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: Because it hasn’t seemed to be of too high importance to players.
I've seen players ask for this countless times with no response from any Rioters, so regarding how small of a change it would be I really don't think that justifies not making it happen if there are no other downsides.
CJXander (EUNE)
: Post on NA or Reddit, there are no Riot devs on EU boards, the Dublin team takes care exclusively of publishing.
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: Im going leave here i comment and maybe get help or some clarity, I logged on and used the Tool. It says 36ms and 0ms deviation (pretty accurate considering im at 37ms with 0 deviation !!!USUALLY!!!) but recently (or rather over 2-3 months now if not longer) i had a problem of having sudden bursts of ping spikes like from 37 to 50+ and guues what!? it happens usually when i start trading with enemy laner. I try to keep an eye on my ping and its (as said) usually stable except when its not. I had hoped this Tool would give me an answer or maybe make me more educated about the possible problems. But it didnt, which is sad, and the solution / Tipp was to NOT use WLAN, well it calculated my Ping from 10+ Games which were all LAN since i dont use WLAN. I hope the Tool could give me maybe so more solution or just not suggest a methode im already not using.
Oh no, poor soul having to deal with pingspikes of as much as 50 ping! That has to be completely unplayable for you when you're trading in lane. /s
Goremaw (EUNE)
: My fellow reporters, let me shine a light in your dark chamber. First off, I have received the oh-so-beautiful pop-up screen 6 times. I always report flame, and by flame I mean only verbal abusing, and by verbal abusing I mean words like "idiot, noob, motherfukker, biatch, loser" etc. I always report intentionally feeding **IF** the feeder is running straight to enemy or tower to die without a fight. Because Riots system recognizes that. It does not in my experience recognize intentional feeding where the feeder is running to enemy groups but still trying to do damage to them. I always report AFK, enemy or friendly and even if the AFK is only AFK for a 5 minutes in mid game. I never ever ever report if somebody dies 10 times and gets 1 kill. You know why? Because that is not reportable. It's just bad game. I never ever ever report if somebody says "dude wtf, that was bad move" because that really is not something to get upset about. I never ever ever report a player who does not do something I suggest. I never ever ever report a player who does not communicate, because thats just a waste of report... they don't punish people for not chatting. I never ever ever report a player who is unskilled in any way. You have a right to be unskilled, everyone is in some way. I also never ever ever ever ever ever call for reports. That is seriously retarded behavior. This is why A) my reports have WEIGHT and B) because I ALWAYS report misbehaving people I have success in getting those pop-ups. Winning a game does not give flaming and toxic teammates a get-out-of-jail card. Also you can have black book, where you type the players name you have reported and you can go check after a week or so if he/she still has games (from a third party website). I do that and sometimes I see that they have abruptly stopped playing LoL which usually is indication of a ban. Chat restrictions ofc do not show this way. Keep your reporting clean and enjoy the game.
The system you described there about who to report and not is pretty much exactly how I handle my reporting as well. That's why I doubt that my reports have lost their weight, and therefore the reason behind me being skeptical towards the low amount of notifications I get.
Damagess (EUW)
: Well Senpai San. You forget one very important thing in your way of thinking there. Trollers dont care. Serious players who love the game and spend their time and best effort to get ahead in the game do care! So if you get hurt cause you care, its very normal to get upset or feel angy about it. And trollers can achieve this by troll picking, troll playing, dying on purpose etc. And muting them wont help preventing this. And lots of times the trolling starts in champ select already and champ select doesnt even has a mute button, which i think it should cause yes you wanna mute the trollers asap and that starts in champ select. But you cannot blame the people who care and love the game to get upset cause they take the game serious . And when they get bullied by trolls or people who obviously dont care about the game its normal to get upset about it, that is a human reaction cause you invested a lot of effort and real life time in this game and perhaps some money too. So its only logical that sometimes you need to reflect that emotion back at the person who triggered it and not at someone or something else or your next game etc And maybe, real maybe , you hope that when you say some things back, talking in their language, that maybe, perhaps they see the light and know and realize what they do is wrong and they end their trolling. That is why some people talk back at them, and then those people who care, and try to make a change for the better get punished aswell. Now that is what i think is very unfair, that you can get punished for caring . We all know that violence is wrong, but when we get assaulted and fight back, then there might be circumstances that give you some justification for using that violence and you dont get punished for that in real life. And this sytem does can get you punished for exactly that. Cause it doesnt look at the circumstances. and that can make it a scary and unfair system from time to time. Cause you should know, there aint no good or bad.....just thinking about it makes us think so! Hopefully some will get through.
