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HH Robin (EUW)
: Giveaway! EUW Only
Heyho, may i get lucky for once. Skins (2 Legendary) Project Vayne Lunar eclipse leona
: Since the big fail of today again.....they will likely delay it. yep **AGAIN**
We could play, and even got into the final without problem.
: To all the people who rather camp fountain than hitting the nexus.
As long as they don't lose a game because of it, they won't learn.
Smoothberry (EUNE)
: What will be your goal for S9?
Platinum/High platinum most likely as i just returned 2 months ago~ and went Gold quick in all 3 queues for Victorious skin. Next season i'll go further and invest a little more time into the game.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: How else could one get Kaisa Prestige Edition?
I can answer to the bundle question: I've bought the 25 orb pack bundle twice. You can buy it multiple times. Same apply to the 11 orbs (10+1) bundles, you can buy them as many times as you'd like. Kaisa is a Mystic skin, which doesn't have a price, so cannot be bought from Your shop nor can receive from the Champion bag (as they do not include mystic skins). So yes, if you don't grab her skin for tokens now, you can only pray you'll get lucky and obtain it from loot. So far i only have seen the Prestige skin used by myself, as i haven't seen anybody used it yet nor anybody having it from my friendlist. I always get asked how much i've paid for it, so it seems really grindy indeed if you haven't helped yourself out with a few bundle; but i got a few skin from these bundle orbs (including kda kaisa and evelynn) which is nice as i rarely buy skins from shop directly.
: Tell us your Ranked 2018 stories!
I've returned to play League of Legends after 2.5 years of being away from this game (or log into for 1-2 games just to don't touch it for months again). I've been playing actively in the last ~2-2.5 months, and it was a blast how much this game changed. New runes, new additions to the map (Herald in Summoner rift, jungle fruits(?) or whatever these exploding/healing/vision giver things are), reworked and new champions. My friendlist when i returned, was mostly grey from the people who stopped playing aswell (I had something like 120 people), to the point i had only 20ish online whom from could ask. In boredom i was, i turned to SoloQ Ranked relatively quickly, as i became competitive in the years of absence from the game. I was that kind of guy you most likely wouldn't want in your ranked game in the first place, since i was experimenting with new items, runes and new/reworked champions (Don't worry, i didn't go AP Miss fortune). Yet, i got to Gold in soloq relatively easily, may it had to do with the fact i still played other MOBAs while being away from League of Legends. Switched to 3v3, as i really get bored if i don't play ranked and kept testing and trying out ideas with champions which was reworked, changed or just haven't played before and wanted to give it a try. Met a lot of people, who added me after the games and bound new friendship whom with i skyrocketed to Gold 5 in 5v5 Flex aswell. Fun fact: i was placed at Silver4 at every queue, may my MMR totally reseted over the years. Now i'm just waiting for pre-season for all these new changes to dive into Ranked once again and go for Platinum next season in SoloQ or even further.
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Ramesh1 (EUW)
: Creating a club so people can play together - write IGN in comments and i'll invite
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: Season 6 Rewards
Let's get that 75 points in 1.5 months which for usually you have half year. haha.
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: What is your worst/best re-roll ever?
only rerolled twice. Results: first: Super Galaxy Rumble (does not own the champion whehehehe) second: Marauder Warwick. I used only 520-720 skin shards. I rather disenchant for essence.
iLoveJammin (EUNE)
: Project ashe's ult is annoying!
As a guy who own project ashe, i would say the Q is the hardest to see from the skin. Ult is decently visible, but even who own the skin, i can tell only if i have Q ready by from the stack number icon or the skill icon. On the skin, i can't/barely notice it when it's ready to activate. Make cape change color when Q is ready, for both the owner and the enemy/ally.
Mosómacska (EUNE)
: Didn't smurfing became bannable? Anyways good still, getting 19 lp to loose 20 is not fun at all.
It's never been bannable, and they said it'll never be. They just bann the toxic ones, and in really special cases - so if you really went far with trolling/flaming/destroying others game - they suspend your original account(s) aswell.
