Ulula (EUNE)
: https://imgur.com/a/QUDFY
well... okay then. funny still doe how the exact time i enabled newbie tool tips i could buy it. what a timing
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PaladinNO (EUNE)
: Recently, a premade got an S while I was playing Nidalee. I didn't have a chest on Nidalee, and I got the chest popup in the post-game screen. However, neither in the Loot tab or under Collection did it show me that I actually got the chest. But a client restart sorted it out. This is called a "visual glitch". So try restarting your client and check again. If you got the chest popup, you got the chest. If you didn't get the popup, you weren't eligible to receive a chest at this time (didn't have chests available/already received a chest/disconnecting from the game during the match/other reasons).
ive gotten one chest before since i main kata. nasus is a champ i own and havent gotten a chest with before. did not disconnect from that game at any time. so this must be a bug
: "since jhin and jarvan flames and since this team NEVER PUSH WHEN WE ACE THEM i will buy boots and feed if we dont get a turret" You just said you would intentionally feed... Really? Plus, the chat spam on the first game, I might have not reported but I would instantly mute you, and no, you weren't being positive by saying Kata is broken or whatever, at most, neutral. Riot doesn't need to answer this, the ban system is now simple: You have a warning system, around 3-4 warnings, I'm not sure. The last warning is a permaban, whether it is a curse or feed, it's a ban. 14 days ban is pretty close to the permaban by the way.
honestly this is my first ban. never gotten any kind of penalty before this so im quite surprised about this 14 day ban
: > like come on we all have bad games we all cant stay perfectly happy every game Noone expect you to be happy, not flaming is enough. You can whine, shout or swear as much as you want as long as you do it in your room and not in chat. You might have to explain to your dog later but that's it > i dint tell anyone they sucked personally Annie Is Under18: idiot Annie Is Under18: Cry more because you lost botlane turrt Annie Is Under18: cry more Annie Is Under18: because idiots sucks so i cant reach gold Annie Is Under18: Cry > i didn't caps a lot only like 2 sentences Annie Is Under18: since jhin and jarvan flames and since this team NEVER PUSH WHEN WE ACE THEM i will buy boots and feed if we dont get a turret Annie Is Under18: EZZZ Annie Is Under18: LO0OK Annie Is Under18: KATA IS SO WEAK Annie Is Under18: CANT EVEN DO ANYTHING Annie Is Under18: EXACTLY Annie Is Under18: D3????? Annie Is Under18: HAHAHAHA Annie Is Under18: WTF Annie Is Under18: WTF Annie Is Under18: IS THAT DMG Annie Is Under18: ITS SO BROKEN Annie Is Under18: KATA IS NOT BROKEN WTF and a little bit of irony > Annie Is Under18: why so mad?? > Annie Is Under18: enjoy ban tlaon
well it wasnt much i never said they were the idiots making me lose ranked games because we won that game
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Altiverse (EUNE)
: Perhaps you reached the maximum weekly limit? You can check your remaining weekly chests in your profile under your name. It's the small chest icon with a + on it. It also tells you when you get your next one if you hover over it. ######PS I assume that I misunderstood the "i have only gotten one chest before" part since you seem to be actively playing, and it's impossible to receive one chest over the course of a whole season unless you're a hardcore OTP with 0 mastery points with any other champ ._.
i have mained kata for over 5 years so...
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