: look, imagine if instead of "Faker" he was named "%%%%er" or "Foker", a totally fine name in korean yet inapropriate in the western world. I doubt in the lcs they would be saying "%%%%er" over and over for years straight without asking him for a name change. Yes, this is a player's name vs a character's name but i'm taking about the environment in which said names/ words are getting used. Different language or not, the language used should be friendly to a degree due to the targeted audience being relatively. One thing people seem to miss about why the nae Neeko is offensive. While an acceptable and technically speeking "%%%% him" is a correct translation, the word is more used as a more uglier and direct offence as in "Rape him" which i don't think anyone is ok with. Also it's not that Riot is oblivious about meanings in Arabic. Taric is an arabic name and was inspired said the language meaning "the knocker" (confirmed by riot), so i'm surprised they let the name Neeko, which is highly offensive, slip through like that.
Most underrated comment in this thread. It's not 'snowflakes being offended', it's just a localisation issue. No one is angry at Riot, even if they're surprised most people are understanding that they make mistakes, they'd just like a change in their country when the champion comes out. Localisation is an important factor in big online games like this because otherwise people feel like they're being forgotten about or left out.
: Yeah, something like "I'm with stupid" was also my initial idea^^
great minds think alike {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
ElZengy (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Aparation,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=HJtbT8EN,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-09-10T16:35:56.224+0000) > > NO > > ROCK SOLID MALPHITE STAYS THE WAY HE IS > > ALL MY REAL ROCKSOLIDGANG MEMBERS UNITE > > KEEP MALPHITE THE SAME > > For real tho I love the way Malphite looks and his kit atm. Not every champ needs to have crazy design n shit. Malphite is a chill guy and his look suits him. But yeah new lore would be great rito tyty xoxo Malfight?
: The problem in my eyes is not just her dominance thats a part of it it's that she literally scales of everything in the game that's not a tank item and does so many things at once where you would normally have diffrent champs that are good at 1 of the full kit kai'sa is good doing at
Well I mean it's good to have champs who can fill a more general role in the team (like ezreal, or xayah) and even tho these champs are generally more dominant in pro play in soloq most niche champs are able to keep up and everyone gets to play what they want.
: Fix your unit collision, Riot.
So what's your point? Calmly now.
MrMatrix313 (EUNE)
: through the wall ??
your cursor was in the wall and you pressed r, and Riot's wierd spiral algorithm for wall collisions put you on that side of the wall. Unlucky outcome but it's just the way the game works. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
SmugPug (EUW)
: LoL stuck on authenticating (IP problem.. I think)
Maybe try masking ur ip or requesting a new one from the open server if it uses dynamic ip. Not a professional computer expert but I dabble. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
It's on your side, not the game's. Calm down.
RogueDek (EUW)
: 1st) Akali has dumb AF scalings and can 1v5 your whole team from her shroud. 2nd) Nunu was just released and people don't know how to play him properly. 3rd) Ryze has a bad winrate since he's a champion made for competitive play with a very team focused ult and a big empashis on teamfights. 4th) Aatrox is just bad in general and should get reverted, worst rework there was in my opinion. 5th) Galio is still good, only now people still think he's supposed to deal damage and just pick him against ADs or just go full AP. And Zoe, needs her W nerfed on the damage, give it a 10 second cooldown between casting the held spells, her E needs a bigger cooldown late game, her Q needs more damage and projectile speed (not much) and her passive needs around 50+ damage late game. This is coming from a lvl 7 Zoe player mind you.
AP galio is the higher winrate build in both comp and soloq wdym
AiFted (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Aparation,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=JE7GNMyY,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-09-10T16:48:28.418+0000) > > Problem with Zoe is that the wrong parts of her kit are highlighted. If Riot put more emphasis on her damage sources other than her Q (her W and passive) then she would probably end up an interesting utility mage who has a lot of outplay potential and a high skillcap, but right now she's BLEHH HIT E AND Q AND THEY DIE pretty much. A huge waste of a really interesting kit. you want to buff her w and passive so that she can miss her q and e but still autoattack you with the sheen passive, also everytime she gets a proc on her w she will do a ton of damage without hitting an ability. they tried to change that and i support it tbh to me zoe is similar to xerath but her abilities are easier to hit, so in my opinion her q and e should be harder to hit and then she'd be fine
Yes, but her AA with sheen passive is shorter range and puts the Zoe player in danger. This would mean she needs to use her e and w and r defensively to keep herself alive and actually play the situation. Making q and e harder to hit would just make her a pubstomper as in high elo people wouldn't be able to dodge her skillshots but she would still be just as good in low elo.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Unfortunately, not enough people care about Ivern, he's in a very awkward spot as a champion, very hard to be viable without being overpowered and his play rate is the lowest of all, according to Leagueofgraphs.com, he's dead last at 0.6% popularity and has the 19th lowest win rate at 48.1%. He's either going to need some changes or buffs, but I would prefer changes, as buffs would make him too strong immediately. If that happens, maybe we'll see a new skin for him as he gains more popularity traction among players. :) sry for the wall of text
Was kinda just a meme but yeah I hope Ivern gets some love, one of my favourite champs : (
: I need a new name for me that is directed to someone
: Stuck in loading screen - RIP LP
Seen a few other posts reporting this, really sucks. Hope Riot see one of these.