Mosómacska (EUNE)
: 30 LP???? i only get around 21 and loose that with one match too.
I get on my new "one-trick pony" smurf 26-28 lp/game. Winrate is 84.6% No "double promotion" happened. #sad face
AkisAza49 (EUNE)
: Silver 1 matched against 3-4 platinums every game
I just finished my placement recently on my EUNE "one-trick pony" account. After i won my first two placement, this was the common setup in basically every game: Enemy having at least 2 platinum player, me may 1, everyone else gold. I got placed in G3. Even the first placement i played was againts 1 bronze, 3 gold, 1 platinum. only problem with that: The account is totally new, just got lvl30 a week ago. totally Fresh account has an MMR of Silver 3. I have no idea what's going on in this season. Bring the Dota's MMR system into lol, divisions mean nothing this season.
SeekerK (EUNE)
: 1509 minutes = 25 hours. Sadly it's just a visual bug that comes and goes. --- Once i spent 5 days in aram with a friend on nasus vs veigar without logging out or sleep.. this game is amazing XD EDIT: I HAVE NO IDEA WHY I EVEN SAID THIS ALL..
Sometimes i think it's the total minutes spent with that champion ingame. I had a "lux only" guy on my friendlist. Whenever he got this visual bug, he had at least 3.8-4.1k playtime, if he was with lux. funny for sure.
: The Two edged support sword
Whenever i'm ADC, i rather want my supprot to take the kill IF I'M GOING TO DIE. Assist is gold aswell, but if i get killed when i kill the enemy aswell, while it could have been avoided: We're on the same boat, enemy got +300 gold, so did i. If support takes the kill but i live: May i can push a wave or two, and still got money for assist. That's immediatelly ~420-550 gold (depends how many waves you can push) ahead compared to the enemy ADC. However i see it, ITS AN ADVANTAGE FOR ME. I'm not gonig to destroy my keyboard if you take the kill, i really does not care. The only thing which can pisss me is when they don't want to take the kill and i die because of that, then my support kills them or the enemy escapes. Whoever is complaining about this is must be in PlatV or below. (Yes, sometimes even in plat2 i still see complains if i don't get bot and have to play jung or mid).
: ohhhhhhhhhhh basically there is a probability you could get 1 PROJECT skin+ border with IP (if extremely lucky) but that way there's no way you could get all 4. If a person wants more cores, blueprints...etc he'll have to spend RP. Thank you so much for this and actually helping me out, much appreciated {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
You can get - as i know - only the old project's skin blue prints (Zed, Yasuo, leona, fiora, Lucian). The Augment Cache loots Project cores, so if you want to activate all icon print for the loading screens ... Yea, you'll need to spend RP. But this jsut came out 1.5 days ago, there is a lot of thing which can be changed.
: Ty, Wait are you saying that once i buy 1 of each with IP i can only use RP from there? I'm starting to get depressed because of me trying to understand this this XP
They're categorized as icons, you can own an "icon" only once, so you can collect these boxes (all 4 types) only once. Right now, this is how they works. (i doubt they'd change it, there are people with 100k+ IP). If you open _**all 4 boxes**_ of these, you most likely going to get an icon print from each (red, blue, green) of them, 10-15 Core (luck based), a project skin (from yellow) print and 4-6 Augment Cache **FRAGMENT**. Print: Icon print: Activating one of these icon's print will give you the special loading screen of the specific new project skin (which the icon belong. For example: Blue: Ashe) and the icon itself. Skin print: Activating one project skin print will give you the skin-shard version. (NOT the permament one). From 3 Augment Cache fragment, you can make a Augment Caceh box. (just like key fragments). Augment Cache, it's basically a normal "Hextech box", just it's loots "twice" and can have an extra loot (shard, gems...) and Project Cores. Loot twice means you can get 2 skin shard, or 1 skin 1 champion shard .... and so goes on. This is the information i know right now from reading the pbe forum. Try to re-read the OP thread post after my post, you'll understand now.
: any idea on how much 1 cache costs? and how much of each items it contains?
