Shamose (EUW)
: You are not a new player. You are a smurf being matched with other smurfs.
Dude isn't talking about this from a smurfs perspective, he's talking about how it affects the experience of new players
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Vincit (EUW)
: Do you have a video/pictures to back this up? If you want you can try to watch back the game! If this is in any case true, it's very important that it gets fixed as soon as possible!
I wasn't recording but I have seen this bug on funny montages, it's been there for a long time.
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: welcome to league
Well I see now why these people are still in the community. Everyone who stands up to them gets punished LOL
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Holy shjt (EUNE)
: Huge lag, game problems and normal games not working properly
I have had the exact same problem, constant 600-800 ping, had to just leave the game because I couldn't play. Had a test and it says my ping is fine.
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Poyoko (EUW)
: Season 6 - Placements
5/5 got silver 3, was plat last season.... Something is really fucked up, now I need drag through all the trolls, afks and plain stupid people of the internet.
: How could i guess my MMR?
Definately not, I was plat 5 now silver 3 going 5/5 rofl.
Mr 44 (EUW)
: 10/10 = Bronze V
I went 5/5 and got demoted from plat 5 to silver 3 LOL, think I might uninstall league. No fun playing with low level players, just a complete waste of time to climb knowing you shouldn't have gone done (at least by not more than a few divisions)
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: The new draft mode experience....
It's way too buggy, i've been placed in an afk queue 3 times because it wouldn't let me ban anything.
: New champ select random bug
yes, im in afk queue now because apparently I didn't ban anything BECAUSE IT WOULDN'T LET ME, button was greyed out on every champ I tried, hope ranked doesn't start with this. I will be demoted back to gold...
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Lenvi (EUW)
: Scripting
Maybe you just faced someone who was good? People have complained that I script but all I do is sidestep and react.
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: Serious team looking for people to fill our last spot(s)
Wibbix (EUW)
: Gold+ Team looking for Top & Mid laner
: Here's the official application of course. Country: UK Age: 19 Position: Mid Current Tier: Bronze 1 (i'll probably be silver today once you read this) Season 4 Tier: Silver 5 Top 5 Champions on your role: Velkoz, Brand, Twisted Fate, Annie, Katarina Your strongest point on your role: Great reactionary play /initiative Your weakest point on your role: Mechanics (for now) Tell us something about yourself!: Look above :)
I probably shouldn't give an opinion on something that isnt my post but the only way of knowing whether your good is your elo ^^. Sure you might be higher than what you are (I was once upon a time bronze 4 now im plat 3) but you need some credibility
AskieBoy (EUW)
: Team Network - We need YOU!
Country: UK Age: 17 Position: top Current Tier: plat 3 Season 4 Tier: gold 1 Top 5 Champions on your role: nidalee, rengar, riven, irelia, renekton Your strongest point on your role: knows the ins and outs of most champions so know what they are capable of Your weakest point on your role: Awareness of jungle ganks (im usually hyper aggresive in lane) Tell us something about yourself!: Lived in four countries but don't worry my english is perfect ^^
Jim Rat (EUW)
: LF Gold+ ADC/TOP for 5s Team
Added you, going to add you on my smurf Blackbriar123 as well because im playing with a friend on it atm, can talk ingame
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: Legends of The Void
CaptainShed Plat 3/2 top laner but I can really play anything, depends on the champs
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