: Honestly i would rather play against {{champion:103}} than {{champion:105}} or space ebola{{champion:90}} or {{champion:134}} . I think that all this r clicking mages need rework. If you juke Ahris Q and E she dont do any dmg anyway.
that is true, the Ahri that is the problematic one, is the one that is using gunblade/lichbane/protobelt active items to buff her burst. Without those items she can't ever burst her target just with r-w combo. She lacks in damage if she isn't using a gimmick and there's a lot of counters to her. Still, I want her W to be changed, it has been a problem from the very start
: But you can't change this much... her incredible safety and mobility is who Ahri is, it's why you pick her and what sets her apart from other mages... targeting it is dangerous for ahri and risks needlessly alienating her players. But the way riot is doing it... it makes sense and its smart. She is low risk yet is as strong damage wise as other mages like you said, thus low risk high reward... this is an issue as why pick anyone else when Ahri can do their job just as well but with so much more mobility. So that's why > Killing enemy adc just with w-r and item actives isn't a problem at all. Plenty of mages can do exactly the same, LeBlanc, Syndra, Fizz, Annie, Ekko, Orianna, Veigar, Viktor, Kassadin...and many more! > Ahri's dmg and wave clear isn't an issue at all! I would argue that it is even on a weaker side. All of that is actually rather important... because while a ton of other mages can do this only she can really do it as safely as she can... which creates the issues (it's one of the reasons kassadin got his 99% ban rate as well). So by not targeting the strengths which is core to why you would bother with her in the first place, they are targeting her weakness... allowing her to keep her low risk gameplay style which she is known for but also losing the reward she gets meaning there are clearer opportunities to pick someone else over her, because most should beat her in a 1v1 but she should get an advantage in the mobility front.
You forget that Ahri didn't always have move speed increase when using Q, so that isn't her real core, that was her rework, which made her problematic, very tricky to balance and this is the situation directly influenced by that change to her previous core
: they should grant her mobility on q if it hits a champion \ less speed if it hits a minion .
that's a great idea! It would make this champion more skillful while lowering mobility as a punishment for not hitting a skillshot
Wen294 (EUW)
: Yeah imo she needs some changes to her ult mobility and keep the damage intact. She's not as proficient at 100-0 enemies as most other mages. Bringing that further down means she's less able to win lane and as likely to snowball lategame due to being overly safe. Well that safety is what i like about her, but it's still the problematic part.
exactly this, without gunblade/protobelt/lichbane she can't really 100-0 adc, but she still has issues. Anytime items like those are introduced to the game she can play assassin style. And all because the way her W is. In my opinion, ult doesn't need to do dmg at all, W should be changed/reworked, and E could get back it's previous effect "your abilities do % more dmg to the target you have charmed", but in a way which is restricting it only to boost the dmg of her abilities, but not the damage from the keystones and item actives. That could make her more skilled and healthier champion
Infernape (EUW)
: The thing they're toning down is her braindead-ness. They want players to actually hit a skillshot rather than R/W, ignite and auto someone to kill them.
I do not argue against that, but I think it's the wrong way to approach the problem. Change her W completely and you will get rid of her problem, her W was always a problem and always will be
Zurkrem (EUW)
: I think you're overestimating how much mobility Ahri has. Most of her mobility comes from her ultimate, which has a 110 / 95 / 80 second cooldown. The reason they're trimming off some damage on R/W is that the damage is pretty consistent and risk-free (as in there being little risk of losing out on the damage) in comparison to Q/E, which are skillshots and can consequently be missed.
I do not think I overestimate her mobility, she is, after all, my Main champion and I do know exactly what's the problem with her. Her damage isn't really, for w-r to work you need gunblade, or protobelt, or lichbane to help you kill a target. Ahri's kit itself do not really have much damage. Any mage should be able to 100-0 adc anyway, and plenty do it, but for it they are mostly punished or they have to do a risky play. Ahri is safe while doing it! Her mobility is the issue, and her w ability is the issue, and Ahri has to be looked with those aspects in mind, her damage is completely fine, but if the reason for switching the power from w-r combo to e feels right for you, I must say that it isn't really the way to solve the problem. Rework the w ability, it is complete shit and it is problematic and always was, from the very early days when Ahri players used Deathfire Grasp to kill with the same "r-item active-w" combo.
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