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: Playing from South africa
i live in north africa i get 80 / 90 ping per game we need a server in africa !
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: Not a bad idea at all. While i myself don't have any issues when it comes to the eng. language it sound liike a solid thing to at least be looked at as concidered. Althought this ide has it's flaws. The arabic language is complicated and implementing it will take alot of work, like ALOT. Also Riot will have to implement the arabic keyboard into the system whic hwould complicate alot of things especially when it comes to ingame chat. What would be ideal is having an arabic/middleeastern server featuring only the arabic language but that idea is too far feched. We can still hope thoug ^^
Well bro its not that complicated for the arabic keyboard i think they can solve that like other game companies did ! and if u don't know we have something called Classical Arabic which is understandable for all arabs ! and for the server we have heared that riot games came to tunisia and they were trying to find a way to make us buy rp with our own Currency and they got asked about the north africa server but unfortunately they said they cant because they won't profit anything from it :'(
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: i know thousands of Bulgarian players,thousands of Serbian players,thousands of Greek players so what riot can not make client for every language on the planet if u can do it for them
Hey bro at least u got a server ! on ur region , we dont have anything man + high ping ! it will be amazing if they do that ! :'(
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: How about creating a North Africa Server !
Yes ! I'm having a ping issues during my gaming time , it will be very much appriciated if riot make this happen : Thanks we Believe in riot ! :)


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