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Hydrix (EUNE)
: it's probably a rat. i suggest you blocking this ports. 1604 and 500 here is how to do it.: open firewall with advanced settings. click outbound rules: then click new rule: choose port: click next: add 1604 in the specific remote ports box. click next: choose block the connection click next: select domain private public. click next: name it as ratport or anything you want and finish. do same same progras again and select: UDB same goes for the port 500. in a hope you blocked whatever caused that to you. never trust a a computer friend. don't download anything foolishly. unless you are sure it's safe. and i suggest a mawalrebytes anti-malware scan.: you can get it from there. 14 days trail you need it for one day as a scan. goodluck and have fun {{champion:99}}
Thank you, I have done all except Malware bytes. I am a bit of a computer nerd myself but more for web development things. Not hacking so much.
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iKinneas (EUW)
: Okay, a few general tips for you; 1. If you feel you are getting worked up in a game, mute EVERYONE. This has a few benefits, firstly you don't rage because you can't see chat. Secondly, this improves your map awareness since you have to ward more carefully and watch the map more since you can't see if people are typing in chat. 2. Pick 'no skill' champions. By this, I mean champions who have very basic kits that don't require a huge understanding of certain mechanics. People like Malphite, Jax, Yi, Vi, Cait, Annie, to name just a few. Don't be trying to play people like Lee Sin, or Kindred, or Kalista. You just over complicate things for yourself. 3. Try and main 2 roles. Have your primary role and then a back up role. I personally like top and jungle. Most of the champions in these roles are versatile (can play both roles, a few can play mid also), and they get by on a small amount of gold investment. 4. A further extension on points 2 and 3, play champions who can play your 2 main roles effectively, but who also require a low amount of gold investment to do well. Malphite and Jax are two great examples here. Both can go top AND jungle, and only require 2 core items to be strong enough to be a threat. 5. If you have a terribly awful game and you are feeling pent up, take a break. Play some ARAM, or another game, or take yourself away from your PC entirely. Go read a book, watch a film, go for a short walk. Just take a break. Come back when you are feeling in the mindset to focus again! A few really good people to check out on YouTube regarding improving yourself are Foxdrop, and Gbay. Also SivHD has some very good tips on how not to rage. Anything more specific and you will have to specify, if you can, what you need help improving. But in short, practice practice practice. Good luck bro!
: You should sitt down and think about your main goal in this game... If you look at improovement by itself, its a BIG pool of many things and it cant be done in one day/weak even in one month sometimes. The majour thing that people are forgeting is TIME IS KNOWLEDGE, so the more you play the game the more you will know ( play better ). It is easy to reach that tilt and be angry after losing games, but it is hard to look down on your mistakes, and it is damn, even harder to remember all of mistakes you did, and not repeeting them again. I know it, im struggling with it also. Basicly if you had most of the kills and coudnt carry - ITS YOUR FAULT and you should be looking to fix this. Main thing that separrates silver from gold is - FARMING and WARDING. I have been there I m saying this from my own expirience. Gold tier ADC will have 15-20 CS more in 10 minutes than silver one, gold tier support will get sigstone as first item, and carry one pink ward, while silver support will buy dammage item before vision one. I mained ADC in silver for a long time, I was very good with Ashe when she was stil viable to play, but I was so frustrated while playing bot lane and seeing my support dooing his job wrong all the time, so I stopped playing adc and now Im main support. My support got me to high gold in preseason, and I did it again after placements ( got back to silver 3 ). So the point of this you should reconsider do you rly want to main adc? It is much easyer to play solo lane instead of deppending on your support skills to protect you, or feed you with kills. I could go on and on with this post but there are so many thing on wich you can improove, like a billion of them :D When you will have time, go read some guides, watch youtube videos, watch streams of pro players and try to find the difference between your playstyle and high-elo ones. After you see the differences try to put that into your games. It takes a lot of time to get better, someone will climb over 2 months, someone will have to play 1 year,it is normal, dont stress yourself, as long as you know you arent playing perfect and you are willing to improove you eventutally will.
