Antemilia (EUW)
: Watch All-Star Event VOD reward quest
OK guys I finally made it ! Of course you have to log on website, that's being said in the quest, but what you actually have to do is first CHECK THE REWARD WEBPAGE then click START to begin your journey. Afterwards, you can load the VOD page and watch any kind of all-star 2018 event video for 10+min and you'll get the icon.
Antemilia (EUW)
: Watch All-Star Event VOD reward quest
Let's hope Riot start exploring this as an issue and give the icon to every players at the end of the event.
: Euw
It has always been like that as I far as I can remember. Back before season 1, Euw servers were already the shittiest and Riot never gave a fck about this. Euw was constantly down and people were unable to play, meanwhile in NA everybody was having fun. News always came first on NA boards, and if NA servers encountered any real issue, they would fix it within a couple hours, while Euw players could wait for weeks to find a decent evening on LoL. Things didn't change much since then.
princeOli (EUW)
: All-Star Mission - no progress
Hey, Got the same issue as you. Already made this thread hope we get an answer soon
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