Rarufu (EUNE)
: Bronze is hell.
/mute all Play top with Darius/Irelia Find yourself a duo Gold by next week xo
: you have the option to mute. let s 1 in 5 games you find a flamer and u can mute him. it should be an option, is better for coordonation! for example in middle of a tf you can say who to focus, to tell team if enemy flank you, to say what abilieties are on CD, etc I think those aspects are more important that flamer you can mute
I also have the option to mute the toxicity in the chat, 99% of the time I don't because I find it funny And it's not 1 in 1 games, it's 3 in every 1 game lol You ever played CSGO?
: This game needs a voice chat for soloq! in special in g2+...
When being flamed by all of your team mates in the chat isn't enough, lets hear them in voice too. Just give them a discord link and invite them to chat, you'll see how many people actually want to talk lol
: ornn
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Well my dear Shiwah who continues to ignore my requests, I have clearly already done this however support takes a day to respond, I would rather resolve the issue myself than wait for them to respond.
: How do I pay back a chargeback?
Also I'm sure Rare will read this due to my name, not banned because of toxicity, suspended because it charged back lol
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LikePusssy (EUNE)
: Is my honor level bugged?
I've been at honour 2 for 500 games.
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ktpolak2004 (EUNE)
: health points bar and names doesn't appear
Happens quite often, as you did just reload into the game
: since lvl 4 : what do you mean by that ? everything else is : well statisticly your enemys are more likely to get an afk since they have 5 potential ppl while you only have 4 .. (asuming you never go afk else it would be ridicoulus to even write your post) so on average you should actualy win more games because of an afk than you loose (again expecting you never afk)
He means during the game someone was level 4 and he lost the game because of an AFK
Sefi (EUNE)
: Youve been playing ranked since level 4?
He means during the game someone was level 4 and he lost the game because of an AFK
: "you left during champion selection"
That means your connection had a dip and it didn't lock in your pick, experienced it many times but there's nothing you can do other than move on
Sarokh (EUNE)
: u can skip plat 4-2 only
Damn okay {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
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: I think your meta list is a little narrow, but i think it's almost worth mentioning that metas change and pyke being a non-ideal pick in the current meta doesn't mean he won't be in a future meta. A good example of this is Xin, where a combination of players running PTA instead of Phase Rush on him + the meta not being suited for him meant he wasn't picked that often, yet a few weeks later he is suddenly a pick or ban jungler (the phase rush buff helped a little), mostly because he does well into strong meta picks like Graves
I just don't see his usefulness as a champion I'm sure at some point he'll be strong due to item changes, potential buffs and nerfs etc but right now I'd label him as one of the worst champions in league though I know there's a few who think he's busted
: Braum and Pyke have different roles within a comp. Braum is a tank that you bring if you need a bonus to engagements, CC and/or need to counter Ornn. Pyke is a champion you'd bring if you want a support with pick potential, OK-ish all-in potential, the ability to bypass wards and clean up fights (his fight cleanup potential is incredible), particularly against shielding supports.
The meta right now looks something like this Top; Darius, Irelia, Singed JG: Graves, Xin, Eve, Xin Mid: Talon, Zoe, TF, Zed ADC; Kai'sa, Jhin, Caitlyn Supp: Braum, Lulu, Janna On the top of my mind those are the prime best champions for their lane right now and I see them very often None of these champions lack the damage but without support they're severely crippled - Especially Darius, he needs that ramp up in speed or an engage to be a huge threat. If you want a Pick you would get a Blitzcrank, he has a huge AOE silence and a knockup, Pyke has an unreliable 1 second stun with a wind-up Q which makes it obvious for what he's doing Darius can clean up better than Pyke Pyke just seems like you took 4 champions kits, made worse versions of the abilities then slapped him into support Q > Blitz W > Twitch E > Graves (But improved!) R > Darius Passive negates himself from going tanky whch is reasonable given his kit but it limits his actual usefulness Any Pyke player I have played against/played with have left a very sour taste in my mouth, over all being a useless champion in my eyes so I can't blame them. When I got him myself in ARAM I thought I was pretty useless too, Q doesn't hook them enough It's just what Pyke can do another champion can do better, I'd list him as a C tier champion but that's imo
CurseOfLife (EUNE)
: Did Pyke fail?
I'd consider him to be one of the worst champions right now There just isn't enough items for an assassin support to be viable, you either go support and have no damage or go damage with a support item and give your team that lack of support. Either is not-optimal Too many counters, too much risk for his kit, low base damage so he can't be played in other lanes with a good success rate, just over all D tier champion lol In what scenario would you ever want Pyke over Braum?
: People with an email address like username@domain.email can't create an account
You know it takes less time to make an email for google than to make this post right?
BobbyB103 (EUW)
: Riven is bad of match up already but u also went ahead and got duskblade instead of something that offers a bit of tank/health {{item:3071}} {{item:3812}}
Told him literally the exact same thing but he'd rather try laugh at my rank than listen to reason lol
HookedOnLsD (EUNE)
: ***
Platinum 3 3 LP / 206W 207L Win Ratio 50% Twitch's Reapers Don't think you have the right to call anybody out, especially when you're playing the broken champions yourself for freelo http://prntscr.com/jqgjt9 But, dang I'm hard stuck gold! Bye bye! Hope you get banned soon! But I'm just being unreasonable giving you free advice, have some more and take a chill pill, no need to get personal, this is why you're going to hop around accounts if you continue with this attitude
50m3 6uy (EUW)
: it works like this: whatever the champion design, you can buff the stats until he is viable. there is no reason not to do it. why would you release a champ that cant get over 10% winrate. "but such a champ doesnt exist"...well guess why. every champ is designed to be fun to play, remember that thats the intention of a game. your opinion is wrong.
