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: Brand single-handedly winning botlane
I eat that cooking fire piece of xxx with Sona or any other sustain champ who can handle his poke.
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: What would you change about Syndra?
Her name. Syndra sounds like a prostitute on LSD.
Arenoren (EUW)
: I just want a simple answer
I think one of the design leaders is trying to quit smoking so maybe this is one of the rituals in that name.
AreCould (EUW)
: I think there is a bug
It seems fine now, I guess it was just for a first few games after the patch...
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AreCould (EUW)
: Where the hell are Ziggs players ?!
I saw some Yorricks, evens Urgots, but Ziggs was never picked, I even played with/against some Galios, but not a single Ziggs. Well, I guess it`s just me. xD
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: What champs do you love the most?
AP Ezreal = synonym for fun !
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: Tahm eating teammates against their own will. Does it bother you?
And they reworked good old Karma cause ``allies couldn`t play aside with her if they don`t fully understand her kit`` Then they made full troll champs like Bard, Kalista and now Tahm, who can cc you without your agreement... Old Karma was my main champion, i still miss her... This new mage generic crap can`t even get close to her...{{item:2137}}
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: Music to play league with?
Alice Cooper - Poison on full repeat @ Teemo, Shpongle - Museum Of Consciousness [Full Album] @ Bard, Alannah Myles - Black Velvet on full repeat @ Janna. I did not found music synchronization with other champions, but know knows, i probably will...


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