In RP, 250. So in IP, i guess it'll be for either 1.5k (usually the price of the limited-time-for-IP-icon cost), or 1.7k. I'm kind of sure it'll cost less than 2k each. You can buy all 4 kind of crate once, so i'd say; You'd stack up 8k ip for sure. You have something like ... 2 weeks (few rumors says this project thingie won't launch immediatelly at the patch). ps.: May the yellow one will cost more IP because it's going to give you a skin print.
: When i read the status from my friends
I'm just sitting here with "Potato of destiny!" status. Hello, fellow 9gagers.
: Illaoi seems pretty balanced
Get tentacled. ... Joke aside, since the soul-changes, if Illaoi taking my soul and i'm in range of her E after she ulted... IM RUNNING AWAY FROM IT. If the actual body, and the soul get hitted the same time ... Believe me, you won't last long. New soul on max level is around 75-80% dmg transfer, and now, as i've seen it, Illaois leveling the soul (W) first. She has great focused-onetarget burst with the soul leveling now. Better to live without a soul than get actually tentarekted.
YouSayWhaaT (EUNE)
: Elderwood Hecarim skin kind of disappointing?
... So does Lunar Wraith Caitlyn. No voice change on character, and R is just a recolor. They said it's because "traps got a new model!" ... and it's a 1350 rp skin. While the recent Deep Terror nami has all skill remodelled, new character modell, changed voice (character and skills). It's 1350. I feels like there are several skin designer team, and few of them is lacking the will to give out decent product. (... Like Project: katarina, while all other new project skin is very decent).
: Refund Champion Logged on my fresh smurf, since i knew i still have refunds there. This picture is good to see as, i got a permament TF skin from hextech crafting, since i'm not planning to play anything else besides 1 champion on that account, i bought TF to check it how it's look. Now i can't refund the hextech skin nor champion. (You can't refund champion you have skin for). + in the top left corner, in a gold circle, you can see your remaining refunds. P.S: Ignore that "logging to chat service", EUNE has that problem since 2 weeks. sometimes chat-system is up, sometimes not.
: Is There a 'Jack of All Trades' Champ?
Quinn ... Lot of toplaners fear the name "Quinn". She is actually a viable Jungler and midlaner. A bit behind as adc vs a few adc, but if you're not afraid to trade from lvl2, land your combo on the enemy adc. They can't really trade-back because of blinding. Support ... KFC-nuggets always welcome, hehe. joke aside, she has a blind on Q, light stagger/knockback on E, and decent burst, W for vision! {{champion:133}} ... a chicken can be your best friend.
: Good point, so you'd inadvertently feed your team by constantly being stomped on by the enemy? Your team will probably win but It doesn't sound like much fun. I might be wrong, but wouldn't {{champion:29}} be a better pick considering he also has stealth, ranged attacks and a dot effect.
It's the passive hate towards Teemo which makes this pick viable that way. ... Who does not hate that guy, honestly.
: Dear renekton...
If you couldn't reconnect from the start of the game, they'd have just use /remake. Otherwise, nice to know there are still people around, who besides know this is only a game, actually understand there are other people, there are people you're playing with, there are people with feelings even if it's anger or fustration.
: what you dont see is that they have CC on their ability =). and if everyone would need to have the same CD. then why dosnt leblancs Q pass through minions as zeds does? they have the same cooldown :D
??? Leblanc Q is an on-click target ability (Sigil of malice) and not a skillshot.
: Looking for people to play FUN normal games with ts right now
: His DPS not very high? I wouldn't assume that much. If you build to maximize his damage output you will go for 3 AD items and 2 AS items to get the 100% crit chance and get the max amount of AD from crit chance and AS. That's 40% at 100% crit, 4% at lvl18 and 2.5% per 10% AS that has no cap. With that you will have 768 AD at lvl18 and 100% crit chance. And trust me, at that point, his DPS will also be burst, hitting for 1440 raw crit damage on each shot and 25% of your missing HP at the 4th shot as additional damage. This is not low dps... Get that on any other ADC, hitting for 2880 raw damage in 2 hits and then we could talk about DPS. And before you say anything about armor pen, the enemy adc will be squishy as well and will not have more than 50% damage reduction, if they even have 40%. And from 1440 damage, 50% is 720, so, even with that much armor, Jhin will still take away 40-45% of your HP per AA and heal for a good amount from that.
