: every one including best players in the world get rammed by trolls and afkers you are not the only one, but a 4 man premade in a soloq environment is not the way to solve it.
I've seen gold players getting 30cs at 10 minutes and kda below 0.5, the last thing is their 3 premades harassing and blaming me
: its a pretty good idea
until you play alone, get stuck in a 4+1 vs 4+1. Your team mates now blame everything on the random and harass you, your opponents realise you're the one not premade and as such you're out of communication because your team is on skype so you get 4 man ganked all game so farming and surviving is a bitch. You will fail that game and you'll be blamed for the loss when in fact a complete lack of team play and communication is what caused it
: Just wanted to throw in, that you should never give in, in a ranked game unless it's absolutely hopeless. Started a game 4 v 5, we got first blood and an early lead, the 5th man came back but things started to go wrong and we ended up quite a fair bit behind in the mid game, but we had a counter-engage/pick comp so when they got baron and pushed a little too far up and tried to engage, out came the Zyra > Pantheon > TF> Ezreal wombo combo with Nasus on clean up/split pushing, that got us back into the game. Then they tried to catch a pick on Ezreal only to get caught by a 2nd Wombo and onward to the Nexus. http://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/2370649079/36999803?tab=overview Now my first ranked game of the day was absolutely hopeless, some High Elo Smurf on Fizz out to wreck everyones fun. Still don't get why Riot still allows the smurfing thing but you take the rough with the smooth I guess.
A lot of the games I was having where hopeless, if not for me for the enemy team. It was easy stomp or struggle and achieve nothing.
: The only problem there is "most mids" aren't as viable as you or anyone else are trying to make. Yeah sure a few mids such as veigar can do without. What about other mana users such as Sona? 3 spells and mana pool gone. It's not enough she barely has 400 hp and very low resistances, now all she can do is use 3 spells and back to base. I'm sorry for those people who spent so much money on her legendary skin. Just sayin'
Sona isn't a viable mid anyway. Regardless, she only eats up that much mana if spamming her heal, her Q is very cheap for mana. As said they are improving mana for the currently mana starved, but honestly very few in the cast rely on mana pots by any stretch of the imagination
: Unless you are Riven, Gnar, Katarina etc.
To be fair most mids shouldn't have mana issues and when they do you're usually fine until you can grab a deent mana item. The only time I ever bother with mana pots is if I'm playing sona incase my adc is a pleb and needs healing every 2 seconds
: hm those "tanky meta supports" arent really that hard to play, compared to {{champion:143}} or {{champion:43}} then again, if you never played them, then dont judge
After playing both, no. I go Spelltheifs 3 health pots. Learn to mana better.
: After 13 demotions from S2, and back up again, and down, I also am thinking about quitting. Maybe not for good but for the end of the season, where people tryhard so much they tunnel vision from the climb stress. And yeah I also get TONS of afk people (which is the only way to win a ranked game in low elo....) trollers, instalocks, "the chosen" etc. It's extremely tiring, and after trying to climb throughout 3 months it's all wasted in literally 2 days....
