CarryAll (EUNE)
: On my client it is also January 10th. Do you both play on the same server?
well in mine is 8
Eirich (EUW)
: I agree, %%%% this piece of shit game. Learn to balance champs or just dont bother adding more/reworking them :))))))))))
totally agree i dont know witch i have to ban{{champion:157}} or {{champion:238}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: What information we have on [Matchmaking ]( roughly translates to this: three factors are to be considered while making a game, 1. **Fair game**- each team has a 50% +/-1% chance of winning. 2. **Position preference**- getting 1` or 2` position and autofilled for long queue time. 3. **Fast queue times**- low queue times. > These all throw curveballs at the matchmaker, forcing it to weigh one aspect more heavily than the others. is the exact phrase they mention where it is possible to weight one aspect over others and practically seeing the Matchmaking is inclined mostly towards lower queue times which sacrifices #1 and #2. This is the major reason why most of the games feel like coin-flips and eventually leading to players coming up with complaints like **_Matchmaking is busted_** . Though MMR is hidden, we can easily see that quality of games is sacrificed through visible metrics like rank, number of games played, win ratio and autofill. Games aren't made 50/50 because a tighter mmr range (_no more than 4-5 MMR)_ along with no autofill happens very rarely and personally I would say it was like <20 games in 200 games for me. Matchmaking does take few other factors along with MMR, not for giving fair games and making climbing faster, but for forcing everyone to play more games to climb and force the sweet 50% win rate. It is blatantly visible after streaks (win/lose) and in promos, where the team mates and opponents suddenly become polar opposite of what they've been so far. I agree everyone has skill ceilings, but the 50% win rate is not occurring due to this reason; because MMR changes are dictated by the bad MM which determines win/loss and amount of MMR change each game the naturally occurring 50% win rate at the point of player's skill cap never occurs tbh. Because there is no PRA(Performance based Rank Adjustment) Player X can perform well for his/her role consistently, but because X can't solo carry games they can get stuck in MMR range below their actual range and is forced to play twice or triple the # of games to climb. This effect can be seen from a role like support, which has lowest queue time and carry potential(atleast imo). Also decade old phrases like "Improve yourself to climb" doesn't apply to support, due to support's inherent team dependency, which makes it easy to understand how fair the MM is overall. tldr: look at visible metrics in MM to see how it is unfair or busted or how RITO forces 50% win rates. p.s: dw, I upvote you {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
i think u should say that to riot
: i have done nothing but been matched with trolls lately thanks riot your a joke.
well i think u should lvl ure self til 100 or more for playing ranked XD couse ik how u feel
: still doesnt answer my question on why i get constantly matched against plat while being 40% silver 3
: I made a similar post on the Italian EUW boards section. It is unbearable everytime to waste 25-30 minutes because one decides to randomly leave the game and doom you to the end. It has to stop, even for disconnection is ok if you are out for 24 hours, it's your problem to fix your computer/connection, it cannot fall on others.
i think u take it a little to serious maybe its not his pc or conections fault and maybe it did not happend 1 min ago it happens now u never know that do you?
Majordx (EUW)
: The punishment needs to be more heavy.20 min queue is nothing thats why players do it. Increase that and we will see a big change in ranked.
i aggree with this one
Skýcrow (EUW)
: I agree on this so much. There should be a save cap like in Master+ but for leaving games. For example, in master u have to play every day 1 game or ur save of "10games" keeps lowering each day by 1 savegame, if u don't play 10games in 10days on average u drop out of The tier. _This means riot already has made a system in league that is basically like a (gamecounter)_ ___ They could use smth similar for afk/ragequit/dc. (leavercounter)___ "lv1 Punishment" If u hit 3Afks in 15matches, ur going to get "leaverbustered" and ur locked for 24hours and should be notet. "lv2 punishment" Then the required number for the next penalty goes down to "2" and this system locks in for a entire year. If u afk in 2 games on ur next 15games and ur already penalised once u should be immediately locked for 7 days. This "lv2" punishment should continue until a new season starts. This for sure will not make all ragers dissapear but alot of them would stop ragequiting because the penality is so damn Harsh. I have seen extreme hardcore ragequiters who simply leave all games when they die once on lane, they do it severall times way more often than just 3 times in 15games duration. We could easely stop at least such hardcore ragequiters by creating a similar system that i have described. And in my opinion it's also not that hard to do so, since as i said riot already has a similar system invented but made so for games played instead of games left
3 afks in 15 match i dont think they do that couse for some players its so crule maybe they need to be afk or idk must have some thing happend but i belive they should tell us before they do that no?
xStyrosx (EUNE)
: its bug, its supposed to be fixed , not nerfed. For some reason execute is projectile and if you trying block it , it kills you instead of guy who low HP
right no way elder dead this damage
: special for ornn he has one skin
why he has one even?
: a prestage skin for rek and and some new skins
special for ornn he has one skin
: what u think?about skin and the event?u tell
a prestage skin for rek and and some new skins
: So you come up with a name.... any more details about your event? Or you just managed to figurate name and 3 champions featured in? :D
what u think?about skin and the event?u tell
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Ehhhh (EUW)
: Yeah, playing with the skin gives +100 damage
are u kidding me right?
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: Aphelios shouldnt exist in Ranked!
: No, don't trust it since it's most probably a scam.
well its not actully free u should get some point by answering some quiz and play some games and i saw there are lot more people do that and they give u the gift card in ure email address some sites like point prize or gamehag i saw it in those 2 i think we can trust those sites
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