: Kai'Sa should never have been allowed to exist.
She actually has got quite a good niche in the adc roster, she just needs a little toning down on her damage to stop her being so dominant.
Nadatari (EUNE)
: Okey, you like those changes! Thats your opinion! From a game that had unique concept, I now have Battlerite/Dota/Smite/HotS copy. Over years they adapted everything they could to make LoL similar to other games! Meaning infinite lvling (dota2 ), timers were introduced after players were already using programs from various sites, loot boxes are not original, reworks are just decision made bcs they cant balance all 100 plus champions! Are you telling me that balancing that results in reworks is GOOD thing? Bcs I returned to Hots after I played it for a week after its launch and I dont need to relearn Raynor :D Same with playing Fenrir after coming back to Smite :D Are you telling me constant fixes in runes is what is good? I mean, they tested them and then spent whole season "balancing" runes :D Dude :D Have you played LoL? :D Cause after all those reworks old masteries I had found those old masteries were better and they did better job at balancing them then they are doing atm -.- And have you seen boards lately? Just scroll around :D You will find I am not only one who thinks LoL is lacking in quality :P
Thing is again you haven't made a single point, just said changed and said they were bad.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Thank you for the amazing Odyssey Jinx skin, RIOT! ♥ :3
Ivern still only has his classic and recolour Jinx has 7 after this one : (
pipe01 (EUW)
: I love when that happens lol
problem is this sorta stuff looks like a bot and it might get you banned. Well made program tho, GJ
: The truth about why Zoe failed
Problem with Zoe is that the wrong parts of her kit are highlighted. If Riot put more emphasis on her damage sources other than her Q (her W and passive) then she would probably end up an interesting utility mage who has a lot of outplay potential and a high skillcap, but right now she's BLEHH HIT E AND Q AND THEY DIE pretty much. A huge waste of a really interesting kit.
D3nn (EUW)
: is account buying/sharing even bannable?
persvesi (EUW)
: Stop spoiling esports in client [SPOILERS]
Yeah this is a problem. Hope Riot can see this. Maybe add a hide spoilers button like they have on lolesports.com to the settings menu.
: We need a visual update for Malphite.
NO ROCK SOLID MALPHITE STAYS THE WAY HE IS ALL MY REAL ROCKSOLIDGANG MEMBERS UNITE KEEP MALPHITE THE SAME For real tho I love the way Malphite looks and his kit atm. Not every champ needs to have crazy design n shit. Malphite is a chill guy and his look suits him. But yeah new lore would be great rito tyty xoxo
Ditzy Doo (EUW)
: Just some wholesome Nunu fanart
this is the most adorable thing ever lol and yeah I hate the edgelord champs they're all so forgettable.. :/
Schalke fan here and yeah FNC are still the best team but let's all hear it for the underdog that actually outperformed everyone's expectations coming into the split and held their own vs the best team in the league!
If what you're saying is true it sucks, but there's no way Riot can verify what you've said. Just take the leaverbusters and try to grind them out on ARAM or something. It does suck and I feel bad for you but there's nothing anyone can do.
: Versus event 2019
MUCH BETTER doesn't really help rito get an idea of what you're thinking lmao
: The only problem there is that riot cares about the money... and there are many more zed players than azir players... I mean... they rarely release a skin on someone that's not popular :/ that's the main idea in marketing
Not all marketing is aimed at getting money, actually. There is actually a fairly large chunk of marketing (for charities/art projects for example) which seeks to provide a service to the consumer or push a message. Even though the concepts are the same and you're still trying to reach and connect with people, you're not trying to make money.
D4rkPrinCe (EUNE)
: League of legends Movie at the theater ( cinema )
I used to work at a cinema and a gift code for a skin on the ticket wouldn't work due to the way cinemas buy films and distribute tickets for them.