: Be more precise on what you want to improve on man
That's the point I don't know! I tried improving farm, I have tried improving mechanics. I don't know where I need to improve. I am lost and loosing the will to play! From what I see I make some mistakes but I really dont see how I am the sole reason for loosing so much and so often!
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: You will gain mmr by winning and lose it by losing. The amount differs depending on how "easy" the game was. The system checks how much different your teams mmr is compared to your enemy team average mmr. If your team has lower mmr than the enemy teams, you will lose less mmr if you lose and win more if you win. That is the only thing that affects mmr. Your kda or anything else that happens in a game has no effect on mmr.
I guess I could use some serious coaching then cause I play this game nearly 3 years and still camt get out of silver.
: I just watched the first 8 minutes [replay]( of that game you posted, and already I could see you make many mistakes, which I'll list so you can go back and see them yourself: **1:24** - You let Volibear get close to you and toss you, and lost more than half your HP in that trade **2:45** - Bad CSing under tower, missed one creep you could have AAed and another which you ended up wasting mana to get **3:10** - Missed the first cannon minion. Even pros do this from time to time, but still it's never a good start **3:40** - Died due to bad positioning. If you'd used Flash towards your turret you could have avoided dying and instead gotten first blood on Volibear, putting you at a considerable advantage in lane. **5:00** - Bad positioning and panic flash. You let Volibear toss you, and after Bard stunned him you still flashed away when you didn't need to. **7:35** - Bad positioning. You played way too aggressively without flash and kept auto attacking Lucian while Volibear came over to toss you instead of immediately running in the opposite direction from Volibear like you should have done. So 8 minutes into the game and you already made 4 noticeable mistakes (not counting the missed CS) which could cost you your lane, and subsequently the game. Also, contrary to what you said Bard was actively helping you in lane so I don't know why you were blaming him. Like I said, you should focus on improving your own mistakes. That's just one game and it doesn't matter much, but whether you can climb or not depends on how much you can improve yourself in the long run. I strongly advise looking at replays of your games, you may spot mistakes which you didn't realise you were making in game, or notice you could have made different decisions leading to potentially better results. Also, looking at the game before you were 2/11/4 and clearly got carried by Yasuo and Kha'Zix. That's the kind of carrying you need to be able to do if you want to win games in low ELO with feeding teammates.
Thank you for this comment, very useful
: Try making a smurf account and playing at low levels. Might sound weird or even pathetic but I improved a great deal just after hitting level 30 by going back to level 3 and stomping noobs/learning to deal with other smurfs.
I all ready at b1.. surly b5 is not classed as a smurf account
FuBaer (EUW)
: I highly recommend you not making the mistake of taking ranked games too seriously. It's still just a game. When you improve your general gameplay, work on your flaws, you will eventually get matched with/against players who do/did the same. Practise makes perf... better. If you want to get really good at lasthitting minions, go to a custom game (no bots needed), pick a mage champ like Karthus, Zilean, Anivia, with a really low base AD and AS, take an empty rune page and try to hit at least 95 cs at 10 minutes. If you manage to get this done regurarly you are at least at higher gold level at cs'ing. Edit: Only last hit with autohits, no spells, no items. This is like the hardmode for farming, ofc it's not gamelike as you never get pressured, but this will give you the ability to really "last"-hit any minion in the game.
: Try making a smurf account and playing at low levels. Might sound weird or even pathetic but I improved a great deal just after hitting level 30 by going back to level 3 and stomping noobs/learning to deal with other smurfs.
*[Moderator Note: Removed that link, please remember: No naming & Shaming on the Boards]* this is my last game.. Bard done nothing.. just sat at tower.. never once harassed enemy.. In theory I got counter picked, I have highest cs in that game agaist a lane that dominated me all early. I still have more cs... I done everything I could and still couldn't them to work to win.
: Only way no not lose MMR when you lose is if loss prevented is on. You just need to win more than you lose. If you're stuck in low ELO you should focus on improving your own gameplay before you worry about MMR.
I tried that.. its nice now with you can choose the lane.. But I had many times today people play in ranked a champion for the first time, never played it in a normal.. I can play as good as I possible can it still seems its not good enough.. I followed and practice the cs like a challenger. I read how to improve and practice yet I seem to get no where. I am really starting to tilt and loose it.
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