Literally the exact same spot as me, had a 75% win rate before the end of season reward announcements... that has dropped
M4ndrake (EUW)
: There is also the Problem , that in bronze/silver/Gold/ low plat you get outdrafted. The most games are lost during Draft , like lets say Top gets Darius , Mid gets Zed , Bot Morgana/Corki , Jungle picks Nocturne/Tryndamere(yes wtf) , while the enemy Team picks Top Fiora/Malphite , Lux/TF Mid , Bot Alistar/Jinx, Jungle whatever. What the hell are you going to do with Comp 1 ? Theres not enough dmg rolling in that bypassed Comp2s protect the carry setup so Darius becomes worthless cause no Ult resets , Zed dies after killing one enemy and Comp 2 annihilates Comp 1 with ease. Just an example but you know what I mean . Another Issue are Supports and Junglers in low elo about 50% id estimate just dont know how to pressure lanes and get their carries through the game. Jungle stayin in the jungle for 20 years farming camps, then some people think a gank is only good if it results in a kill , pushing enemy out with low hp so they loose farm not good enough Tower must be dove enemy manages to kill 2 and gets away with 1hp , this is rather extreme but thats how it is . Brainless Plays
no, support. I love support. I play sona, I literally push the enemies off farm with poke. What do I find? my adc has 40 farm at 10 minutes and is now trying to 1v2 tower dive. Completely seperate issue to my actual issue with ranked right now but holy crap is it annoying. The enemy is under tower on 100 hp, just freeze the lane and if they move I'll murder them, jesus
Soarburn (EUW)
: Upgrading your starting items. (Upgrading Dorans)
The entire point of dorans where that numerically, they were the best starting items straight out, the drawback being that they fell off and had to be sold whereas starting with other items could lead to getting big items sooner. You get dorans blade and you're banking on doing better than an opponent that doesn't get a dorans. That was the point, if they made dorans upgradable and go into late game it'd have no drawback and as such would need to be nerfed
Grimpulse (EUW)
: The ult might be very situational for an ADC build and only good for cleaning up, getting back to lane and escaping (which are still pretty useful keep in mind), but it is AMAZING for an assassin build. If you dive on any squishy you can utterly obliterate them with the current combo come mid game. Sure, you're still not able to just blow up any tanks, but that isn't the main goal of assassins anyway. The loss of the blind is actually a very big deal. Without it she gets completely outclassed by other ADCs in direct skirmishes. You would need to buff the Q to give an absurd amount of burst for it to make up for the previous blocking of consistent damage output from other ADCs. The idea behind the upcoming marksman update is basically to give them their distinct identity. Quinn being so well rounded with her playstyle varying from ADC to dueler to assassin IS her current identity, which is pretty damn unique for a marksman already. By catering exclusively to the ADC playstyle, and not even successful at that, Quinn loses far more of what currently makes her fun and viable then she gains.
I think the ult change has hit her harder than the Q change. The Q just adds to her burst and now she'll kill faster, or atleast would if her ult wasn't ridiculous now. Yes her blinds where what where helping her win trades before, but I think she can win trades off of a much better burst now and either pick up easy kills or disengage knowing you've chunked enemies hard.
FlexAdams (EUW)
: you're right, tbh that didn't click while i was reading it sry. Well my comment about the ult looking retarted still stands
Definitly, I figured she needed something different for her ult but that's just silly
: It lasts for 2 seconds, so it's only viable to place during combat and has to be placed precisely also. What's the problem?
CC train, morgana bind into guarenteed 90 second trap
: > [{quoted}](name=ivo02,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=L14EP1AH,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-10-30T14:44:57.577+0000) > > +1 I approve. Rito pls, consider it. It wouldn't make sense just to stand there and be like "Shit, enemy is at 10hp. Better reload than simply hit him a little." Exactly! I also just want to see him punch a guy in the face :P Thanks for the reaction! ^^
It doesn't make sense for him to not reload when the enemy is healthy though, so I propose he just gets a mellee murder animation when he AAs when it would kill the enemy
FlexAdams (EUW)
: Now i'm not a Quinn main but the worst thing imo is that they removed her blind, that was really her key to winning trades. I think adding that back in would make the rework okay, then just changing the ultimate so Quinn isn't just dangling there it looks retarded
she get's a lot from harrier procs, which ? Q now gives her instead. Her damage will be huge compared to before
Waylander (EUW)
: The ulti change (no more tag team - just a helo lift) and the removal of blind is criminal. The problem is they've gone to the trouble to reanimate the ult - there's no way they'll go back on it now. Champ is dead for me if this goes through. It is ridiculous to the point of being extreme - riot whatshisname is obviously not someone who's particularly passionate about Quinn - anyone who has a sense of her wouldn't dream of changing the ult in this way it looks ridiculous, just ridiculous...
