller than {{champion:223}} ;P
: I have never laughed so hard in my life xD
xD Taric is funny {{champion:44}}
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