: Why should i play with an a@@hole who is permamuted and can't even write an SS if needed (not that he would anyway, but still)? And what if such permamuted a@@hole decide to troll because he can't vent his frustration through the chat (which RioT verified to be actually happening back in the days when 100 games of chat ban could be thing)? I would rather shove the flamer out of the game and raise my chances to get more nice players.
That's what the ping system was implemented for, I can see this is going to be a its your fault and deal with it without considering the circumstances.
: Perma chat ban is worthless. Now you understand why you shouldn't have flamed. But too late, and it's only your fault as you were warned far enough and yet you ignored the warnings.
I don't see how a perma chat ban is worthless when the reason I have been banned is over chat, I don't feed troll or ruin peoples games with my actions I just get punished for defending myself riots have also acknowledges this in previous emails for chat restrictions ( riots policy is to punish any player arguing regardless of who is right or word ) and yes your right It is my own fault I fully accept that but the consequences are was to harsh.
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