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: i can't take it anymore .... as a supp main
I know how you feel... but i can`t remeber a time where soloq was not like that... you always get the feeling that you are the only one who is doing well in games where you are ahead.... Jungler always try to gank winning lanes but i dont know why ... only to get their part of the gold?? but w/e At the moment i just got no motivation for SoloQ at all... last season i ended on Gold I now i`m gold V but didn`t even played 50 ranked games at all... its just so annoying... to spam Cait as ADC.... if i play Lucian and we dont win until min 40 you just get rekt by the most other ADCs... Since i played adc , i got no time to make calls for the team, but i guess it doesnt matter because the most people dont listen in soloq What is your problem with Lulu? I know she is strong atm and can help nearly every adc to get through the laning phase but i see far more threshs or braums Maybe i should rank soon ... dont want to end on Gold V ^^
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: You are most certainly right in all of this, I would like to give you a wall of text comment as i did the other guy. But no i have nothing more to explain, then I have already done in my thread, and from what you have said now. But as I so nicely did to the other person. I want to thank you for your time and concerns in making this thread a good place with good constructive arguments and so on. It is highly appreciated, also if you want, by all means link this page to your friends, as i say the more viewers the merrier. :D
I like to discuss problems of Meta, champs etc with other people to see what wee agree on and where we have different opinions so no need to thank me here. I love to do this kind of stuff :P Its also nice to see that someone who loves the champ, opens a thread to discuss this. I hope she will get back with the PBE changes but i kinda doubt it.... the AS buff could be nice ... but still the items are mostly not best suited for the dear {{champion:131}} :/ but i will hope for the best
: What's so broken about death's dance?
Its just ridiculous that you cant burst targets with it anymore... you see it on adcs now too... and champs like {{champion:114}} or {{champion:420}} are just unkillable without an {{item:3123}} . Still with that item is quite hard to put them down... I think they should nerf the lifesteal on abilities... because illaoi just gets all her hp back in a teamfight :D
: Bots in AI gameplay
Also experienced this... it just is complete crazy... they could at least be as good as the beginner bots but no.. they just buy boots and are running it down mid Its quite hard to carry the intermediate bot games if you got the wrong champion or are not familiar with the champ at all... also comps like veigar Annie and such are just annoying to play against... even when they are just bots. I also report them everytime but they just keep coming... if you dont ban the bots then just give new players instant lvl30 and queue them for the first games differently... or they need 5 wins in a coop or so to queue against other players...
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: ADC2K17
Yeah just kill my ass. Champs like poppy or so who have with her passive proced like 300 bonus armor....or Sejus new passive... so i get for every AA around 325 magic dmg??? one lifesteal item won`t be enough for that shit
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: Diana needs our help..
That was a hell of a post but i agree with you here. I used to play her a lot too back in the days i mained mid lane and not adc....She was one of my best and most liked champions. It was so rewarding to play her against Leblanc as hard counter pick, because you just wreck her after lvl 6 . Due to item changes for AP champs she just fell out of the "good champion pool". Diana was a good splitpusher and you could easily defeat most champs in a 1v1 but the items like {{item:3115}} are not that good anymore.. ofc you can still build {{item:3100}} but Abyssal Scepter is missing now and most other items just dont seem right on her. In jungle she suffers from the XP nerfs and the change on the AP jungler item... back when the {{item:1410}} had the spellblade proc like Lich Bane not the ludens **** she was so good... you had a pretty solid powerspike and like you say the early ganking potential with her was never great. Now the "Farm only" jungler aren`t that much rewarding due to respawntimers and XP you gain from the camps. The Meta is shifting for early/mid game and Diana is not what you want in your jungle there ^^. I would like to see the old Jungle Item Passive back... i know why they did the changes back then but now AP junglers are in a rough spot... and only {{champion:60}} seems to be really viable. {{champion:28}} and {{champion:131}} just are to weak in the game unless you get 3 free kills in the first 5 mins.... I`m sorry for my bad english :P but i hope you could understand my intentions :)
: ADC Season 7
In my opinion the best ADCs at the moment are {{champion:202}}, {{champion:222}} and {{champion:51}} . {{champion:236}} kinda got left behind, because of the assassin buffs. Your range is to short in late game teamfights. Its nearly impossible to survive on your own, but if you pick short range adcs like him it IS impossible ^^. Try Caitlyn she is an decent adc and with Warlords Bloodlust your sustain in lane is pretty decent. She works well with passive supps like {{champion:40}} but also has a good synergy with tanky and cc heavy supps like {{champion:12}} (I also think that these are the best supps at 6.22). Jhin is still strong despite his low attack speed, but he is a little bit harder to play. This guy should be played with DeathfireTouch as Keystone Mastery^^. Be carefull Jhin NEEDS allies to peel for him otherwise i suggest to enter the teamfights with your ult and clean up afterwards. As Keystones i would only play Warlords Bloodlust. Fervor of Battle was nerfed to hard with 6.22, the trades in lane are not even close to that, what they used to be with this keystone. Thunderlords is of course still an option, but i dislike it on most adcs. DeathfireTouch is only good with Jhin and sometimes Miss Fortune, but i can´t say if she is really good at the moment. Due to the changes of most of the Flat AD and Flat ArmorPen-Items the ADCs with Crit-Builds are the best. Jhin is only a possibility due to his huge scaling on AD with his passive. I hope i could help you a little bit and sorry my english isn´t good enough to express every thought of mine. If you have still questions pls ask :)