Jhin start to see a lot play, because few of his counters (Kalista, Lucian) have been nerfed, and since Jhin has a strong early aswell, there are not much early-powered adc left to shut him down. The other reason Jhin have started to be popular is the squishy/fighter picks in Jungle and top. Jhin has a huge AD factor-scaling from crit, AS, and the passive factor growing, and while he's slow, his hits are hitting enough to kill these squishy/fighter picks lategame with 2 shoot. Meta just in his favor. He wasn't around when the ADC comp meta was played, now he is just a perfect counter for a squishy comp. Jhin has not received a single change since after the patch he came out, rigth a next had a Q nerf. He has not been changed since that. It's just the marksmen/champions which have been effective againts him, are not played or gutted down (nerfed). This is just the clear show of the back-kicks of RIOT balance. Nerf the strongest, and the second strongest will take its place. Edit: There are a few adc which can outdps him. Ashe midgame with Q active, Sivir/Jinx in late.
LA Losty (EUW)
: "On this shared account"?
Not sure if he want to get boosted by saying this, or want to get himself banned.
: Don't play League when you are drunk or on drugs PLEASE
I do play LoL when i'm a little dizzy (drunk). The worst thing whats usually happen (as adc) is getting half of the CS i usually get ... or as Jhin, use my 4th shot on minion when trading and let the enemy escape because of that. Oh, and miss skillshots. yayyy ... but i'm playing normals. I has friend who play ranked as drunk, Fervor keymastery Heimerdinger ... just to mention one.
Puckomodo (EUW)
: How to find your main role?
When i've started playing (actually switched from DoTa to LoL), i had no idea what's each role capable for. I've switched from DoTa, when i saw a video montage with Bloodmoon Thresh in it ( I didn't know it's a skin, but i liked every part of the champion kit). When i downloaded the game and started to play it and read every champion (yes, i downloaded the game, and spent hours reading all champion kit, just like an experienced MOBA player), i figured out Thresh is a champion which getting played as Support. So i'm become a mostly OTP Thresh on Support role, thought for now i'm owning almost all support champion and got lvl5 on them. I was playing Blind pick everytime, so i had to play roles sometiems beside support where Thresh was not functionable. I really hated to play Jungle, i had no champion for it. Slowly i bought at least 1-1 champion for each role. Kalista ADC, Azir MID, Hecarim Jungle, Sion top in case i'm not going to get support. I had to play Jungler in our TEAM for 5v5, when our main jungler had to leave, and they knew a guy who can come to support instead of me. I started to love jungle in that few game. Realised how strategical it can be. So i was a Jungle/Support after it. Time was flying, season5 was upon us. My friend needed 7 points to receive the skinward reward, but we were lacking in an ADC. I offered to play vayne and Kalista in these games. I did not even use autoattack move indicator or smartcast, i never played ADC. xD But with this two adc, i was dominating with the help of my team. I really suprised how much an ADc capable for, and the adrenalin you got when enemy tried to shut you down but at the end you came out and ACED them. Felt so good, even if i got carried. Started to play ADC from that point, totally stopped playing Support and was focusing to learn the Botlane from an ADC perspective. I've made a forum post to add me whoever want to paly with a beginner ADC. A Master elo guy added me, played 100+ games together, and teached macroplays/trick on ADC. For today, i would say i'm a 85% adc, 15% jungler player. Though i has champion i likes to paly on top and mid, i'll try to take ADC everytime when it's possible. This whole sounds as a journey novel, but showing that you'll not find your main role at the first try. (I hated playing ADC). Even when i started to play ADC, i really disliked 1-2 ADC's gameplay. Slowly get used to them, and here we're. )
InTheory (EUW)
: Agree with you on the championship side. But as victorious has allready a full 5-man roster the next candidate can be out of every position again (in my opinion).
