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OctoberXu (EUW)
: No fire team bundles?
Yep, same here. I see the ice and fire wards and icons being sold seperatly in the store but in the bundles section there is only the team ice bundle.
xCillion (EUW)
: Greetings. Can you please upload the latest "LoLPatcher.log" from C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Logs\Patcher Logs, while you are stuck/getting the error? Thanks! Its quite normal to get stuck at some point, usually it does work in the background at that stage. So unless it gives an error, or gets stuck forever. Dont close it!!
Sure, here's the log file you requested. And yeah, I know the patches can sometimes appear to be stuck even though they are actually still running in the background. Unfortunately this one is always giving me the error message at that specific point.
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: Add a 'Report for botting' option in reports
I'd say the main reason we don't see this particular report option is that people would simply clog up the system in no time. As riot have said, they need to double check if someone was really using a bot or simply playing very very badly. They can't just automate it. If a "botting" report option existed, tons of people would just use that option whenever they get outplayed or when they see someone handle a champion in a way they don't think should work.
ezPzLsQz (EUNE)
: You think that support/ticketing system will help you? They're exactly as you said bots answering to your requests and then admins themselves repeating the same thing without any clarification what so ever, trying to prove a point to them is impossible, i reported a blatant troller in my team with every possible evidence with replays of the game, notes and game info on the site. They still haven't answered me a single thing in a week and only now contacted a team to view my ticket p.s. don't mind the downvotes on this comment because there will be a lot after my thread on this riot worshiping forum
I'd say you'll get more downvotes for preemptively calling everyone who doesn't agree with you a "riot worshipper" than for the rest of what you are saying. Also, it's nonsense to complain that it takes them a week to reply to you. Going by the amount of people playing the game it's not hard to imagine how many support tickets will arrive in their mailboxes every day. So I'd say a week is quite a reasonable time.
Rayz019 (EUNE)
: Yes, yes I am. I don't care how support mains try to make themselves feel better, but support is easy as hell. I don't practice support for shit and My highest win rates are on support.
I just love it when people say support is "easy as hell." Try playing adc against a bot lane with an interactive and good support while you have a "Hey guys, playing support is easy mode. lol" guy to 'help' you. Supporting is as easy or hard as any other role in league. Of course, if someone may be stuck in the old mindset of support being a passive warding bot who hangs around doing practically fuck-all in the lane or if someone pays no attention to what active supports actually do in lane while all the adc does is play whack-a-mole with minions, then yeah, I can see why someone would think support is the easiest position.
: > [{quoted}](name=GawnMower,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=dhdAFt4o,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-07-29T18:26:39.460+0000) > > After hanging around these boards for a couple of months, ive noticed that a topic that comes up very often is champions that have abilities that are just TOO OP for some people, mainly Annie's tibbers insta stun, rengo ulti, just Katrina as a whole, and a whole lot of other champion abilites. > > Most of these champs have had their abilites like this since the dawn of time, at least all of them have had them since S2 which is when i started, till this day AD {{champion:20}} is still pretty useless :) > > And im wondering why people are only just complaining so heavily about them now, back in the good old days whenever Annie landed a Flash tibbers on the whole team it was a good play. Now its just OMG this $*!* is broken as hell rito plz nerf and make annie throw the bear insted, no counter play what so ever 9x report plox. It would be nice if people would stop trying to make this game really easy to play, i dont want it to get to the stage where every single CC ability becomes so obvious to read that the game jsut becomes a snore fest. dont get me wrong i hate it as much as the next guy when i get insta gibbed by rengo from his ult, but at the same time i love being able to do it my self. Its what makes each champion unique. > > Every single champion is OP in their own way, except for {{champion:41}}, i still find him fairly useless even after the re work, its all just a matter of perspective. > > Try and take the good with the bad, and if you think something is OP then just play it your self Tibbers is not instant. There is a brief delay with a cast time where you can flash away.
Compared to other abilities with cast time it is pretty much instant though. The only way to reliably flash away from a Tibbers stun is if you had 7 mugs of coffee already and your really twitchy finger is glued to the flash hotkey. In general I'd say what makes people complain about champions like Annie being OP all of a sudden even though her kit has been the same for ages is that the overall direction of the game has changed around these champions. As champions become more and more skillshot oriented and high utility features become gated with qualifiers (like Ekko's stun for example) it makes champions suddenly stick out like a sore thumb if they don't follow those rules. In Annie's case she brings a reliable stun that can be used on all her abilities (of which one can be a full team stun and on her Q it's a definite hit on one champion)and she can hold on to it indefinitely once charged, making her an absolute terror in bot lane and for teamfights.