Te ult needed a change it was awful for an adc, the blind kind of just made her a good duelist against AA reliant champs and bad against anyone else. The removal of the blind for another harrier proc instead is wonderful though, assuming they have fixed harrier
: i wrecked a voli in game with fiora you can easily dodge his q by using w.
he can "store" the flip for 4 seconds, you have a 0.75 second parry. Must have been a crap vollibear to be that obvious
Smittles (EUW)
: Doesn't stick a chance, his early game damage is about 1/4 of what Fiora can dish out. On top of that, her Parry cast lasts longer than Jax's entire block+stun cast even if left for as long as possible, so she can cast her Parry when she sees him spinning round to stun, he will never stun her.
jax has a 2 second window, fiora has a 0.75 second parry. I call bullshit
: This wont be addressed by riot. they could implement a number of fixes but as far as I can tell riot shuts them down and claims we could abuse them (even though other games have them and they work well) Hell even a pause function would help a lot. But riot said we would abuse that.
You could make it hard to abuse though. If you disconnect (or possibly some other strict checks), the game accounts for you as having gone afk or feeding and increases your lp loss whilst lowering your team mates (unless they themselves do the same thing). It'd be hard to abuse because you'd have to actually have to be an issue. If you won regardless there'd be no impact
Smittles (EUW)
: The ONLY way I can see a mercy rule being introduced and not being abused, is if there is an AFK FROM THE BEGINNING. Then Riot can maybe trap that in code to see the losing team had an AFK from minute 0, and then maybe formulate a way to cushion the blow for the team with the AFK.
They could easily do something to check for disconnects and alleviate some of the lp lost for team mates of the person that disconnected.
Neonchan (EUW)
: Ever played with Teleport + Flash? :P
I rarely play top, and I've used the same logic since season 2. Damn i still prefer not using teleport if I can help it
: > [{quoted}](name=Flowey,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=62QKPzE3,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-10-30T00:15:49.227+0000) > > What do you guys think about how I play League? If you constantly keep your fingers on WASD like playing an FPS, then highly inefficient and suboptimal. Not only you need to reposition your fingers constantly to use abilities and items _(that are not even close to each other)_, it also makes your raw input much slower and you will lose against players who use the default settings and smart-cast. I highly suggest that you just learn to use your mouse to move the camera around and dedicate your fingers solely on abilities / items. Currently you are only gimping yourself since your left hand is trying to do everything. > [{quoted}](name=Flowey,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=62QKPzE3,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-10-30T00:15:49.227+0000) > > Do you see yourself playing with a different configuration than the default? Yes. I personally use the "4 finger" play-style: Pinky on Q, ring-finger on W, middle-finger on E and index-finger on R. Great thing about this style is that I don't need to move / reposition my fingers at all. I can purely focus on spamming and mashing the buttons without worrying about accidentally pressing other buttons. Then I use my thumb _(that rests somewhere between space-bar and B)_ for trinket _(space-bar)_, summoners spells _(B and V)_ and recall _(G)_. Some item activations I have on my mouse, rest on the number keys + ping wheel on my mouse thumb button. Also my mouse_ (G502)_ has a "sniper button" that I have bound as an ALT _(could be shift as well)_, creating another layer for Q,W,E,R buttons _(could be used for leveling up abilities, self-cast or item activations)_. Also I smart-cast everything by default, unless they are skills that do not work with smart-cast.
using this system means you have to move your hand or mouse to level up abilities and you can't utilise attack move. I keep my pinky on shift for attack move so I can easily move to ctrl to level abilities, my ring operates 1, 2, q and a for trinket. middle finger is w, s and 3 and my index has the most work with 4, e, r, d and f. this leaves my thumb free for space and the temporary screen lock
Neonchan (EUW)
: If I recall correctly flash on D is a bannable offense, as it shows your lack of communication skills (Flash starts with F)
I use 2 summoners though, one for covering Distance and one for Fighting. D and F are clearly defined
: So when he activates his W he will do 20 percent more damage
More than when you take on hit effects into account, including the one he gets from his W. It'll be pretty beastly late game but he has to be still for it pretty much
SS Pappino (EUNE)
: ***
There is a vast difference between dying a lot and going out of their way to be killed or going afk. losing lane badly is one thing, being afk for 10 minutes then immediately going into the enemy jungle and engaging 2v4 is another. Being bad and strolling over to top lane and tower diving darius without even attacking repeatedly because the adc got a kill that you wanted (I was the darius) is completely different. If it was people doing bad every game I'd understand, but it's blatant trolling and childish behavior. That isn't them being silver, it's them being blatant trolls and it happens in all divisions
LA Losty (EUW)
: Thats true, but still dont think its "stupid". He also has counterplay, and many champions beat him. One of the things about Yasuo is also that if he gets ahead, he usually becomes quite strong, but if he fall behinds he can be useless. Which is why so many people either stomp or get stomped with him. Still balanced imo, and i think its an interesting and unique kit.