A lot of that makes sense, yes. As for people who troll pick, troll play, die on purpose etc, in my experience the majority of players that do so usually end up flaming eventually as well, and so they will be punished in the end anyway. And those who die on purpose are giving a clear reason to get reported and punished right there as well. I'm not saying that there are no trolls that are discrete enough not to get punished ever, but these players are mostly much easier to deal with than for example someone that flames all game and wishes cancer upon you etc. It comes down to different kinds of bad players that needs different actions to get rid of in the end. As for players that care a lot about the game, enough to eventually flame when being exposed to trolls, I think that there can be more to work on than just the trolls. Let's say there's a troll in a game that simply troll picks and troll plays during the whole game. If a "normal" player that just cares a lot about the game has to play with that troll I don't really feel like it would be necessary to flame the troll only because of the troll pick and play. I get that you'd want to type something and ask the troll to stop and such, but to get punished it normally takes a lot more than that. If you stay away from cursing the troll or being offensive towards him/her you most likely won't be punished either even if you get a report. That's why I think the problem can (note: can, as in sometimes and definitely not always) be on the caring players side too to manage his/her feelings. Becoming upset when a player ruins your game is completely understandable, but having to transfer that in to the game is a matter of personal control. You can scream at your screen all you want when someone ruin your game, but being able to keep that outside the game is simply a matter of self control and any player with even a slight amount of this should be able to do so without much problem. If you can't keep yourself from becoming offensive in the game and flaming you might have something to work on with yourself first-hand, else this can easily escalate to you yourself being one of the many toxic players in this community even without much provocation. I care a lot about the game and have way too much money spent on my account to be honest, but that doesn't give me an excuse to be offensive and flame in game. Sure, I respond to trolls and flamers every now and then, but I always make sure to watch my own language and actions while doing so, because you don't have to be offensive just to get your word out and have it understood. Again, it's often a matter of self control to keep your anger out of the game. I agree though that sometimes players get punished for trying to talk a toxic or trolling player on the right path to make them stop flaming or trolling because it can be hard to always stay substantial(hence the "can" earlier in this comment), and this is where we really need the tribunal back with real people reading every single report to make sure that all circumstances are taken in consideration. Basically what I'm trying to say is: 1. Most of the times you should be able to handle trolls without flaming. Talking back is fine but you don't have to curse to get your word out. If you can't do this you might have to work on some personal problems first to be able to get a good gaming experience. 2. We really need the tribunal back to be able to maintain a good atmosphere in game and not having to fear telling a troll or flamer to stop what they are doing.
Fajerk (EUW)
: That sounds interesting, although I for self could not remember what happened week or few weeks ago and I doubt most of people could either.
Well, you obviously have to make a logbook to keep track of all your reports, duh. /s
: > [{quoted}](name=Senpai San,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ye1zG5En,comment-id=00090001,timestamp=2016-02-05T09:03:44.639+0000) > > So let them, if you don't give them anything real to report you for it's their loss when their report value drop to the depths of bronze 5. yes, but the suggestion is encouraging to report people, which would make this even worse.
If you haven't done anything wrong they won't have anything legit to report you for that would get you punished either, so I really don't see a problem with that.
