: Maybe, but doesn't it bother you that you are a jerk toward other people in order to achieve that?
idc what others think about me tbh.
: > its and in-game feature So is the chat. You can still be banned for stuff you do in the chat. There is a difference between using in-game features and abusing in-game features. And again: You are focused on the wrong question imo. Why is it so important to you to be a jerk to other people? Can't you just...you know...NOT do that?
Its funny to tilt other players = make them play worse and overagressive = i win more games.
: Just use this "¿" and you will be fine {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
I mostly use it ¿ {{champion:6}}
: Not caring doesn't fully explain why you do it. If you truly didn't care *at all* wouldn't you just say nothing and play in a manner that focuses entirely on you enjoying the game? http://i.imgur.com/9kmzc8f.gif
Its tbh kinda funny to watch them 14y old kids cry because they get "hurt" by words lol. you should try it
: What makes you so sure that spamming this does NOT contribute to punishments? How would you even know? All info we have on this is a few Rioter statements that claim that you CAN get punished for this and that the Instant Feedback System is able to go beyond the chat. So my honest answer is: I don't know. Personally I believe those Rioters, since I have very good reasons to do so. These reasons do not apply to everyone, so if you don't believe them, that's fine. But in my opinion you are asking the wrong question. I think the question whether you are punished for something or not is secondary. I think the main question is how much of a jerk I am comfortable with being. Sportsmanship is important to me, no matter if there are punishments or not. Knowing that I am a jerk is punishment enough for me. I don't want to be a jerk. That's why I don't mock my enemies (or teammates). I simply see no reason to do so. I wouldn't feel good about it. That's why I don't do it. I really don't get this obsession with rules and punishments. Aren't people able to do the right thing without that, at least in obvious situations like this?
Im pretty sure i can´t get banned for spamming my mastery lv 7 because its and in-game feature and i did a keybinding that uses my mastery when i press "q w e r d f 1 2 3 4 5 6 and richtclick"
: but why? https://uboachan.net/warc/src/1340433133397.jpeg
Because idgaf about others feelings. If they cry when i tell them they are %%%%heads they should really stop play an online free2play game
: If you have any questions about your ban, you're more than welcome to message Player Support - no one on the forums here will be able to assist with it. That said - yes, one game is enough for a ban.
I Wonder if i can get banned for Typing "?" in All-Chat everytime i get a kill or enemy did something dumb
: You answer this question by yourself. Just ask yourself: Is this rude or unsportsmanlike? If the answer is yes, you can be punished for it. ######Hint: The answer is "yes"
Mastery 7 Spam is unsportsmanlike and disrespectful too. Every player does it. Why dont ban them all?
Aralbade (EUW)
: Can I get banned for Spamming "?"
Funny i do it since s2 then and never got banned lulz xd So i guess youre wrong Mr Perilum
angelgod4 (EUNE)
: its not a rule for supports to buy sightstone
You play support = You buy sightstone? got it? if i meet you in SoloQ i run it down
: something needs to be done about eloboosted players
ive been eloboosting for 2 years now. well kinda funny you people like it xd
Rioter Comments
: Really? odd. I've seen dozens of people on the forums who got a 14-day/perma ban for saying that word. Maybe it takes a little while for the system to kick in? Or maybe he got lucky somehow
Well dude im flaming nearly every game and i never got any punishment, calling my teammates garbage and mentally disabled and stuff :D so funny tho. Nice system
: Hum, if he does that consistently, sure he can be banned.


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