: This champion took Riot a year and litterally came from the idea of “how far can we take a champion”... I have a feeling unless they feel like they could have gone further (which I think they can’t) this is probably as far as they will go... they’ve created a unique champion only to league... it’s what they set out to do.
"Unique" with a hella lot of inspiration from Dota's Invoker of course
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: Opinion on drunk league players?
As someone who mains support in silver it's not like it matters wether or not I'm drunk or not... My team ruins it anyway and it's ridiculously hard to be the sole carry as a support. So might as well be drunk and have a little fun. I like random locking as supp and surprising myself, my team and the opponent with surprisingly good support work on let's say a Jax or Caitlyn
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Hey Have you tried to follow [this ](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support-en/fY99FAMl-the-wrenchmens-toolbox-launcher-patcher-issues)guide to fix your RADS error? If you haven't, then please try and let me know how it went. What Antivirus program are you using?
This does not work at all, also it does not matter wether I have my antivirus turned on/off or completely uninstalled...
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AyyLeMaus (EUW)
: [PVP.net] Patcher Kernel has stopped working / can't use the launcher
I'm with you, since the update I cannot start the launcher anymore, all I get is the RADS error. I am communicating with the customer support, but I fear the worst at the moment... Just know that you are not alone!
: Fail to launch patcher...
I have the same problem, and so far the support is doing his best but still can;t fix it
dfield21 (EUW)
: can someone help me pls,how can i solve this
I have the same problem, been communicating with RiotSupport for some days now, and it still seems unfixable..{{summoner:3}}
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Sanctusmob (EUNE)
: RADS/HTTPS/Login Errors DAY2
Not again, but still... many people where unable to connect and after the "fix" they still were unable. I feel your pain
: Still waiting on the much needed Janna nerfs
Nerfing Janna, Buffing Ryze? Try harder to troll, you ain't foolin' anyone{{champion:48}}
logic3103 (EUW)
: chatrestriction for no reason
hahahahahahahaha! Good job RIOT, keep doing this, the game is slowly becoming more fun to play again!
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: > Honestly Vayne isn't that hard **IF** you survive the early IF you survive and even then things don't get easy with that range.
: Can we rework Dominion already?
Dominion is only played to get that extremely easy first win of the day when you only have 10 minutes or so... It will never be really popular because the idea of point capturing isn't really that much fun in a moba, never
xCillion (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=huckasex,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=lJy6lfqY,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-07-17T09:46:54.292+0000) > > you werent hacked > > if anything you got phished when you entered your login on one of those free RP/skinz sites i gave up telling people that 99% of the time it was not a hack. even if it hurts me.. x.X
Don't try to be a smartass... the result is the same and everyone knows this already
: i got hacked
If possible change you passwords before the hacker does. But you are probably too late, so better start preparing for your support ticket. I have been hacked as well, it took them only 2 weeks to recover my account. Payment info is the most important to prove that it is your account
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: {{champion:83}} Oh wait... I'm chat restricted. I won't get sh*t!
joujou89 (EUW)
: Looking someone for duo ranked silver-low gold
Araturo, Support at your service.
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Eambo (EUW)
: And why would they even make the event if they want to lie about it? Doesn't make much sense... :-P
They still get people to play their game a lot, plus undoubtly some people will gift more skins than usual, which means they make a profit without giving anything in return. I trust Rito though, but they could just fuck us over...
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Bombardox (EUW)
: Stop judging players by thier elo
It depends, a good support will forever be stuck in lower elo, because at low elo a support can't carry. But if someone mains mid or jungler and still is in low elo, he simply is bad
RestTarRr (EUW)
: If you really do think that supports can't carry then you are just bad at supporting... Sry but support is one of the most impactful roles atm if not even the most impactful.
Not in Low ELO it is... I am absolutely confident that I am a good support, especially when it comes to protecting and engaging at the right time. But when at least 3 out of your other teammembers are close to being litteraly retarded it is hard to carry as support. (for example using Alistar's combo to get a perfect stun on two carries out of position but lacking the damage to kill them yourself and your carries run away or focus the enemy tank #justsilverthings)
: yo im silver 2 atm, was silver 1. if you want we cam duo, i already sent an inv to you ;) im a main adc but can jungle as well.
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Phainon (EUNE)
: IMO bard is the most useless champ in this game, he is the definition of a useless champ with a useless kit. Another thing is that every other support can kill something , some supps can even go solo lane, bard is utterly utterly useless.