: Lyte (praised be his name) posted on the issue few months back. Being a lazy ass I am not going to search for the post, but it boiled down to "we did research and there are other issues that community is more interested in, we'll do something about it once we're done with other stuff". One of the things he meant was most probably New Champion Select. So maybe at some point in 2016 the feedback from Tribunal will be worked on. He also mentioned that there is large part of community, majority even, which doesn't care for feedback as much as they care about going into next match without being bothered by pop ups, they are "report and forget" people. And thus it would require some sort of opt-in or periodic feedback system. And that is additional work of low priority. So there you have it, Riot knows about it, but it is not big enough issue.
Well, I sure hope that something will happen soon then since new champion select is mostly finished now. I think it's a bigger issue than Riot thinks, mostly because as far as I know the whole point with giving any notifications at all was to let people know that their reports make a difference, which is a pretty big part of shaping this community in my opinion. It might seem like a small problem, but when it's something that can lay a new foundation regarding the reduction of toxicity with little to no effort from Riots side I think that it should get more attention.
Rr0q3 (EUNE)
: THIS IS the problem whit community who says trolls and am not talking about only in game i mean champ select etc. cant abuse it (as they do very often) you see they taunt you make you flame in order to report you and bann you to make it easier in that division ! And riot placed this crap online instead of asking Riot to find better solutions they just gave one 'side' the power and now you will kill ''flamers'' till they lv up or just quit while dropping skill required for any elo in game. But even worse than that community embraces it like any random dumb American citizen (and in most of the world) they just use you... and same is happening in china (whose company owns Riot btw) where they put rating where you kill of anyone who is not 'compliant' to their standards or they will drag down the social rating. And ofc you wont see it where you stand from but your not even any less toxic if you report person that ''flamed'' the feeder etc. they could just mute them YOU could just mute them yet riot made it feel rewarding if you report someone so you don't your just doing what you've been sett to do ! and bs all you want about triping etc. but the fact is riot made more effort wasting resources making that crap instead of maps balance champions costume games and EVEN REWARDING POSITIVE PLAY and take your they gave free skin bla bla bs as YES it was free but no it was not reward for being good it was reward for staying in line, not doing sh.t i would prefer to see ppl whit banners (or w/e) getting skins etc. instead of them wasting how knows how much bs and crap to ban you him or her but they wont as that doesn't bring money ! How does that bring money you ask ? well good portion of trolling and toxicity is found in premade groups (like it or not it is i premade and i know how toxic things can get it's group mentality) but also premade groups are place where they gift each other troll gift someone or w/e and they spin money around someone who has money. Now ofc there are random trolls etc. but who would flame if solo Q was SOLO only EVER in fcking game history it was never solo and riot just made it worse... i mean IP party weekend where is solo no premade no boost reward then ?
I didn't quite understand most of that comment to be honest, but I'll reply to what I can. You say that trolls just taunt good people into flaming to be able to report them, right? In that case I'd like to state that a positive and non-toxic player would never let a troll taunt you into flaming. If a troll taunt you all you have to do is mute them or simply troll them back without verbal abuse or offensive language, because those players are the easiest to manipulate. If they try to make you flame so they can report you, you just do the same to them instead since they often are too stubborn and self-righteous to let something go. It's not that hard to realize when someone is trolling, and when you do it's even easier to see when they try to taunt you, so that you can avoid it. Trolls trying to abuse the report system by taunting other players is not a reason for the report system to be removed or not worked on. I'd say the opposite, with a good enough report system all these trolls would have their taunting backfire to get themselves punished instead. Sorry if this doesn't make any sense to you now, since like I said I didn't quite understand your whole comment. Hopefully something will get through.
Rafavr7 (EUW)
: I know that feel, bro. Really feel like reporting brings no consequences to the real bad players at all. Wish Riot gives your thread some good attention :)
Exactly, especially since the amount of them seem to be rising once again. I hope so, just a comment on why they haven't done any changes and preferably something that actually makes sense.
: Maybe they just dont get punished. lol
I really doubt that, haha. The things I've seen over the last year or so would almost be jail-worthy.