Nadatari (EUNE)
: Its not matter of the successful developer/publisher publishing one game. Its about about the quality that one game has :D I mean, what you said , I can connect with the quality LoL has been getting in last two years! Poor made rune/mastery system, poor transition from IP to Blue Essence/Orange Essence, poor reworks, snowballing concept.... LoL was your first game and do you think with the experience I have with LoL after 8 years that I would be able to show you that much trust in your next game? Or any other player that is currently posting a lot of negative posts on your boards? Your new game is going to be made with a lot of Rioters and new ppl right? So I can expect same poor balancing that is going to result in reworks? Can I expect again for Rito to split his resources again to work on another game? You just said your schedule of 2 games per one year!!! So after all this I experienced playing LoL I should expect same in your "soon to be published" games? Thats why I asked if that was a joke! Bcs I really do hope its a joke!!! Just one more thing: Since you just said you are pulling resources from LoL for years, does that means you are going to shut down LoL ( eventually) ?
you didn't actually say anything bad about league here, you just listed off recent changes Riot has made and put the word 'poor' in front of them lol
KatScrlpt (EUNE)
: Riot pls listen to what you community wants
Kata is pretty balanced at the moment wtf
: What is a "better" representation? Do you think that women for some reason aren't able to start playing the game? What is stopping them? Maybe that they simply tend to not be interested in genres like mobas because they make individual decisions to play or do something else? Who are you to tell them that they should play league of legends? How is it supporting women if you impose on them this idea that they have to represented to a certain percentage? How do you define how high that percentage should be? Based on what knowledge can you determine this ratio? There are studies that show differences in temperament and fields of interest that can be attributed to gender and data strongly suggests that the more egalitarian an environment becomes (aka equal opportunities), the more these biological gender differences manifest. So why the hell would you just believe some SJW who comes along with his fake compassion and claims that we need 50/50 or some shit? That's the agenda as far as I can tell, make everything equal by force, against reason. They are not just attacking men. They don't even respect women as individuals. It's like they don't even want free speech and free will. And again, women are also not a minority!
well I mean if you've studied basic social psychology or media representation theory you'd understand that people are influenced greatly by media representations of their groups, especially as children. Free will doesn't exist. I'm sorry if that's an uncomfortable thought but it's just reality. I'd like to know these studies into how egalitarianism correlates to gender differences, and it'd be nice if you could look at some studies such as Zimbardo or Bandura (I only have an a level in psych so all you ppl with degrees dont hate on me pls) and see how social influence and media representations can have a HUGE impact on psychology that manifests in behaviour.
: What are the female and transgender issues in the game I wonder....? Do you think transgender people will just create an account and then tell everyone their gender(history) to become the target of discrimination? Most transgender people just want to pass as normal and fit in. Not the transgender activists of course, but these activist are actually a minority among the minority and probably don't even play the game. So as far as I am concerned I could be playing with or against transgender people anytime, I wouldn't even notice it and all I care about anyway is only their skill and teamwork. The same argument can be made about women. They can all play without telling anyone their gender and if they wanted to be really competitive... what is stopping them? I rarely see anyone come into match like hey I am a man/boy/girl/woman. It's just not necessary to exchange this kind of information, in the game everyone is equal and only judged by skill.
-representations in the game -female skillcaps/esports male domination
: I am saying that if you are getting offended so easily by words from strangers you shouldn't be on the internet. You don't have to be Einstein to figure that out
Thing is mate, you can't not be on the internet in this world. Everything is digitalised.
: Are you saying that you can be gay without being a man?
No, I'm saying that discrimination due to sexuality disregards the person's gender. I.E. a homophobic person cares about the sexuality, not the gender of the person they're discriminating against. In addition, actually yes you can, it's called being a lesbian lmao
: To be fair, you don't need to be a doctor in psychology to see that there is something wrong. But it's really interesting how he talks about his obervations and all the parallels of different ideologies that led to genocide with the current SJW's. But people tend to relativize these issues and then they forget until something else happens and many people also give in to this fake compassion and to the idea that you can be on moral high ground and know this simple truth that everyone else doesn't know. DZK probably thinks he is an amazing guy by refusing to have a reasonable dialogue and telling people to piss off. I think it's really sad and I almost feel sorry for him. I think gender differences are not simple and actually very complex and the best you can do is give equal opportunities and let people make their own choices.
But the dialogue isn't reasonable. It's so hard to constantly give the same responses to the same dumb points only to be met with 'haha dumb sjw' and no other response. I completely understand why a lot of people want to opt out of conversations on this, even if it does make them look immature like DZK did.