: I think Grivious Wounds could need a little change. [Suggestion]
Hey there ;) I kinda understand what do you feel, but still i think the current system doesn´t need a change ;). I main Mid and the problem i see is, that nearly ever midlaner is building Morellonomicon. The reason is not the Grievous Wounds effect. The main reason is that this item is the best mana item for an AP champ. Athenes is more a support item now, even a frostqueens is more suited for a midlaner than the grail. Due to that most of the mage mid laners have the grievous wounds effects^^. Did you play Vlad or Swain on this patch or the last? I played Vlad a few times... your selfheal is ridicoulus strong. Even with Grievous Wounds there is no real thread in stopping you. There is a hugh difference between lifesteal on an adc and someone like swain or vlad, who are based on the pure selfheal in fights. I don´t know how you are building itemwise on sivir but i would say you have at the most 2 lifesteal items. Also Sivir is more like an utility support ADC like an complete hypercarry like jinx. My suggestion for you: If you are seeing that 2 or more player on the enemy team have an Item with the Grievous Wounds effect i would build one lifesteal item and instead of a second , try to get your crit value near 100% ;)
UcDgr (EUW)
: I have been a league of legends player since season 4. I have always enjoyed the game because I had a lot of fun. I can say this game completed me. I remember when I came from school and league of legends was that thing where i could get rid of all the stress I had. But now... Since this season I think RIOT has been doing a lot of things who have made this game horrible. The game is full of bugs, you are unable to balance champions (a good example is Ekko or Volibear) and the matchmaking is bad. And the worst of all is Dynamic Queue. Just stupid. I have a lot of friends who stoped playing league this year because the game wasn't the same. Some of them where the ones who introduced me the game. I looks like you are making the game easier for people with less skill. The game right now is: you pick a certain champion you win the game. Post rework Malzahar for example. How did that champion went through PBE and you didn't check it. This game is no more about having skill or not, is about the champions you pick. This is disgusting. Also your report system is crap. You give no attention to what people with lower ranks think. You can be the biggest troller (not my case) and Riot does nothing about it . Sorry Riot , but you made me hate LoL. I think I wont be playing this game anymore for a good amount of time and I will see if things get better. And for you to know, i am not the only one with this oppinion.
Yeah i see where this is coming from. I play this game since the end of Season 3 and i love it. Srsly its my most favorite game, the competition of skill and the difference in playstyle all the time. It is just awesome still i see the same things like you. Malz for example... they wanted to change him to make a less 1v1 noob stund champ out of him... thats what i thought after reading their post about the announcment to rework him.... Now he is more stupid than ever. You don´t need to last hit in lane. Your E and your stupid monsters are doing the job for you. Also his passive makes him completly immune to poke.. and his ult is still crap in a 1v1. As an AP midlaner you have to build a {{item:3140}} to have chance without your jungler and this 1200 gold will throw you behind in items against him.. amazing... If you proc the passive of this guy he is alos spellimmune for about 0,5 secs... i played against him with {{champion:61}} . I got the first tower in lane and got even ahead in farm (i played with TP). The other lanes won so they surrendered at 20 but i got out of the game with 4k dmg on champs.... i got one kill on Malz with help of my jungler and i killed the enemy jungler twice... still in lane there is no chance to get dmg down to that stupid idiot. if you land a hit he will just stay under his turret and farm until is passive is back up. There is no thread to him at all. Enough of Malz xD So it is more about MetaPicks than it was in the past. Thats my experience, but i sometimes question myself in that. Maybe its only my opinion because i got better since than and it is not that easy anymore to outplay your opponent in lane. There were always a Meta and TopTier picks for everylane... in low elo there is still no need for that though. Comfortpicks are there the best way to win a game. Because if you could play a champ on 80% its already enough ^^ In my opinion the Dynamic Queue is the worst invention Riot ever has made. 5er Ranked Teams should have their only! Queue and if you SoloQ their shouldn´t be the possibility in ranked to be matched against a 3er premade group. LoL is a teamgame and if 3 people work smoothly together it could decide a game. At the moment i have no internet at my place for about another 1 and a half week. One side of me makes it sad to not be able to play with my friends LoL, but the other side thinks its kinda refreshing to not be forced into specific picks everytime i play because otherwise i would lose the game.