That is what I said, and that is the reason I want RIOT to answer... I mean... They should be ashamed; they spend so much time and money on development and they release a complete failure! Maybe they won't ever tell us anything about buffs for him because they hope we just forget him completely and occassionally mention him as a joke. And then after years he will finally get a few buffs (like Urgot)
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: Do you know these moments when someone chases you down to the turret...
You can get killed by towers????? 0.o I tought all towerpower was removed since S2
: (GOLD) Looking for Support to CLIMB FASTER
I am Silver as well and I have faith that I am a strong support, I often help my adc win the lane and manage to help getting many kills later in the game.
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: The ultimate Hecarim build
>Ultimate build >being a good player Pick one There is no ultimate build, as you should always adjust your build according to the enemy team, your team, how the game develops etc. etc.
: erm i dont know in which part of the country u were raised but i barely used that word at all... and i actually almost never hear it either....
Are you from Friesland or something? Almost all the rascals in the cities constantly swear with it, especially Moroccan youths, they shout "Cancer Whore" (Kanker Hoer) towards random ladies that pass them by. Anyhow, I wish I would live in such a nice and friendly place like yours (Unless it really is Friesland, "DOOD AAN FRIESLAND")
Tweetee (EUW)
: Last season silver, but obviously this time ur acc got hacked (like, obviously some1 is gonna hack ur acc just to play provisionals). Damn man, this post rly made my day. Keep telling urself ur just way better than the other people in silver, instead of actually improve. That's the way to Diamond right there!
It really sounds unbelieble I know... I was in Silver 1 and going up steadily, but got hacked and someone else played my promotions and now im all the way back to silver 5...
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Karmoon (EUW)
: i think that most people who use it don't understand what it truly means or the implications of it. Why? Because they don't speak English to any degree than anyone would call English. To them English is some of magical buzzword language they encounter on the internet, so they only learn t he magical buzz words that apply to their immediate world. Hence, 'cancer' 'mid or feed' 'afk' 'noob' 'l2p' 'lucker' represents a substantial part of their English vocabulary. People use those words because they're sheep and see others using them. I truly believe it's a cultural thing, sadly.
As a Dutch person, I can assure you, if you see someone cursing with cancer, he is most probably Dutch. Basicly all Dutch plebs constant add cancer (kanker) to everything they say. For example: something cancer nice, something could be cancer stupid, or it may be used instead of hello. However, just don't be too butthurt and ignore them
Rich (EUW)
: Can people stop using cancer as an adjective?
That is a cancerous good idea!
Asmenia (EUW)
: I used to be a Zilean like others, but then Zilean took several nerfs to the face.
The recent buffs removed his status from weakest champ in the entire league (also the coming of Bard helped that, obviously), but Zilean is still in the top 5 champs with the lowest win rates...
Big Poro (EUW)
: Omega Squad Teemo . New legendary skin!!
Nice skin, but why make another skin for Teemo?
haytham777 (EUNE)
: bard is too freakin weak
League of Bruisers! Have you not noticed how over the years true tanks have been completely destroyed? they are now doing that to supports (except for sona, because they need to sell that skin). Up next: the great nerfing of assasins.
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: Choose 1 champion, who will be your friend in real life and he/she defends you
{{champion:89}} Valkyrie Leona, even when she does fail to protect me I go to Valhalla, and she has a "stunning" beauty! Its a win-win-win situation!
: What champion would be you scared of most in real life?
{{champion:161}} He hunts down those who are intelligent right? As I have 2 master degrees I fear he would hunt me down without mercy. Also, I'm afraid he will experiment on me (read: rape me)
: Liandry's Torment on Vladmir vs. fairly tanky Teams
Tank buff???? When? As far as I know tanks are being nerfed more and more and more, not to forget that there are more anti-tank items than ever, and more coming
: Bard Bug.
If I understand you correctly: the skill went on cooldown, but you couldn;t see the timer? That is a common bug and happens with a lot of champions
: Bard: Well that lasted long...
That is what teambuilder is for...
Torgrim (EUW)
: [Resolved] Je ne peux démarrer le jeu
Je voudrais tu to go to le forum du French Language.
: Bard coming out after Q&A? or next patch?
Remember, when a new champion joins the League he/she is often in the patch already but not available, if that is not the case it means they will come in a later patch
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