Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=ScriptarinaFX,realm=EUW,application-id=slFBEUB8,discussion-id=Jb1X8tVn,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-01-26T14:00:40.333+0000) > > Hey Eambo, > > I have a quesiton about the usage of IP boosts during these events. > If you happen to buy the Xwin and Xdays IP boost you will be rewarded with over 1800IP for a win. > Is it supposed to work like this? > > kind regards, > ScriptarinaFX They stack, yes ^_^ This is normal behaviour.
Can you confirm how they stack? My current theory is that the per win boost gets 4,5X separately (times the unique max win IP value of roughly 150) while the Xdays boost stacks with your actual IP gain for a total of 9X your usual gain. The total IP would be the sum of these two values (plus potential Win of the Day which doesn't stack with anything). Am I correct, or is it more convoluted than this? ~~Also, does the event start on 8:00 AM or 8:00 PM? The letters are missing in the official announcement.~~ (Added now, it's AM)
Clan HoA (EUW)
: HoA - Alright! Calm down! Just calmly click this, don't go nuts
Bump for visibility! Friendly and eager players around.
Noktari (EUW)
: Looking people for playing together
How are you level 26 and Plat 2?
Hum Neo (EUW)
: Normals for funz ♡
Can vouch for nice bunny.
Stàrgirl (EUW)
: LF chill people to play ranked with Gold 1+
lulose (EUW)
: Duo boosting legal?
It's not legal, but Riot most likely don't care. You're wasting your money and ruining games for other people + enforcing a market that ruins games for other people.
: Ranked Team looking For a Main Adc
Need a lot more information about your team. You didn't even state rank.
Aoitori (EUNE)
: Karma Support...I can't get S. :(
I'm not sure but it seems like the way the system works right now, being offensive is more rewarding (mastery rank-wise) than being utility, especially on damage-heavy champions like Karma. I'm afraid you'll either have to work even harder to gain a S or be forced to change your playstyle, neither of which is a very good option, but they seem to be your only choices.
DaveRod (EUW)
: Why do people think that reporting people for nonsense (AKA Feeding NOT intentionally) will work?
Because people who rage, call out reports etc. usually don't possess logic.
Jerah (EUW)
: Support looking real Team
If you want a real team, try writing more than one sentence.
: very detailed :) I really like that you described are you looking for fun/serious people, i love how oyu explained if you require voice comms and I love how you mentioned exactt rank you are looking for
I predict team is dead after max 1 session, it'll be impressive if they even get one game finished :D
: Mental check before you start playing ranked
Problem is, people who cause trouble usually don't possess logic. The amount of false assumptions used to justify raging is cringeworthy.
BlâckLotus (EUNE)
: League Of Legends Exits Esports
Nice clickbait news headline. I'm sure now that you have spoken, the entire company will withdraw the community and game from the competitive scene.
Zann (EUNE)
Did you play for 3 mins or did you accidentally stay AFK ?
Humperdoo (EUNE)
: Do all Difficulties give same amount? Intro/Beginner/Intermediate?
It depends on your level. Up to level 10 beginner bots give full xp, and up to level 20 or 25 intermediate give full xp. If you pass that limit you will get 75%, 50% or even 25% xp. To be safe, play intermediate bots only (they're still as easy) and if you ever start getting less than 100% xp, switch to normals. Usually no mode is faster than others because Riot changed numbers so that IP/XP gain reflects time spent, with a minimum so it usually won't help to rush it either (though fast games tend to give slightly more XP)
4oki (EUW)
Yes, it reduces champ select toxicity since people don't argue over roles. Everything else you posted is beside the point.
: Do You Also Hate to Play With People of Your Own Nationality?
Nope, and it'd be nice if people would stop spreading pointless stereotypes. Judge a person by their behaviour not their nationality.
: Excuse me for wasting your time but does playing w/people (duos, trios and full dynamic) affect my MMR or LP Gain and Loss Ratio in any negative or possible way?
Not at all. When you play with premades, the matchmaking system will adjust and provide you what it considers a fair matchup. Normally this means that the # of premades will be the same across both teams, and solo performance will be adjusted for a small bias based on the fact that premades are supposed to have better synergy. This means that by the time the match is confirmed, the system considers the two teams even, and all MMR and LP gains/losses and so on, for all the players, will be the same as if they had played in any other way.
: Hell yeah
: btw dont understand anyone know on my other acc got 8-2 and place in silver 4
All depends on matchups
: how many hours have you wasted on lol?
EUNE: 2,861 hours (119.2 days) EUW: 880 hours (36.6 days) NA: 307 hours (12.8 days)
: Skipping Divisions
You reach and win your promos. If the system thinks you're high enough, the skip will happen automatically so you move up two divisions instead of one. Obviously this can't happen if you're in Division II (you will always go to Division I). In really extreme cases you might even skip the promo itself and move up immediately.