Somateri (EUNE)
: He will reported too though. For negative and verbal.
That's almost a standard game right now, you have a slightly bad game or just don't play as one of your teammates wants and so the "omg noob you have to do this, reported" or "wtf noob feeder reported x9" begins. And that's where you just tell them to go ahead and then you report them for being offensive instead :)
Fajerk (EUW)
: The problem is entire punishment process takes time and feedback is instant, if you report a player and that will cause punishment right away you get the pop up, however if he gets punished few days later a notification would not make any sense because you could not know about who are they talking about, longer the time period, more confusing it gets. I don't think it would make any effect if you received notification after half year just because you did report him 6 months ago and nowadays he got banned or something. And in majority it is not one or two games to trigger punishment, it may take few days of even weeks and such period would be way confusing. Like today I met bunch of ppl I never want to see again, however I got only one pop up and I'm quite sure who of them got punished, somewhat happy feeling about that guy but it would not make me feel any better if it could have been random guy from past month.
They could add a time stamp to the notification of when the report was issued to let you figure out on your own what player it might have been, or at least in what game.
: I still get pop-ups saying that people have been punished. So the issue is that your reports aren't getting actioned. Maybe you are reporting for things that aren't that bad? Or if you are like anyone in my games, they report people that have a bad game, when that's not even a reportable reason.
I am very strict with only reporting very clear cases of offensive language/verbal abuse and people who afk on purpose.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: I think only the last person that reported that person before him being punished, gets the notification. So everyone that reported him before didn't get the notification. That's how it works. I only got one notification so far.
Exactly, that's what I've read too, and that's the thing that needs to change.
backslicer (EUNE)
: I'm crying after he corrected something that wa correct and the called him a retard 10/10
: encourage reporting? Nop thank you, there are already someone in every game spamming "reported reported reported u %%%got troll feeder noob".
So let them, if you don't give them anything real to report you for it's their loss when their report value drop to the depths of bronze 5.
NuKulaR85 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Senpai San,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ye1zG5En,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-02-04T12:29:22.141+0000) > > Exactly, and their mindset in this whole topic is frankly just dumb. Giving out notifications for every punishment would probably encourage people to report the players that deserve it more often, making the community less toxic. It would at least confirm the players that report, that something happens. I had my first notification last week and I report fairly often. (only for report calls, insults, etc. the hard stuff. not for "OMG HE STOLE THE KILL" or sth. like that ;) ) I was constantly asking myself "did i ruin my report value?" because i saw those notification posts in the forum pretty often, yet I never experienced one. Was pretty relieved, when it showed up last week :)
Yes, because the thing with "report value" isn't the main thing causing the low amount of notifications. I for one also stay very strict with my reports, i.e only reporting players that clearly deserves a punishment.
Ulriah (EUW)
: The system still works, your reports have less value for some reason. I also used to believe that it's because of the ''only the report that triggered the investigation bla bla bla'' bs, but then the other day I played with a friend on NA, and guess what, I reported 3 people who were simply complaining and asking for reports against their team mates, and then I received the report feedback for all 3 of them almost instantly. Meanwhile on EUW I reported hundreds of people for the same reason, and still nothing. I do admit that when I was low level I might have used the report option incorrectly on 2 occasions, but it's sad to realize that because of that all the jackasses I've reported are getting away with it.
Well, I've been extremely strict with what to report and not, and I always stick to only reporting things that are really clear to deserve punishments such as clearly offensive language and harsh verbal abuse. And since the account I play on now as my main isn't my first account I know for a fact that I've been doing that the same way ever since I made the account. That's why I think that something is a bit off with the whole system, even if it apparently only is on EUW.
Luis Sc (EUW)
: I suppose being notified, regardless if it was you triggering the investigation, would bring a sense of closure... But, also, revenge. They chose to keep you on your toes, instead. And having that notification is some sort of "lottery win" that you can show off at the forums. Oh, Riot *sigh
Exactly, and their mindset in this whole topic is frankly just dumb. Giving out notifications for every punishment would probably encourage people to report the players that deserve it more often, making the community less toxic.