: Your first paragraph perfectly describes one of my issues with the current system, which is the strategic unreliability. You simlpy cant afford to efficiently play around drakes becuase there is no guarantee they will benefit you if you play around them. After that you unfortunately lose all sense of logic and knowledge of how to make sense or how to get your point across. It might be due to your expression difficulties, but there is absolutely no lgic in saying my system wouldnt work because the drakes arent equal in strength. Theye have disparate strategic effects, meaning they vary in effectiveness for specific teamcomps. I do agree with your point that there should be less of Drakes and an increase in the effect, because right now, drakes by themselves have little to no impact. And amassing several required dragons takes a lot of luck and time.
Yeah i guess my English is a little bit rusty and it fails to express my true thoughts behind this xD I will give it another try ;) Your first solution was to give each Drake 10 minutes in the game to spawn and that the buff experies after some time. This solution is a great idea in the concept, but it will still wouldn´t fit Riots plan of dragons. The Cloud Drake Buff would be expired in the late game (around 30/35min), so a Esportteam wouldn´t fight for it, if their comp is build for LateGame. Maybe that would change if the Drake would also give global Gold to the team. It would make their value a lot better especially in the early Game. The second solution just is something that i think wouldn´t be fitting in the League Style.... if you could choose which Dragon is spawning it would be a higher contested objecitve ingame there i agree with you. The problem i see with this strategy is that there would be the best teamcomp in combination with the mountain buff i guess atm and the other drakes would most likly get less attention from the teams. For example i doubt that someone use the Cloud Drake at all in this scenario. I hope this is a little bit more clear ^^ Yeah thats exactly the problem of the hole system. Drakes Buffs are based on luck. If you got a good buff than its good, but a bad one wouldn´t really affect your team because you never relied on it in the first place. The only reason to stack all those buffes during a game is to get a strong elder Drake buff who could easily decide an hole fight in the late game. I wish there could be a way to make a teamcomp strong if they are playing with and around the right Drake buffs to get even more variation of teamcomps in the meta
: Don't know, I'm not a Yasuo main. But I think that the main reason is Sheen proc. Then the HP and MS bonus.
I played a half tank build on yasuo recently. PD, IE, Frozen Malet, Sunfire, Spirit Visage. As masteries Grasp of the undying... your laning phase is worse but you impact in late game teamfights is just ridiculous. You won´t die but your dmg ist still enough to kill an ADC with a three AAs and a Q. This build fits more in the current meta ;) With this build it also don´t make a difference if you are mid or top. Also i prefer swiftness boots for the extra movement :)
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: Losing motivation...
Hey i understand where this is coming from. I main also mid lane, but my main champ (this beauty {{champion:103}} ) is not that viable atm. I can win the laning phase but late Game teamfights aren´t that good with her. so i mostly play {{champion:112}} . He is strong and you can carry Teamfights with him, but you are not a complete solo carry ! Aurelion Sol is a pretty good champ but i think you must roam a lot with this guy. He is not the strongest in laning and his teamfightpotencial is good but not the best in the game. His roaming is one of the best i think! If you could roam to your bot at level 3 or so it may help them. In my opinion the jungle wins the game in this meta! Tanky junglers like Voli or early game Junglers like Lee or Elise can have an hugh impact on the game. In this meta its all about snowballing and juggernauts. In my games the bot lane is only as good as their tanks, who are peeling for the adc! Still i think the adc may have more impact on a game than the midlaner in this Meta. I hope i could at least show you my point of view to this meta :)
: The Random Spawning of Dragons Completely Defies the Strategical Essence of the Concept
I kinda understand what you mean. In Champselect you decide as team which comp you want to play for example a 1v3v1 Splitpushcomp. This comp would highly prefer a mountain drake, but there is a possibilty you won´t get it at all ingame. Your team may be able to slay 4 Dragons until 35mins but the chance to get there without a Mountain Drake is not that low. With this Comp the enemy team would also be forced to fight you over an Mountain Drake, but .. you know if there is now Mountain Drake this won´t be an issue for them at all ^^ Still i think you Solutions aren´t that good. The first got the problem that the value of each Drake is NOT equal. Some of them might fit better in specific comps still I think cloud drake isn´t very important at all. so the first drakes wouldn´t be objectives you want to contest. Maybe you take them if your team is ahead, but i think you wouldn´t risk a 5v5 fight for it. They made the spawn random so that each Drake despite their value might get equaly taken. Also their patches to balance their buffs gives that impression. I often thought that this DragonSystem is quite nice, because there is more variation. Still this system is far from being perfect. I thought maybe you should change some of the Drakes itself. I would make the Cloud and Ocean Drake a one time only. So both of them only spawn once a game and gives the same stats like a two stacked Cloud/Ocean Drake atm. All Dragons would still spawn randomly but this would make the possibility much higher for stacked Mountain and Infernal Drakes. Also it would prevent these 3 times CLoud Drakes a game.... where noone really want to fight for theses buffs. We can´t came up with er perfect solution for the system. I appreciate the thought of Riot behind the changes, but it will take most likly the hole Season to nearly get this system balanced.


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