BobbyB103 (EUW)
: watched this a while ago. Jordan peterson is such an amazing and smart guy
>Jordan Peterson is such an amazing and smart guy hehe xd
: Might wanna look at what the agenda actually is.
What's wrong with supporting better representation of women and other minority groups?
BobbyB103 (EUW)
: No, i still believe that this is riots view, as one of their employees with a high rank said exactly that men are assholes to women. And when riot came out with a public statement about these comments, they never once said that it doesnt reflect the companies views or policy, like every other company would do when an employee says something they dont agree with. Second, im pretty sure men dont have it easier, as globally, the suicide rate is higher in men, with europe having a 4:1 ration. Even if men had it easier, it wouldnt make sexism against them less important. Sexism is sexism at the end of the day. And no it wouldnt make sense to only have the target audience at the panel, if both were allowed, then both will receive information, without any damage caused to the women and "non binary" (whatever that is).
'Men' doesn't mean all men, I didn't take it personally when he said it. I understand that a lot of men give women a hard time. I think most people with female friends would know that. Men DO have it easier, they're encouraged all their lives to follow their dreams, and women are constantly forced by media representations like the ones this panel would've helped to fight into the same boxes and the same jobs. Sexism is sexism, but if a poor person and a billionaire both lose £100, it's a much bigger problem for the poor person. Having men at the panel would have caused damage because they are much more likely to ask unhelpful questions because they have not had the same experience as the women and non binary people at the panel. I'm sure a lot (if not most) men attending the panel would've been perfectly respectful and helpful, but it only takes a few dumb hecklers to completely ruin the panel. Non binary people are people who do not ascribe themselves to either gender binary, they are not male or female in gender.
: i am in desperate need on advice and tips to play Nidalee jungle and one day main her
I hope this makes sense and helps: 1. How to efficiently take camps: -Track your cooldowns in your other form. It's something extra to keep track of on top of all of the macro stuff a jungler already tracks, but it REALLY helps when you're playing Nid. I'm not saying you need to know the cds off by heart and be able to track them precisely, just generally eyeball them and know when your spear is gonna be up before you change to human for example. As you buy more cdr later on this becomes less important but especially for your first clear being able to do this will really help. -Use auto reset on cat q. This is pretty self-explanatory, as a Kind player you should be able to cancel your auto animations with q! -ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS: go from human to cat on every camp. Hit a spear first and proc your passive, even if you need to wait for the cooldown it's worth it. Switch to cat form and do w>auto>q>e>autos until your spear cooldown will be back up, then spear again and repeat the combo. Don't fall into the trap of using your cat cooldowns while waiting for spear (other than e) because they won't be back up for when you want to re-do the combo. Human e can be useful to get some health back and use human w for scouting, but these should be used sparingly to conserve mana, Nid has a tiny tiny mana pool. Honestly this combo is the most useful piece of info for playing Nid, so make sure to learn it. 2. How to path: -starting paths (blue side): =Blue, Wolves, Red, Bot Scuttle. This path is useful as a safe farming route versus champs who can duel you early like Xin Zhao. Best policy with them is to just avoid, so be apprehensive when taking bot scuttle and scout it with wards/w. =Blue, Deepward raptors, Top scuttle, enemy raptors, red. This path is a great invade path. When you deepward you might be able to trigger a fight level 2 vs a jungler who's just started red, and mid has a fairly strong lvl 2. This path is most effective against weak early junglers. =Red, Mid gank. Cheese :) -starting paths (red side): =Red, Wolves, Blue, Top Scuttle. This path is useful as a safe farming route versus champs who can duel you early like Xin Zhao. Best policy with them is to just avoid, so be apprehensive when taking bot scuttle and scout it with wards/w. =Red, Deepward blue, Bot scuttle, enemy blue, blue. This path is a great invade path. When you deepward you might be able to trigger a fight level 2 vs a jungler who's just started red, and mid has a fairly strong lvl 2. This path is most effective against weak early junglers. =Red, Mid gank. Cheese :) -after your starting path, generally play to the matchup is the best advice I can give with Nid, if you can invade easily invade, if ganks are free then gank, if everyone can kill you just farm up. Nidalee is very versatile in that sense, she can do pretty much everything. Note that camps like raptors and krugs are very hard and should usually be avoided early. 