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Suijin (EUNE)
: Really, it's 16th. And the daily sales of legacy skins have started. So what's the hold up on the other sale?
The daily sale is still not enabled on EUW. The skins are there, yes, but no sale on any of the skins yet as specified.
aka GaLa (EUNE)
: Feelin you bro. I'm probably going to get smth for champ that I dont even play ://
"Unique offers for each players, making sure you get skins for your least played champions! All in one attempt to make all champions see more play and make the game more diverse." - Riot
: Well, there's no hour set, so as long as the feature comes online until 11:59:59 technically Riot kept its word.
Troll Rito only specifying what time it will end, not begin.
Chemtrail (EUNE)
: Seriously guy, first, they decided to go with this shitty PBE. It was a perfect environment at some point, even I had an account and always gave feedback on stuff. And loooot of us did. Queue time wasn't longer than it was on live servers, so you can't really say there wasn't enough games. There was enough games, we gave feedback and we had much less bugs upon release, no matter if it was a new champ or a new function. We filtered shit out. Then Riot decided to turn the good working "bug testing" PBE into a useless "promote unreleased stuff" PBE. This is when they deleted every single PBE account, closed REAL PLAYERS out, except big streamers, youtubers and/or high elo players. This is the time. What do you think, what is the reason every single big entertainer has PBE accounts? What is the reason the whole Surr@20 crew has PBE accounts? And what is the reason you and I don't? Because streamers can show off how OP the new champ is, youtubers can make pre-release guides, Surr@20 crew can do good, detailed, illustrated PBE patch notes, skin spotlights, etc. They do their screenshots, record their average gameplay and "testing" is done on their part. Look, man. Usually I'm not vocal about these stuffs. Riot gets way too many shit even without me and it won't get any of us, anywhere. Sure, bugs can happen, even with tons of testing. No need to be mad about it. I'm not mad, I like this game. But if you're playing long enough, like I do, or even as long as some of my friends are, you know I'm right. There were times, when we got RP after server failures. For Christmas. Now we get nothing. There were times, when you could EARN 4-5 icons during an event and buy one for IP or RP, now you can buy 4-5 icons only for RP, maybe one for IP and earn one by playing. Average players could test new stuff on PBE, now only entertainers have access. And I could continue... We accept this, we move on, not a big deal. It's okay. But denying, that all of this is true, is a big mistake.
That whole wipe of all PBE accounts back then didn't really work that well though, I've still got my PBE account from back then and it's still working. Only difference is that I don't get RP/IP anymore but you can earn IP from normal games and buy everything anyway since it's always 1 IP cost. So clearly all accounts were not deleted. Good thing I'm one of those who actually look for bugs and report these instead of just trying out the latest skins.
GawnMower (EUW)
: this is one of those things that are so simple that nobody thinks of them yet is such a good idea. do you mean for it work a little bit like attack move?? where you click a button then move and your champ will move straight until it hits a wall
I sure hope it would work like that, imagine if you had to change it in the options menu. "Right, there's a wall there that I could jump over to escape the chasing enemy if I just time it right.. Let me just open the options menu for a moment and then I'm ready to jump it without failure! * Dead * " - Riven
M4ndrake (EUW)
: Where is the Snowdown Shop ?
I really hate that the times written on the EUW "Snowdown is coming" page is in PST instead of for example CET, why the heck would we care what time in the US the stuff goes live? I have 3 additional clocks on my computer just to be able to keep track of the time they enable/disable things because it's always in PST or EST even on the european pages.
: Is it happening completely with dying animation and "death counter increase" and all that stuff? That sounds like a fun bug :D
Like AverageLouis said, and the HP bar disappears but no death animation (as far as I can see, it happens so fast, might begin to but then cancel) and no increase in death timer afaik. At least I hope not, pretty huge impact on the game otherwise, haha.
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