It's a cool design for sure and definitely balanced, but I still think they were quite silly tools to give. Kind of like sion and diana having shields that damage. bad designs that then have to be given big weaknesses to compensate for them
: I know where you are coming from, I hardly play ranked anymore BUT! I am sure next season may be so much better than this one, I can feel it
I think it might just be start of season/end of season toxicity
: Dude, i honestly actually said i am okay with kat. I know she is no where near as strong as she used to be. Yeah she can still 1v5 an entire team at late game because of her ult but that is only if he is fed. But my argument on Zed and Yasuo still stands.
late game you should just be able to lock her down and crush her. She lacks base damage, lacks scaling, but thrives on enemy mistakes. Zed still has issues as does yasuo, actually zed is great against yasuo. Anivia and swain can also do great against both of them if you play right
: I guess you've flown as high as you can fly. might as well enjoy where you are if you have no intention of leaving
I have no intention of leaving because I don't want to rise from cheap wins or drop from cheap losses, I want to try carry in 5v5 games, but they're not happening
LA Losty (EUW)
: If he only uses E to dash around, then he can barely attack himself :o
If he's dodging your abilities though he has a pretty easy trade afterwards, which means trying to never trade outside of ranged autos or waiting for his mistakes. Espicially with riot leaning away from targeted skills at the moment
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: This one can be difficult, but there are much worse match ups.
Easy to counter and pretty low damage, all of her damage is in her passive. So just don't let kat do kat things. Any cc then murder, easy peasy.
: Dunno who gives you upvotes, but blaming your team to "troll every game" is just wrong (unless you are Bronze V 0lp, then it doesn't matter anyway). In the long run you will either win more games or you are just making your team perform worse (f.e. you call their pick "useless" or "troll pick" just because it is not popular) or you play consistantly bad and believe its your teams fault. Even now at the end of the season the people I met didn't play/behave much different than before.
yet again someone incapable of reading. My complaint isn't that I'm losing due to trolls, merely that every game, win or lose is dominated by trolls. I don't mind losing a good game as it gives me chance to assess my play. My issue is every time I win I'm 5v3, every time I lose it's 3v5. It is honestly boring. It drains any fun and any learning potential. Did I win because I genuinely outplayed my opponents or was it because I had a Yasuo running into my skillshots and then tanking tower? I don't want to win like that. I fucking hate winning like that, but it's been every game for the last few week
: > [{quoted}](name=Arician,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=MPb4EOMA,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2015-10-29T11:27:15.598+0000) > > Because premades pay attention to each other more than the rest of the team. They either go duo bot they tunnelvision on just themselves or they go mid/top and jungle and then camp their premade. They stop looking out for the team and start looking out for just their buddy and it can be harmful to the winning efforts Why the general statement? I duo bot tons of times, and as support I give as much to the rest of the team as my partner in crime botlane. I ward dragon and river, not just the bush. I run mid to help out if we're doing fine bot but mid is in trouble. When the team fight starts, I'm there whether my duo lane is there or not. And I shield the person in need of shielding, not automatically my duo. If my duo is behind, I put most effort into helping the one ahead instead so he or she can carry, my duo will farm up to try and catch up. So saying that all premades may more attention to each other more than the rest of the team isn't true. Most of the time me and my duo quer don't even end up in the same lane, because we don't bother calling premades even though it's an advantage. When I play top I help mid more than bot, because it makes sense (I can get there faster unless I teleport) whether my duo is there or bot. When I play mid I help each sides equally, but focus on pushing mid. When my duo partner plays jungle she usually don't help me (lol), because she trusts me to keep alive in my lane, and instead help those she don't know will manage or not. Thing is, with a duo partner you know their playstyle, you know when they'll be okay and when they'll need help. You know their weaknesses, so you can breathe out and go top because you have direct communication with your duo who is bot. I go where I'm needed, not where my duo is.