3. How to gank: -Nid ganks are almost wholely reliant on her spear. As you hit more spears you get more successful ganks, and predicting them only comes with time, and a lot of URF training ;) but, I do have a few tips for hitting spears. =The hitbox is completely broken. Think of the spear not as the model but as the hitbox. =Remember how slow the projectile is, and make sure you're predicting and not aiming right next to where they're walking. =THIS IS THE BEST TIP FOR HITTING HER SPEARS THE SUPER SPECIAL SECRET ALL THE NID ONETRICKS DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW: hit them through walls. Seriously, I don't know how many kills I've gotten from players who stray too near a wall and get jumpscared by half their health disappearing before I jump the wall to take the rest. The walls near gromp on the side lanes and the thin walls in the midlane are my favourites to surprise people through, it's so satisfying. -If you miss spear, however, put a trap in front of them and jump at them anyway if they're overextended. As reliant as Nid is on her spear, if an enemy is overextended they're overextended, you'll still kill them. -Generally gank lanes that have cc. This is a general jungle tip, if you're playing a jungler with CC but no dmg then gank a lane with dmg, if you're playing a jungler with damage but no cc gank a lane with cc. CC+dmg=kill. The gank equation. -Gank flashless lanes for no spear dodges. -Camp people. For some reason it really tilts soloq players when Nid pitches her tent more than other junglers. Maybe it's the paranoia of spears flying at them from fog all the time that gets to them. idk. Anyway really hope this helped cause it took me LOOOOOOOOOONG to write. GL with your Nidalee-related exploits summoner! {{champion:76}}
: Bad behaviour causing bad behaviour
The ingame judge was tried with the tribunal but it doesn't really work as nobody is perfect and everyone has different opinions on what 'toxicity' is. Also, people could misuse the system to ban players unjustly. In addition, I don't think that instantly premabanning for toxicity is a very mature policy. People inevitably slip up, be it after a hard day or because they're having a very bad game. That doesn't mean they deserve a permaban, usually a short chat restriction is enough of a deterrant. Also, you shouldn't be blaming the other player for annoying you, maybe just recognise that it's some dumb nerd losing his shit on the other side of the screen, mute them and just carry on with your game? If you can't control your emotions that's no-one's fault but your own.
: I'd be laughing. People already added me and gave me death treats but why should I care tho ? It's probably a 12 y old kid that got angry from the last game or a 40 y old virgin living in his mom's closet.
Not everyone is you. Some people are mentally unstable, and you need to accommodate for that.
Roomys (EUW)
: Dear Development Team
Riot has no influence on matchmaking as you pointed out. And anyway, it seems that the matchmaking didn't really have an effect on many of those games, the outcome's 100% weren't predetermined. (2nd game with the silver 5 Swain carry who obviously now deserves dia) Just play your games and stop obessing over this is probably the best policy!{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Records
That's actually a pretty kewl idea, even if it is very close to year in review.
quendë (EUW)
: I mean I'v been permabanned in the past. And it's not like I am ruining anyone's life, they might get upset for a few minutes and that's it.
The weak don't live. People who can't control their emotions (e.g. people who get toxic in video games even though they know it's wrong) and those who can't control their impulses are less rich, therefore less attractive to mates, less money=poorer diet and healthcare=dying sooner, etc. all mean that natural selection is still alive and well today, and yes humans are still evolving, evolution hasn't 'stopped' lol
Ëxemplar (EUW)
: Karthus High Elo Viable?
Karthus is a great champ every elo, he can really be played at any elo and as long as you are good with him you'll climb. HuzzyGames I know plays Karthus, and some pro players like Bjergsen and Froggen have been known to play a lot of Karthus. Definitely not just a pubstomp champ, he'll do you well!
: About Rift Scutler...
Rek'sai 2.0, nice to see female nonhumanoid characters. Big props to Riot!
HitYourHead (EUNE)
: ***
Eveninn (EUW)
: I think she is. It's actually confirmed to be a mutated Rift scuttler iirc. Maybe it's one of those weird species that are considered all female and reproduction happens differently. (Or with... other... species... v.v)
There's no species that reproduces with other species, the biological definition of 'species' is actually two organisms that can breed and produce viable offspring!
Eveninn (EUW)
: I actually really like what they did with emotes. :o
Thumbs-up emote was an amazing idea. Now I can BM silver yasuo players easier than ever!! :)
: Everytime I see people that say that is not possible to discriminate men, I wonder what they think about homophoby.
Well, in the case of homophobia the discrimination is because they are gay, not because they are a man.
: I’m still waiting for his resignation. That boy pissed on all of us and told us its rain. You don’t bite the hand that feeds you.
But surely Riot is allowed to disagree with their fans?
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