Kappapeia (EUW)
: new game mode
Going by the usual timeframe of featured game modes I'd venture a guess that the mode will stay for about 14 days. In addition to that you had 6 days to get the icons of act 2 so I guess with the quests for act 3 being quite time intensive, you'll have even more time. So even if you're gone for 3 days you will still have enough time to get the last icon.
Cosantoir (EUW)
: Champion death is unprecedented in League of Legends, and we do not take it lightly. WE ENCOURAGE ALL GANGPLANK FANS TO REMAIN CALM FOR A FEW DAYS UNTIL WE CAN FULLY ASSESS THE SITUATION.
It would be really awesome and hilarious if, when Gangplank returns, his ghost skin becomes his standard skin and the current default champion outfit takes the place of the ghost skin. :D
Radaniol (EUW)
: I love it. And yet... something is wrong. ... Oh. That's right. Riot changed three more lores into 2-3 line paragraphs.
Actually, they didn't. The lore blurbs in the client are supposed to be very short now. The full character description is now on the champion pages on the web.
Mada (EUW)
: What's wrong with trying hard?
In my experience your team and you will usually earn the title of "tryhards" when the enemy team had the game in their hands and threw it. Practically every time I've been called a tryhard along with my team it happened in two scenarios. First case would be when the enemy team uses some kind of cheesy/uncommon strategy or team composition and after facerolling initially they lose momentum because either the gimmick of their strategy becomes obvious and the other team adapts or their team is an early stomper but becomes completely unbalanced and useless late game. The second scenario would be when the enemy team completely wrecks you but they don't finish the game in time. Sometimes they are ahead but for a variety of reasons just can't finish but more often than not it's that they are completely dominating but they simply_don't want to finish it!_ Either they are too full of themselves and decide to toy with you some more (because it's so funny killing those noobs hahaha) or it's the classic "Hey guys, don't finish yet. We've won this anyway; I want to get full-build." The result is the same in both cases though. They give your team enough time to catch up and, as it turns out, given a roughly equal amount of gold your team is actually stronger in late game and you turn the tide. What follows are a couple of teamfights where you come out ahead and you start homing in on their base. That's when the realization slowly sets in that they screwed up. And this is the exact moment when you can start reading in all chat how you are all a bunch of tryhards and "no fun."
: Help me with advice for climbing ranked pls.
My suggestion here would be to consider switching to another support champion. Janna is a good support without a doubt but Janna is very dependant on her ADC and the rest of the team playing well. She peels exceptionally well but that's of no use if the members of your team don't take advantage of that. Just play a support champion that can deal raw damage. Annie, Morgana and Zyra would be prime examples of this type. Get your support item, get your sightstone but after that just go full AP.
Synx7 (EUNE)
: Hope that the old announcer VO comes back as well, otherwise I won't have any commentary in a game from now on. I disabled it, it's so annoying
The Gangplank announcer is just a temporary thing as well. The announcer on all maps and in all modes will return to the standard one once the event is over. Also the current VO is likely to be just a test run for when they will eventually sell announcer packs.
: Yasuos wall letting everything through the wall.. Just played ranked and it didnt stop any of the Velkoz spells...
Because 3 out of his 4 spells are not projectiles. So there's nothing to block in the first place.
: I admit I'm not into that cancer/aids stuff, its kinda gross when people say it, really gross even. Still its just words and its free speech, a ban sure, but perma-ban, that could be like 3 years, many friends and hundreds of pounds of investment you are taking away from someone. I don't see why a temporary ban isn't good enough? especially with all the mistakes in the report system I really feel perma-bans just shouldn't exist, hackers are the only exception because you can't ignore/mute/fight back against hackers.
