: Hate towards french community
I don't know if i'm the only one but when i try to give a constructive advice "I.E. Stop pushing bot join team, buy a pink ward instead of spam pinging me why i didn't ss, go split) about 50% of french players will give me a :TG FDP and to this day i know little about what this stands for but i guess it's not a compliment
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Coxis (EUNE)
: Hey guys, here's a question for all of ya
1 - I know 2 people in this game that really may remember me , i once did a great ezreal play ( since i am an ap mid ezreal , boooh the adc style ) i knew exactly where 2 people were inside the bushes and i knew where they would flash and got a double , it felt like i was scripting and even the enemy called me a scripter even though i was not. 2 - My games are based on great skillshot plays, recently i got into jungle / top so i don't do that very much anymore but before this i was a decent midlaner, got into gold both season 5-6 by playing mid, i think it's easier to get remember by the plays you make than by the games you win, people carry everyday, that's boring. 3 - I would really like people to remmber me for the great skillshots i land, now that i think about it, i wanna play some more midlane champions :D
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: I was stuck at gold V, now I'm stuck at Plat V. All I can say, it's not that it is 50% coin flip. It's all about you, if you will improve, you will climb. It's just a matter of time. It's prooved even if you will not improve you will climb, if you will play consistently every day. Old players leave the game, new players enter the game, you will climb because there will be more unexperienced players. But it all depends on you. YOU have to improve. Just think about that you are the best skilled person going into summoners rift and keep your confidence up. Do not try to make plays, instead that punish people for their mistakes, control your champ (microplay) and learn to play macro. You will eventually climb. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
that's the mindset i start a game with but when i see that i sometimes I am the only one trying it gets frustrating, however, as i said it has to be me that doesn't carry enough, time will answer everything i guess..
: The thing is, I have to come to realize that some games are simply unwinnable. The only thing you can do is keep your head clear and take another. Eventually, you will climb. The players that are in your bad games can also be on the other team. Mostly I have tried turning people to positive thoughts and you should just know how many games I have won by simply getting two raging people to mute each other coldly stating that and then making ice-cold calls. Yet, of course, there are the games where someone simply doesn't want to get helped off his tilt. You know, the kind of player stating how he will murder you and your family (or similar styles of stupidity) but except that you can always make a try. I'm sure I could climb on my other account (where I am gold) as well if I had the time. It would require a lot of games but sooner or later I will climb. I can watch that by my slow but steady lp gain. Even though it's about a 50% winrate I still earn lp due to my elo being higher than my league. Even if it's just 4-5 lp it's a start. The hardest thing is to keep yourself off tilt.
Honestly i may sound stupid but i don't really tilt in games, playing it with rainy beats in the background and it feels pretty chill, i never start a fight with team mates, unless they, as you said, plan to murder my family, then i get a bit angry, but never swear or lose control, But yeah, sooner or later i belive i will climb . However, it's pretty interesting to see people winning 70-80-90% of their games, i was watching a video about a guy Ratirl in that video Infamous league players, and he had like 90% win rate, Probably he One tricks a champion but still, if a high elo player played in gold they would win 90% of their games, don't they have afks, trolls, feeders in their game??
: I know the feeling mate. Just managed to get to plat a few days ago and I worked out what I changed to achieve this. Last season I one tricked with Wukong Top to Plat using my mechanical skill on him alone. I didn't place any pink wards last season and I found it easy to achieve plat. However this season I found it much harder to climb past gold 2/1 as wukong top isn't strong atm and I am only good on a select few champs. However 2/3 weeks ago I tried my main (Wu) out in the jungle and I've found lots of success and I've worked out it's because if you can get bot ahead then it makes the game 10x more winnable. And the easiest position to do this from is the jungle. So my advice is to find a jungler you enjoy and are strong at and then start spamming them in ranked. Also learn that champs counters and try not to force ganks (keep farming). Hope this helps you climb a little further.
Yeah, playing jungle must be a good choice to climb and i also try to feed the adc, the difference is that i usually play support, maybe it's time for me to learn another role
Renold (EUNE)
: Luck is important in LOL.However if you have like more then 500 games and still same elo...then thats your fault.Someone even if is good and he deserves diamond(just an example)he will eventually climb.But if youre stuck and you know you have 500+or more games means that something you do is bad.
not to be rude but that's exactly what i said. "I also know that most of it is my fault because i could play better, if there are people that get out of this elo it must be me that does something wrong."
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Riluulia (EUW)
: Parents= Free rp there you go people
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Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
that's great to hear, only 15 games left. i think i'm in time
Arkadium (EUW)
: What does chat restriciton depend on?
I see. By the way. i saw that "most" of the people getting these restrictions wont be able to get season rewards. since it's my first time getting punished (played for 1,1/5 years) will i be able to get the border or not?
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Seufertma (EUW)
Same here, been waiting for 3 or 4 hours alredy.. They say they solved it and for some people it worked , not for me :(


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