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: "Yesterday for example I even got a blue screen while playing a ranked game after a massive 6 seconds freeze" your Graphics card might be broken . you should test with an another card and see how it will go .
I have 2 graphics cards O.o NVIDIA GeForce 610M and Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000 it can't be possibly that both of them are broken, right?
: 160 constant Fps with : - Geforce GT 420 2Gb 128 bit - 4Gb ram - intel dualcore 2.5 Gh all i did was to remove shadows . and had a problem with random fps drop from 160 to 15 and i changed the window from full screen to window mode borderless . This also fixed the problem that made impossible to alt-tab once i entered into a game .
I tried removing shadows and setting everything else to low. The window mode borderless makes it unplayable for me as I get massive fps drops :/
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Mìmo (EUNE)
: My pc is 6 years old, AMD Sempron 140 Processor 2,71 GHz (single core), 2,00 GB Ram, Windows XP (SP3), Graphic ATI Radeon 4800 series , And i have 20 GB free space, nobody can have worst them me pc but i dont have problem with FPS or ping. Yes i get game crash in 1 of 5 games but after 5/10 sec. im back . My FPS is always 69-75 and MS 41-47 , so your pc is not out of date my is {{summoner:31}}
Yes I have checked the minimun and recommended requirements and mine meets both but I still get in-game freezes every 3 minutes I swear... I have checked for any possible drivers updates and Intel tells me to install a later version LOL what. Hopefully when I try it out tonight after the .NET Framework update it will be fine. But other than that.. what do you suggest me doing? I want to submit a ticket so badly but it doesn't even let me.
: This may happen for different reasons. When was your last time you format your os? Before format i had 50-60fps now i got around 70-100 . Check your drivers.Programms that might cause troubles when you play .
Honestly I don't remember... I probably formatted it around 4-5 months ago? I have a stable 120 fps normally but it can go down if I have anything else in the background such as Youtube but I always close everything when playing. I am currently updating my .NET framework to 4.6.1 which I didn't know it _could_ be out of date... What do I look for in the drivers?
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Wilkatis LV (EUNE)
: Hahaha, w8 till the new ranked arrives without separated Solo/DuoQ and TeamQ. I can already imagine how fun will the ranked be when you play SoloQ and you are matched up with a 4 player premade.
You must be kidding me... They are implementing that but not matching up with solo players???
: A message from Diamond, to bronze...
Downvoting for the fact that you lost your games purposely to be placed in bronze. If you want to reexperience what it is like, create a new account and start over, but don't fk up other people's game for your own entertainment. Ok? Bye.
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Arigato (EUW)
: Ahri's charm not affecting Lux's ult
But you can stop it from happening by stunning her but not by using charm? I'm kinda confused
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Arigato (EUW)
: Too many random friend requests
Sháco (EUW)
: Weird desync with basic attacks (ranged champions)
The thing with Caitlyn has been going on for a while now. It is a visual bug on her. You probably just got the 'feeling' that it happens with every other champ after playing Catlyn for a while, if not, then it can actually happen sometimes.
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Buttcramp (EUNE)
: Guys help pls.
CAMP THE JUNGLE :) If he camps you, go for him and fkljfakfshlshjlkfssfjklj No but you should take a break, like first commenter said.
q8Arendi (EUW)
: do you expect an admin/staff to reply with this rude/cursing /{{summoner:14}} Post?
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