That's why i betting on Kindred. When Elise came out back then, became the most famous and game impacting champion, which reached the bann - or pick ratio for seasons longs in soloq and competitive aswell. One of my bet is definitely Kindred, but there are/were few season changing champion around. :p
: I FINALLY DID IT!!!!!!!!!!
... and i'm just sitting here, while just made my 3rd ADC champion lvl7. yayy
: What is the deathbrush ? some new meta thing ? At drake and at baron.
yoshi2790 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Arkatra,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=OmbMnZuy,comment-id=00010005,timestamp=2016-06-25T14:34:03.532+0000) > > "He has 2 skillshots... 2. He has the hardest early game in the game..If he is behind.. cya dead fish." > > Sorry, but i once played mid vs a Fizz in ranked. (Im jungle/adc, friend passed me Mid when enemy picked Fizz) > I made him 2/8. > He came back to the game by oneshoting our ADC (Miss fortune). Fizz need levels, from a certain point his basic DMg, even with no item, will reach the point where he's just capable to oneshot a squishy. > We won, but don't say such of thing which is not true. > More like you don't know how to comeback. Throws {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
aka comeback.
bulz7 (EUNE)
: Championship skins
Most likely Victorious Jungler (Kindred) and Championship Victor/Azir or Ryze. If i remember well, Victorious is for the most popular and gamechanging/game impacting champion in soloq/lcs, Championship is most picked/bann champion in LCS at a specific role (which had the most impact on the game). Peopel was hoping Championship/Challenger victor last year ... maybe this time.
l Jay l (EUNE)
: Holy... U main adc ? What people think Fizz is : No brain champion that does ton of damage and u can't do nothing to him. And I am here like.. How dumb are u ? He has 2 skillshots... 2. He has the hardest early game in the game..If he is behind.. cya dead fish. So is not like Fizz staying under his tower and get pentas. If he use E to do damage he can't use it to escape right away, same with Q. If he miss one of his skillshot he is dead in a 1v1 case. He is an assassin. He goes in kill a target and goes out. Every assassin does that. About the CDR items.. Every midlaner has almost 40 CDR late game. I don't know what elo you are or what role you play but almost every assassin has a <50% winrate.
"He has 2 skillshots... 2. He has the hardest early game in the game..If he is behind.. cya dead fish." Sorry, but i once played mid vs a Fizz in ranked. (Im jungle/adc, friend passed me Mid when enemy picked Fizz) I made him 2/8. He came back to the game by oneshoting our ADC (Miss fortune). Fizz need levels, from a certain point his basic DMg, even with no item, will reach the point where he's just capable to oneshot a squishy. We won, but don't say such of thing which is not true. More like you don't know how to comeback.
: No champion mastery shard in Ascencion?
"Matchmade games on Howling Abyss, Twisted Treeline or any rotating game mode will not award Champ Mastery level 6 or 7 tokens" - I can't count on my two hand how many friends of mine asked this.
Tarolock (EUW)
: it doesnt affect your grade, you are compared to other players playing the same champ on the same role on a similar lenght game, so if you are playing kata mid and enemy team surrenders at 20 min you will be compared to other kata mids who played for 20 mins, and if your stats are better than them you get good grades
^this. You're going to get compared to the other katarina's KDA at 20 mins. Their farms at 20 mins. Their %DMG done at 20 mins. and so goes on.
vladz2k (EUNE)
: Problem is they put the extremely boring Ascension in the rotation like 3 or 4 times, whereas Nemesis Draft mode didn't even have a chance to be there.
Each mode get tested on PBE before getting added to the Rotation queue. Nemesis draft** has not been remade yet**, due of an incoming mode, called "Nexus siege". So does **DOOM bots,** it's an **old engine-based mode**, which they'll need to remake totally in case of make it avaiable again. **Right now the available modes:** (The listed modes has a chance to get listed in rotation mode) - URF - Ascension - Poro King - Hexakill - One for All. - Definitely not Dominion **Incoming mode for Rotation queue:** (under testing in PBE, may coming next patch) - Nexus Siege ( <--- a Link to the PBE forum, with description about what's Nexus siege is. I hope i've made it clear why few kind of mode are NOT added to the Rotation queue.
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