Again, winrate is player dependent, not champion reliant lol
HookedOnLsD (EUNE)
: ***
You've obviously looked at my profile but you didn't see that I'm 27 w - 3 L with Graves? Diamond smurf buddy, get over yourself, with the language you're using hopefully a ban will come your way too :)
HookedOnLsD (EUNE)
: as i she doesnt hit it i go in she istagib me on cloth armor vs duskblade, y obliviously balanced . nvm next time i see that crap ill just play something random and int till end. Riven is bad matchup vs everything atm as he got so many nerfs he cant win anything unless player is demented playing useless champ.
You're over valuing AD and kill potential Surviving is better than going for AD, You should of either went for Cleaver or DD, fighting her in all in is your mistake because that's what she wants you to do All you have to do is dodge her abilities then shove her under tower and you'll have a CS lead, if she misses the E then fight her
50m3 6uy (EUW)
: dude, the other guy said no one wants teemo to get good. if that would be so, then there wouldnt be a reason to have teemo right? so whats your problem? why are you attacking *me*? im the one arguing for teemo buffs...how is it necessary to explain this? sometimes i feel like the people browsing these boards are all not older than 12. "champs arent designed about being meta/viable lol" they are. there is no logical reason to argue that some champs shouldnt be viable. funny how the balancing department is specifically there to have champs at a 50% winrate. funny how buffs and nerfs are even a thing, if champs are not designed to be viable. why would you buff/nerf anything, if viability doesnt matter? come on, brain on.
I'm not attacking you and nor am I responding to the other guy, I'm responding to what you're saying Teemo can be viable, it's player dependent Champions are designed for their respective lane but since meta is ever changing, a champion cannot be designed for meta Skarner was busted OP meta at one point but since the items changed and JG changes, he's not that good anymore And do keep in mind, it's a video game! There's a fun aspect you have to take into consideration, do you think Fiddlesticks was designed with winning in mind? lol If all champions were designed with viability intended then you wouldn't see 50% play rate on Ezreal You wouldn't have 4 champions who can only be played top And JG wouldn't have Graves as the dominant champion But here we are in a game where ANYTHING CAN WORK It's player-dependent not champion dependent
HookedOnLsD (EUNE)
: hm tried doged was 2/0 ahead had items she had nothing lv7 vs lv6 all in with ignite vs just one cloth armor while i had full duskblade gotoneshoted, but thanks for trying.
Well clearly you didn't dodge good enough if you died to her lol She's literally useless if she doesn't hit her spirit echo on you and even if she does - you can fight her for it and you'll reduce the CD that it's up You're also playing Riven which is a losing match-up HP>AD in lane
50m3 6uy (EUW)
: if nobody wants teemo, then delete him come on, you can read, cant you?
I mean I queue up often with a Teemo one trick Your isolated opinion doesn't determine how many people actually play the champion lol
50m3 6uy (EUW)
: then delete the champ
Champions aren't designed around being meta/viable lol
HookedOnLsD (EUNE)
: Can you fix this demented peace of shit champion
I know this is a rather unique concept but have you considered clicking slightly to the left when she presses an ability
jÓhNys (EUW)
: if u dodge placements OR promo games nothing happens however if u dodge ranked games after placements u lose 10 LP but ur MMR is unaffected so feel free to dodge if u think ur team is going to lose :)
You lose a game in your promotion games if you dodge the game
Welland (EUNE)
: Whats the best day to play?
You can't determine when the toxic people are going to play so no day really lol
: Can I play lol on Ps4
MissMyShots (EUNE)
: Bug in the dodges in champselect
If you did it last second then there's a pretty big chance you did it too late and the game carried on as usual without you in the lobby, thus leading to the remake
: Noted, but I might still give it a try xD
Just don't do it in ranked {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Is Kindred ADC good?
Kindred is one of the worst JGs in the game and all rounder one of the worst champion So...no
: Is yorick currently a good pick in low elo? (silver)
There's better picks and that's coming from a Yorick main Darius, Irelia both are far better
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Torkl (EUW)
: I think he´s pretty balanced, but many other junglers are op, atleast in lower elos..
That's the issue really lol There's a lot of balanced champions who are just bad because there's OP ones Why pick Shen when you can pick Irelia Why go Zyra when you can play Brand It'd just be nice to see a return for him
: Can we bring back Courage of the Colossus?
It's literally the weaker version of aftershock lol
Acheron16 (EUW)
: I'm just gonna go ahead and say it
It's the most welcome balance change I have ever seen, peroid lol
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: Is zed the same like yasuo
They're in the same mold because they're AD Mid champions which pretty much makes your comp bad but Zed players usually are 10x more mild than Yasuo's
: What you mean loot under ward? And how to upgrade it
http://prntscr.com/jpjc7q It'll be here if you recieved it, just right click onto it to upgrade it
It's in loot under ward, upgrade it and you'll get it If it's not there then contact support
BeYekone (EUW)
: That fixed it, thanks!
BeYekone (EUW)
: Glorious champion capsule not dropping
Log out of the boards and go to the support, it'll fix it
: Really? It seemed strong for me, his kit is overloaded with effects. Maybe players where bad ones?
I guess a couple bad players put a tour taste in my mouth lol I'll just have to wait it out for my opinion to change
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Spearki (EUW)
: can we get a button in the bottom right that says dodge too then XD so i won't have to let time run out when picking a champ/close client
I think there'd be a small minority of people who'd accidentally press that button then %%%%% at them for implementing it because they lost LP from it The dodging system is fine as it is because you have to do it very directly
: The secret is out.
". AKA a champ that's kit is specifically designed for the ARAM game mode" You've never played ARAM Veigar have you? 1K AP within 15 minutes lol But yeah I see Pyke being an all rounder for ARAM
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