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: New Tribunal Idea?
An easier way is to 1, when you download a replay of a match you just had, allow the chat to be visible and 2, when submitting a ticket to riot, you're allowed to attach a short clip of what happened as evidence. The report system right now is flawed because it simply takes your word without actual evidence and the ban isnt issued at times.
Shamose (EUW)
: Base Kayn hasn't been consumed by Rhaast yet. Red Kayn is what happens when Rhaast consumes Kayn, which is why Kayn doesn't speak after transforming. Aatrox and Varus are the Darkin weapons, but they have already consumed the host. So unless varus is reworked and somehow turned back into a human he won't have a different ultimate. Also in Varus's case it doesn't even make sense to transform him in his ultimate because the darkin Varus has consumed 2 humans. The missing "a" in Varus's name is even joked about by aatrox.
Fair enough, ignoring the talking to your weapon part. I still think Varus' ultimate is underwhelming for a darkin. Aatrox grows in size, sprouts wings and flies and looks even more menacing. In Kayn's case, I still believe giving all 3 of Kayn's forms the same abilities was a little... lazy. I get that each ability is tweeked differently based on which form you take but generally they're the same. I just think that Varus should have an updated Ult that screams Darkin.
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: >everyone in game clearly saw it directed to my duo partner who has no problem with it. But other people do. This is the thing. It's not about whether you and your friend are ok with it, there's more than just you and your friend in that game. Had you been in my game, I would have reported you as well. It's a word that's been around for decades, built off opressing and discriminating against people - and there's a good chance someone in your game has reported you because, well yeah, it's just flat out not really acceptable.
But you didn't address the other point. I understand what I said was wrong, I get that. But I have had other friends as well as other player's I have run into use much worse words in game and nothing has ever happened to them. I mean how is that fair? To be honest, I wouldn't really care if someone used words like that, the mute button exists for a reason.
: Riot has a zero tolerance policy on discriminatory language and slurs, such as the homophobic one you used. So yes, a 14 day ban is the appropriate response here. Honestly, you shouldn't be using that word at all, ever. I suggest you take some time to look into why it's not socially acceptable, and remove it from your vocabulary.
I get that and completely understand that however, everyone in game clearly saw it directed to my duo partner who has no problem with it. Everyone in our game (our team only, never in all chat) knew we were duos and even joined in making fun of him. I've played several games with other players who've said worse than I have and nothing has ever happened to them (friends). I have never received so much as a warning before so a 14 day ban right off the bat seems extreme given it was a once. Again, I understand that it shouldn't be said at all but people have done worse and nothings happened to them so its a little unfair.
Yuna348 (EUW)
: Why am i banned?
Pretty much toxic.
Raymaxe (EUW)
: Reports Mean Absolutely Nothing - Change My Mind
They handed me a 14 day suspension today for supposedly ''flaming'' my duo partner :))) Don't expect much to happen bud, you'll be left disappointed.
: %%% What does this say ?
''f g t'' not sure why it decided to replace it with %%%
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