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: wild EUW server technicians at work
I am pretty sure that the "EUW Network Operations" team consists of two technicans that are barley able to press the power button. I mean 1.7 billion$ in 2018 is just not enough money for riot to improve the EUW server.
: On behalf of EUW Players
calm guys.. we only need to wait like 67h. --> professional it support
Just Ange (EUW)
: No worries, it's down to 33h 57m. They found the power button, at last!
i am still at 67h 12min. gotta find some 10h youtube videos to watch.
Anubis Ra (EUW)
: Did not earn LP after Ranked Game
Okay, nervermind. We received the LP's, but it took over 15 minutes. So this is still not normal.
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: So even if I win most of my provisions matches with a decent outcome ill still be iron?
Yeah you will be in iron, BUT your mmr will be much higher. If you play a game, go on look which ranks the other players have.
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: Ranked System
if you want to stay in your last divison you need to win at least 5 of 10. at least thats what riot said.
: question about placement games match making (not the usual complains)
if you get matched with gold players, they probably lost most of there placement games.

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