> [{quoted}](name=DaedricTerror13,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=nXfvGdte,comment-id=000d0000,timestamp=2015-07-25T21:47:22.346+0000) > > Still its just words and its free speech, a ban sure, but perma-ban, that could be like 3 years, many friends and hundreds of pounds of investment you are taking away from someone. > > I don't see why a temporary ban isn't good enough? especially with all the mistakes in the report system I really feel perma-bans just shouldn't exist, hackers are the only exception because you can't ignore/mute/fight back against hackers. First of all the "free speech" argument is not only overused on the internet but it's also for the most part not understood by the people who use it. Yes, there's the right of free speech in public but League of Legends is not a public place. As as example, a guy would be absolutely entitled to being the biggest douche ever in public and he could say pretty much every offensive thing in the book and be covered by the right of free speech but if he went to a bar or a pub and tried it there, the owner wouldn't have to take any of that and could kick him out and ban him for life. Free speech only applies in the general public. Neither is a bar a public space nor is League of Legends. In here there is no free speech because it's riot's place and their rules. You either follow them or you get kicked out for good. In addition to that, people who flame and rage and behave like a douche ingame never get a permanent ban as a first step. They will receive multiple warnings and smaller timeouts before the big one. If they don't change their ways in time then a permanent ban is justified. Also, in the past riot experimented with letting people back in some time after receiving a permanent ban if they pleaded their case and promised to do better from then on. As it turned out the majority of those people made it back into the ranks of most toxic players in no time. If you proposed system was put in place and the worst thing a toxic player would have to fear was a short temporary ban then LoL would be much worse.
: AP Gangplank - Win every teamfight
I haven't tried the new Gangplank yet but I will definitely give this a try for fun.
: Bilgewater event question?
You need to do the quests in order. So for TF to get the second icon you need to kill the 100 minions in Aram first and only after you've done that the game will start counting your wins for the second quest.
: It's literally impossible to avoid getting reported in this game. The community is so childish and salty that if you say ANYTHING, someone will take offense even if you're trying to be constructive or give encouragement, but if you don't say anything the wood 5 vayne who went 1/8/1 in a 25 minute game will report you for refusing to communicate with the team.
According to Riot Lyte the average LoL player who does not break the rules will still receive between 1 and 5 reports per hundred games played on average. But to actually trigger an examination of your behaviour you must have received a much larger amount of reports in relation to your played games.
kiwishrew (EUW)
: Just seems to me like flimsy incentive and wasted potential.
Keep in mind that the champion mastery system is still pretty new. They have already said they are looking at ways to expand it and reward you more for reaching higher levels. The way it is now is still just the barebones testing version.
: Also, rengar is hard to play, especially to pull out that one shot combo. And you want him banned? haha
It's not really that hard to pull off. The combo is pretty easy for anyone who has a little bit of practice with the champion. Rengar is a valid ban at low ranks because he has a high potential to make mincemeat out the carries of your team even if the Rengar player is not the best.
user2426 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Vionicesca,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=WEgcd3xl,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2015-07-16T15:02:10.228+0000) > > I'm not completely against meta but I do hate people who go "omg this is a troll pick" just because someone took Gnar ADC instead of Vayne. > > Considering I'm a support main, I'd be fine with it and just let him carry :P Problem behind not meta picks is that they obviously not strongest. And u know everyone wanna win a game, so when someone picking not meta champ, hes just making ur team weaker before game even started, ofc people will complaint.
> [{quoted}](name=user2426,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=WEgcd3xl,comment-id=000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2015-07-16T15:27:21.902+0000) > > Problem behind not meta picks is that they obviously not strongest. And u know everyone wanna win a game, so when someone picking not meta champ, hes just making ur team weaker before game even started, ofc people will complaint. I'd say that's only half right. Of course a lot of meta picks are meta simply because they do things better than comparable champions (same with meta item selections). But for the most part I'd say what makes the majority of meta champions are the ones which are simply the best allrounders who can play against a large variety of champions without having clear-cut counters that make them completely useless. Most non-meta picks are not actually weak at all. What keeps them from being meta is a) they haven't been played in the LCS yet (because let's be honest, quite a few meta picks of today would have caused you to be insta-flamed if you picked them before they saw some LCS prime time), b) they are very situational picks depending on specific team compositions or enemy picks or, last but not least, c) they are powerful but at the same time also easily countered if the enemy should anticipate what kind of trick you're trying to pull off. In addition I would also say that it's also always a question at what MMR you are playing. I'm not advocating for just picking whatever simply for the heck of it in ranked games but I dare say that in matches of gold and below your chances of winning are not as much determined by your champion being meta or not but much more by how well you actually play that champion. Simply because unless it's a 100% advantage of one champion over the other, in terms of skill the enemy players will never be able to take full (or maybe not even half-full) advantage of having a "counterpick" in the way pro players and top tier players would be able to.