I do that kind of stuff when I duo. damn if I'm jungle I'll leave my duo to die if he's feeding, screw helping him he can play safe whilst i get the better players fed. It's a general statement because that's the general gist of it. 99% of duo queue players are going to ruin teamplay. It's why they have a stigma.
LA Losty (EUW)
: Dont think its stupid, but its difficult to play against if you dont know how to do it properly, and they are certainly strong abilities =) But W has a super long cd, and E can mostly be used offensively and you cant keep dashing on the same target.
Infinite dashes aslong as he can get fresh targets and a "block all projectiles on reaction" ability are kind of crazy strong. Yeah, they have counterplay but his E makes skillshots next to impossible to land and whilst his W may have a long cooldown it still blocks any prjectile, making it pretty damn strong in a lot of situations. Especially when he can block ults or expensive spells on reaction and it's nearly free. I'm not saying they're OP or that they don't lack counterplay, just that conceptually they are kind of stupid so it's easy to see why bad players struggle and complain
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Don't know about swain but anivia can deal with yasuo very easily. She has the range to pop his shield, while q is hard to hit at longer range, it's pretty simple at point blank range, his windwall can block some anivia spells but's cd is still longer than anivia's E and after 6 it's just a matter of time before she starts poking him out of lane and then there's the fact that her ult decreases AS and can't be blocked by the windwall.
after 6, true, but she still has mana issues and landing Q is a ballache with his E and W. He gives her trouble, not saying it's the worst match up but it can be a pain in the dick sometimes
LA Losty (EUW)
: Exactly. I think alot of low elo players are complaining alot about him because he snowballs so hard. (Also i was pleasantly surprised with the pick at worlds :D)
He snowballs hard and his W and E are kind of stupidly designed abilities, so it's easy to see why people complain. He has his counters though
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: > There is practically no point in playing champs like anivia and swain anymore because of zed and yasuo and kat. http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/803/712/140.jpg
to be fair yasuo gives them a hard time kinda. No idea about why he brought up zed for this and bringing kat up is hilarious. She's pretty bad, people complained about her so they removed most her base damages, put them all in her ult, then lowered her ult damage and made her ult last longer. She doesn't scale too well, she doesn't have great base damages. She scales off opponent stupidity and nothing else. Why would anyone consider her a counter to anivia or swain, 2 champs that can survive her "burst" lock her down and murder her
Vherdel (EUW)
: Why is duo-queuing such a taboo these days?
Because premades pay attention to each other more than the rest of the team. They either go duo bot they tunnelvision on just themselves or they go mid/top and jungle and then camp their premade. They stop looking out for the team and start looking out for just their buddy and it can be harmful to the winning efforts
Silisa (EUNE)
: Then you need to change your mind set - if you are hell bent on having fun, because the trolls are not going anywhere.
I'm not going to improve playing 3v5 or 5v3, I'm not enjoying it, why the hell should I even play? There's no fun there and there's no room for improvement when ever game I've had in weeks is dictated purely by who trolls the hardest
alasarcher (EUNE)
: You need to start picking something that can carry game from start. Not Sona support and build LIch Bane. Or Blitzcrank support and build Lich Bane and deathcap Every support game you play, u get sightstone and then build full AP. I suggest u try Pantheon or Olaf, maybe even Lee Sin or Riven.
When you're support you can't exactly take Olaf. As said, my issue isn't losing or a lack of climbing. It's the blatant trolls in every game whether won or lost just making the game feel boring. Win or lose every game just seems to be either me finishing the game as soon as possible because enemies are trolling or me trying to claw back a win because my team is and it's getting stale.
