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: How does the "grading" system even works? Come on Riot, I deserve that mastery rating you know it in your hearts to be true! :,(
Hansiman (EUW)
: As others state, you're compared to others that played Malphite top. KDA is not the only factor in the measurement. Things like CS, objective damage, and warding are also a factor. 150cs is not really that high for a 34 minute game as a laner. You should at least have over 200 by then. Your vision score is also incredibly low, with only 9 points. You barely warded, you purchases no control wards, nor did you destroy any enemy wards. This is really holding you back, as vision is an important part of the game.
Tbf, those metrics blows. I actually carried that game hard. And its bronze so vision is not as crucial.
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Pikaguif (EUW)
: It makes it easier when you want to play that pick that has a lot of counters so you can pick it safely but It would encourage a counterpick meta I'd say.
That is true, but I feel this will benefit those who puts thought into champion select vs those who dont. People who have found a way to hardcarry with a champ, might want to actively be first to get thath champ before any enemy and in case its often getting banned. People who have more options and rely on reading the team comp will also get what they want. Though maybe of course the point is not to always counterpick but to adapt the build around what you face. Though I would definitively prefer to pick last, rather than first. Simply because in my experience I win more when my team is more tanky/bruiserish. As opposed to say Cait/Zyra bot, Teemo mid and an assasin/AP mage mid. I feel more comfortable picking a squishy champ if I see that perhaps my jungler/top laner/support picked a more rugged champion. Then it helps being able to be the player to go more tanky. Its crazy, even if we go 0-10 in the first 20 minutes I find it easier to win when my team is balanced. Problem is getting qued with players who doesnt think the same way. Those times where my team consist of pure damage and maybe one bruiser/off-tank/tank. I lose.
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