MCDakata (EUNE)
: Riot, will you sue my ass, if I write a 300-500 pages novel with your copyrighted characters ?
I seriously doubt riot would sue anyone just for writing novelsized LoL fan fiction. If Riot got their knickers in a twist just because their characters are used in unofficial (and more often than not also nsfw) artworks they'd be so busy suing people they wouldn't have time to develop the game anymore. I'd think that as long as it's not some kind of absolute sick crap they don't really care about fan fiction. Also, suing is always the last resort. Before they'd drag you to court, I think you'd first receive a letter from them, telling you to stop what you are doing, to pull your already published stuff from your blog (or wherever you put it up) and not do it again. As long as you don't try to make money with it (without asking Riot for permission first) and you don't try to make it look like the characters and setting are your own, you should be fine. At the end of the day Riot is happy about fan fiction of all kinds because it's free advertising for them.
: awesome item that everybody should have
It's a shame that there are way too few people who actually upgrade their trinkets or even just switch it to something more useful depending on the game. Recently I played support versus a team that had both {{champion:84}} as well as {{champion:35}}. I upgraded my trinket to {{item:3362}} as soon as I could with the result that neither of them managed to get a kill on botlane at all. Even went so far that Akali started complaining about me in all chat. At the same time top kept on dying and when I checked even after the 25 minute mark and repeated deaths he was still running around with just {{item:3340}} and, of course, never bothered to buy a pink ward. Even after suggesting it he told us he could not just waste gold for that because he has to save for 'real' items... <_<
: im not talking about the burst, i am talking about how easly she can carry a teamfight without a real chance to counterplay it for the other team...
Don't run into a teamfight grouped together tight like a flock of sheep in heavy rain? Have the tanks walk in front so Annie can't get to the squishies? Buy Banshee's Veil early to avoid being stunned by Tibbers and bursted down? Get a Quicksilver Sash and instantly remove the the stun? Have Syndra on your team to not only counter-stun their team back but to also pick up Rubbers (this taking away his damage) and then fling it into Annie's face? You're right, there's no counterplay against Annie at all...
: To all supports out there
> [{quoted}](name=GankIncoming,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=dqd1qHeJ,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-06-27T19:48:41.671+0000) > > How do you main this role? > Like seriously this is the most boring thing ever, wander around in this lane while adc is farming.. Get flamed on when they die.. Get flamed on if you steal one CS... get flamed on when you are roaming.. > Big respect from me! If that's your perception of what supports do, I can understand why you don't know how anyone could play support. It has gotten better over time that people see what supports actually do in lane but there are still enough players who simply don't notice your efforts at all unless you got massive farm and tons of kills. (Which kinda boils down to thinking all that supports do is wandering around the lane while the adc does all the work.) I think the worst are people who say they absolutely will not play support at all but then turn around and call adc as their role. Of course not everyone can be good at every role but seriously, how do they expect to find a willing supporter if they openly and proudly admit they have absolutely no idea (and also refuse to learn) how half of the lane works they want to play in?
sykes15 (EUW)
: Game crash's and cant connect.
I doubt you'll get a leaverbuster warning because if that message pops up and the game can't be connected to anymore it's usually a sign that either someone in that game or someone in a game running on the same server node used ddos to bring that node down. You'll have to wait till the servers and Riot's programs realize the game doesn't exist anymore and then you can play again. Also, the game will most likely not show up in your game history at all.
bonsly (EUW)
: game ddosed cant reconnect
There is nothing to be done in such a situation. You have to wait until the Riot servers and programs acknowledge the game doesn't exist anymore. Also, unless some guy on your team specifically said they were responsible for it, it may just be that nobody in your game was responsible for it at all. You were just unfortunate enough to have had your game hosted on the same server as some other game where someone decided to end it by ddos which as far as I know will also kill the other games running on that node.
Krestek (EUNE)
: Till when will firecracker jinx be on sale?
As far as I know all three of the festival skins are regular skins; they are not legacy skin and will stay in the shop permanently.


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