Aelfnir (EUW)
: As someone who got from silver 4 to gold 4 this season, don't give up. There were some things I learned along the way that kinda help you with your gameplay but it's more about how you think. 1) stop giving a shit, now I don't mean troll I mean if something goes bad does it really actually affect you; now of course you'll get pissed off sometimes because who doesn't in a game like league. 2) play. Hyper carry, thic could be jinx or vayne (though I like snowballing with draven even if he's not technically a hypercarry) or it could be my old favourite Talon. 3) scraping that go with Mao,Kai because holy crap his ult wins you games. 4) don't flame, a simple one and one you've probably heard before but I was recently playing in high bronze cuz smurfs,we were down 4-0 by the 4th wave of minions but I told my team to chill, and that idea of telling our team to chill (chill is probably better than calm down, dunno why but trust me on this) we ended up winning cuz no one was angry at each other. 4) buy wards unless you're adc, even then get a pink, if Jung get a sigh stone and ward dragon and near dragon like pros do, because it will help, alot. Other than that don't give up!
As said, it's not about the winning losing/ it's about me just not having fun in the troll filled games I've had
: Absolutely agree, which is why I am taking a break from ranked until the next season starts. This is normal business at the end of a season: * You have a HUGE amount of players in divisions where they simply got due to persistance and lucky streaks * You have less huge but still substantial amount of people who bought their accounts or got them boosted * You have hordes of people spamming ranked games "BECAUSE I WANT TO GET TO GOLD OMG!!!!" playing unders stress and unfocused * You have a lot of people who smurf around and mostly don't care because, hey, its end of season anyway In short its madness out there. Take a break, play normals, and wait for the next season, and the beautiful, beautiful rants of boosted players on the boards _"boohoo, I was plat V last season why silver can't climb boohoo!"_ :-)
I might come back a month or so after season 6 ranked starts, less trolls about then
Elkzahr (EUW)
: Amen. My match history is nearly full of ranked wins and I can say about none of them that we won because of our great skill. All of them were because the enemy had one guy who had no idea how to play and ended up feeding us all, and the rest just sucked in general. Makes me wonder what would happen if I had those people in my team and the other team had my guys.
I can't enjoy a free ranked win. Normals? yeah, but I go to ranked to learn and improve. It's kind of hard to say you deserve to earn/lose lp when 3v5 too
: I swear ranked won't be sht before ranked teambuilder comes out. Still we will have a lot of problems then, but I hope less. Fck ranked. Impossible to climb when promos are always lost and there are AFKers near every game(sometimes even more than 1)
I despise team builder in its current format. I pick in a reactionary way, I want to know what my team needs to pick but teambuilder locks me into a champ before seeing my team/my opponents
coolbe (EUW)
: I do not want to be rude but who cares if you stop playing ranked? Everyone has bad games in solo queue, that is just the way it is.
It's not a bad game, it's weeks of blatant trolls. I also wanted other peoples inputs, is anyone else having these issues literally every game? Are people really happy with the game like this?
: Give this man a cookie. {{champion:41}}
I would if he got the point of the post.
Light Show (EUNE)
: Dude there are people who have videos literally titled "from unranked to diamond in 24 hours". They manage to win 4v5, 3v5 because they deserve more. I've been gold III this season. Now gold V. You, I mean we, are not beyond where we currently are. If you're suck in a division it means you belong there is what I concluded out of this. Sure you can blame x and y but pointing fingers will not give you LP.
people going from bronze to Diamond is a different kettle of fish. People doing that are generally not silver players, they are high diamond/challenger players. I don't mind losing and learning, but the win rate for 4v5 is 20%. winning with blatant feeders is lower. But even my wins are based purely on the fact that the enemy team has 2 people missing. I can't learn from that and I can't enjoy that. This isn't me bitching about losses, it's me saying ranked just isn't fun whether it's won or lost in this state
Rioter Comments
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Danbot (EUW)
: This happens to (seemingly) every other ranged attacks too, even to tower shots. You can also cancel your autoattack right before the shot. The particles still fly but deal no damage.
Yeah this issue has been throwing of my farming, they need to make things match properly
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: I have doubts about the grading system, it doesnt exactly feel like the grade reflects how i felt about the game and it seems it heavily relies on kda and whatever you win/lose that game. Lose less points when you have B grade? when i do badly i get B
That and there's things it doesn't take into account. I can keep the map warded, keep my team safe all game and win because of it. I have a shitty k/d/a but my support was huge in giving the team a victory. Doesn't matter, got a B
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