: if you havent gotten LP in that division you have a safety net that makes it super hard to demote
It only depends on your MMR.
: im stuck at 0 lp in gold V for 3 games
It is much harder to drop a Tier than to drop a division. After a Tier advancement you are shielded for at least 10 games, and you won't drop to the Tier below unless your MMR falls by an entire Tier (in your case, Silver V). Furthermore, two sets of warnings will appear on your ranked profile when you are about to reach a dangerous level of demotion.
: A suggestion to fix trolling and toxicity [Riot Police] - Needs rioter's input -
Besides, the report system already makes every player an efficient part of the police... the automated system values your reports and metes out punishment.
Altiverse (EUNE)
: "Key Fragment Received" notification not showing
That's correct. But hey, then you can get pleasantly surprised :D
Siferuk (EUW)
: This surrender sh*t is getting annoying
Now imagine that you played 4 games in a row 4v5 because one person was AFK from the beginning in every game. Kinda puts it in perspective doesn't it?
: Riot PLEASE Reconsider Runes Prices
until you get spare IP, treat <stat>/level and flat <stat> runes as the same (choose one and use it for both types). You will normally not notice the difference anyway.
Wilkatis LV (EUNE)
: Why /remake is absolutely useless
Without remake: 0 games saved from AFKs With remake: >0 games saved from AFKs Remake only triggers if the person is still DC'ed at 3 minutes. Nobody can stay DC'ed at 3 minutes and claim that they didn't deserve punishment, because at this time you *will* have put your team *significantly* behind. No matter if the reason is unstable internet or whatever.
Dage (EUW)
: Early laning phase as Vayne
As long as you're staying alive (max 1-3 deaths) and your CS never falls below 2/3 of that of your opponent, I consider it decently succesful. The optimal situation would be to have 0-1 deaths and CS max 0-20 behind your opponent. As for tips, it seems like you're already doing the right thing - just play defensive and hug your turret, keep your wards up and stay vigilant for potential dives, try to freeze lane near your tower and farm as much as possible without getting poked down, deny them any potential snowballing. If you die, play even safer. Every second that passes towards late-game makes you stronger and your opponent relatively weaker - provided your team comp is able to support a Vayne. And if your jungler stops by it's fairly easy to get a kill-gank which could suddenly bring your lane ahead - which is a nightmare for your opponent if facing a Vayne.
Toot (EUW)
: Getting Soulstealer Vayne by rerolling skins.
: Babies
I'd like to hear where these so-called people 'giving advice' are. Out of the last 100 people I reported for flaming, at least 99 were raging, blaming, spamming negative attitude or trashtalking teammates and opponents. I don't think people would have trouble distinguishing that and 'advice'.
TeknoTel (EUW)
: Does riot reward early quitters in ranked?
A player that is marked as AFK by the time the game ends automatically gets a loss even if he is on the winning team.
: Orange Essence
Any option to convert IP to RP like this would render all RP-only objects such as skins extremely invaluable. Riot would lose tons of money. It will not happen.
: Can someone explain the promo free win
The Ranked Helper system stops working at Gold I and above. Or maybe from Plat V, I'm not 100% sure. But it definitely stops after Plat.
TTekkers (EUW)
: Despite being familiar with SS as a call, I never actually knew what it stood for :D Personally I make massive use of the pings available because I know I can't type quickly and accurately and be sure I hit enter at the start and end, but that's just my sausage-fingers.
SS is a short form of "miSSing". Rhasta's definition is a common misconception. Pings are always superior to typing since they saves valuable time.
Rhasta (EUW)
: To Vionicesca, FirstBlooderPT and OP, SS used to stand for Stay Safe. In other regions, the term "MIA" is used instead, standing for missing in action (like the term used in the military). Both represents a warning, signalling a situation that someone is "missing in action" on the enemy team, and hence team mates should "stay safe". Everything else is explained pretty well already. For a new player, perhaps these terms will also help you: (champion name) f - Often players will call out enemy champion's summoner spells when they used them. This is because they're so long that it could potentially give your team an advantage when they have been used. For example, "Zilean F" usually means that Zilean has just used his **F**lash, and therefore it is on cooldown (for the next 300 seconds, if the player has not chosen "insight" as part of his/her mastery tree). Similarly, T/G/H/I/E stands for Teleport, Ghost, Heal, Ignite and Exhaust respectively. OOM - Out of Mana. This is a warning many people use to their team mates, signalling that someone is out of mana, and therefore unable to use abilities. ff - Forfeit. Typing /ff in game will start the surrendering vote. RH/ID/CD/OD/MD - Rift Herald, Infernal Drake, Cloud Drake, Ocean Drake and Mountain Drake respectively. CS - Creep score, or in another words the amount of neutral monsters, enemy minions, wards and occasionally enemy summons (Zyra's Plant, for example) you've killed so far. (Champion name) 6 - This is used by players to warn their team mates that a certain enemy opponent or ally has reached level 6. This milestone means that the said champion have now unlocked their ultimate ability. Especially useful for champions such as Twisted Fate, Tahm Kench, Kayle and other tide-changing abilities. Item/Champion Abbreviations - Be careful of all the abbreviations out there for champions and items. There's too many to list, ranging from LB (Le Blanc), to SC (Sunfire Cape). Sometimes it'll take a few seconds to figure out what someone means by their terms, but the more you see them, the more you get used to it.
