P3nu (EUW)
: perm banned woop
Read the first half of your chat log and ask yourself what MAYBE could be the reason you got banned LOL. Calling names, calling to report someone ingame, wanting to ff, blaming your team, ... there is EVERYTHING, you are basically CRYING for reports LOL.
Ribyu (EUW)
: Snowflakes &Unfair Bans/Restrictions
1) TL:DR 2) Even 1 game is enough to get you 25 game chat restriction, I had the very same shit happen to me. It was a single game where I lost my temper. 3) Nothing you can do, the only option is to disable all-chat and hide your chat so you dont see it at all. You wont be able to read the chat but its useless in mos tcases anyway. 4) Try to not get in any ingame discussions (including champ select). It can get you banned aswell, doesn't matter who is right (Riot is %%%%%%ed so they won't look).
: Banned for nothing.
Ingame name? What kind of ban did you get? I doubt it was only 1 game you inted.
ImpulseHD (EUW)
: I got banned Because i defended a friend from sexist players.
You said it yourself already: Riot is sexist af. Confirmed. Congrats Watson! You just have to look at the way they portray female ingame characters. Nuff said. No wonder they banned you for treating genders equally, being against sexism means you are against Riot so you got banned my friend.
ˆSnowˆ (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Anniehilat0r,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=nfY6bQFd,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-10-16T21:55:34.165+0000) > - Cant help from being toxic sometimes (rarely, but it happens) I do myself flame from time to time when someone is really annoying me and its been a month now since I got my Honor level 5 So I doubt thats your problem in that regard. As they said up there you should just mute everyone and drag the chat into a corner. Open de menu set chat size to 100 drag it to the corner and set it's size to 0 that way you cant pull it off the corner even If you want. You will have to go all the way throught the settings to get it out. Thats how my chat is in rankeds anyway. In normals I just can't be bothered whith people flaming. Edit: Also I forgot to say about the "Not been able to write aswell" since you have the chat in the corner I sometimes opened it accidentally by pressing enter and didnt noticed and since I couldnt see the chat I wasnt noticing why I couldnt use my keyboard xD Im lucky enouhg that my keyboard lets me deactivate keys at will so I just have a mode of the the keyboard for LoL whith no enter key :X and I have a full 0% chat game ^^.
: 25 game chat ban after losing temper in a SINGLE game...?
Well.., it appears a single game flaming is already enough to get banned. I will try disable chat at all times in future.
: Disabling chat for good - restore piece and honor
P.S. im trying to get honor level and the chat disable would help a lot towards ignoring trolls and staying calm.
: I know. That moment when 3 top or 2 mid decimate enemy team to the point they ff in 15 minutes. Won against diamond 5(2 band) draven smurf and befriended him. Since i used to main supp he went 20/0 and i went 0/0/15(roughly) amd thanks. At least someone relatively positive. Thanks. I hate this community hence i will rename my acc to reflect my hate towards it
now that's my kind of dedication :D
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: 25 game chat ban after losing temper in a SINGLE game...?
Downvoting the topic makes you feel good or something? Whatever helps you be happy ;)
: I know it can be tilting or frustrating,when you die getting pinged on/talked about or getting called names sure does not help. But try to keep your focus,maybe buy a ward play more safe etc. But yeah,sure sure delete chat if people are toxic. Just report them at the end of the game,don't argue with them so you get involved too,since you will get punished too like you did,which is not 100% your fault since you were provoked,but still. On your account you make actions and you are responsible for them,system won't look did people tilt you or whatever,you gotta keep it under control. So just delete the chat and carry on with the game. Good luck.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
yeah thank you. Basically getting into stupid arguments with teammates is my biggest weakness.
: Weather it's one game or ten games,you can't use that as an excuse. Yeah we all got bad games,but you were toxic,negative,you were even spamming the chat ,you said you give up and troll,calling people names and just being rude overall. Calling people 'Kids' when you are also acting immature..I mean what did you expect? This is exactly why you can get banned because of just one game. Because if you don't punish people and be like..Yeah you can flame for 10 games,after that we ban,everyone would flame for 9 games and then stop. But like this,when you flame you know your risks,you don't have 10 games or so allowed to flame,it does not mater dude. You are not immune to ban just because you were toxic in one game,that would mean that Riot is okay with people who are toxic,even if it was in one game. And that is not the case. I doubt you are a clean sportsmanlike player if your game starts off by talking like that,i assume you act like this from time to time just like you said 'Everyone has a bad game from time to time' which means you Act toxic like this from time to time,which is not okay. > ok guys so I admit to losing my temper a bit Right at the start you admit it,no much point in reading further since you yourself admit you fked up,but 'A bit' ? Oh come on. I read through everything and yeah,it was a well deserved ban. You might want to just minimize the chat and push it down so you don't even see it,or mute everyone and disable all chat. Because if you keep acting like this,next ban is the 14 day one and then the Permaban at the end. It's really not worth losing your account,the time and effort,money /if you did use any/ to just go to waste and disappear because you couldn't keep your cool.
well at this point it feels like deleting chat completely is the only way to keep me from getting permaban in future. As I'm totally not immune to people starting to blackmail / harass / insult me. It turns me into being toxic if people call me names out of no reason or because I died to a gank.
: > [{quoted}](name=Anniehilat0r,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Z0y5HJWO,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-10-16T20:45:41.581+0000) > I was receiving HONORS from teammates many times including during my chat ban If you were chat banned, looks like you already had your warning, were punished, and when the ban lifted, you went back at it again. Deserved.
yes, it was a single game since a ten game chat restriction. That's why I ask is the acc flagged forever now?
: perma banned? won't stop me
sometimes a fresh start isn't bad tho, I got permabanned too (undeserved) so welcome in the club m9 ;) P.S. smurfing and smashing new players is even more fun LUL
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