SS is a short form of "miSSing". It's a common misconception that it stands for that other thing you said despite the fact it clearly doesn't make any sense in context.
Tralalarm (EUW)
: i just play aram. so when i draw a miss fortune or sivir i always start with a lost chapter. Low cooldowns need mana, ap champs like ahri morgana etc benefit hugely from that ability power on the lost chapter, so i think there has to be a mana regen item with ad power too.
Neither MF or Sivir has any use from the AP from Lost Chapter since it's a pure AP item. The mana alone does nothing to justify the item cost, you'd have been strictly better off just buying Tear of the Goddess (which I would highly not recommend either). With pure ADCs on ARAM a great general start is B.F. + health pot, and if you need mana later you can always go for Essence Reaver as first item (again, not recommended). Generally mana items are even less useful on ARAMs because of the increased regeneration + availability of relics. They can be justified on heavy casters but not on general ADCs like MF or Sivir.
: So your point is that any player will rise since most players are close to 50-55% which means something similar to my condition. In my opinion 20 wins more than your loses are enough to have me on a quite good MMR than some other players who gain/lose standard LP on a W/L kinda more equal
That's impossible since for every won game there is a lost game for someone else. If you have 50-55% someone else has 45-50% and that person will be moving downwards. You can't say for sure that 20 wins more than losses are enough, it depends on when you got those wins, if you got 20 wins recently your MMR should be going very well up, if you got them a year ago then they don't matter at all right now.
: fix "remake"
If you took more than 90 seconds to reconnect and didn't make it back by minute 3, it's quite a setback for your team though.
: Unfair Remake System
Well, I see the issue, but the remake vote starts at 3:00. So basically you're saying that he didn't manage to reconnect by that time, which, for a jungler, spells certain doom. He'd be several levels behind, permanently behind in jungle, counterjungled easily and would very likely lose his team the game. You're saying he realized he couldn't buy items, so that means he started reconnecting 0:30 at latest. He had at least 2 minutes to reconnect. If your connection is not good enough for that, you'll have to accept that you're hurting your team and deal with the consequences.
: The real issue with Mastery Levels
Because winning should always be the ultimate goal, and the point gain reflects that. If that incentive was taken away, people would care more about farming up their own score in normal games rather than working together as a team to win.
Mosómacska (EUNE)
: Remake abuse
Well it's beyond the scope of what remake is designed for... if a 4 man premade wanted to troll they could get away with it either way.
Kal3idos (EUW)
: How /remake just screwed me up
Because you were already too late. Once the vote starts it will go through with at least 3 votes.
: Report/Honor
Also you can't block a player after you report them, but you can block them first and then report them. # JustYearOldClientBugsThatRiotDoesn'tCareAbout
TreyMaze (EUW)
: /Remake smartest thing riot has made
1. Because they're necessary to punish leavers 2. If you can't connect properly within 3 minutes you are severely hurting your team and most likely making them lose 3. It was effective enough to get rid of you, right? 4. Sounds a bit excessive that you've had serious matters 5 times, care to elaborate? 5. Provided your info, that's a good thing
: i wasnt -,- we just w8 in base for 3min, we were walking all time .... and 2nd , why we lost our points? hmm ? > All players connected to the game basically pretend the game never happened, gaining or losing no LP/IP/XP, and seeing no change to their overall W/L records
Walking in base for 3 min = AFK. The system is not stupid... you are supposed to be out in lane playing the game. You lost your points because you were marked as leaver... duh
0 i i u (EUW)
: I get flamed due to my rank
Yup, and when you get to higher ranks you'll still get flamed every time you lose, because now you are even more expected to win. A lot of people in this game just hasn't developed the ability of logic.
: Imagine this situation, what would you do ?
BlâckLotus (EUNE)
How is that related? Blame the people who think muting everyone is the solution to toxic players.
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