LordMilan (EUW)
: League of Nice People
Hello Milan, I'd really like to play with you. This game has become a bit boring for me as I dont' even want to improve since people are being so toxic and mean all the time, for no reason at all. Your post was, though, overwhelming with kindness, and I'd be honoured to play with you once in a while ! Add me on EUW (Gold V) : Arkeeuus EUNE : SuekraG see you :)
: LeDoot Group - UK/EUW League based community. Any/All Elos welcome!
Hello, I'm Arkeeuus, I'm french and this sounds like a funny way to play with new people and to improve my english aswell, so I'm really interested in joining your group :) unfortunately I won't be able to talk too much on discord, but hey, it might be worth a try :P
Nahitsu (EUW)
: Bonjour Arkeeuus, Avec un ami nous cherchons des joueurs avec qui lancer une team serais-tu interessé? Bonne humeur et fun sont primordial :) Au plaisir ^^
Je t'ai ajouté pour qu'on puisse en parler en jeu :)
: Can anyone help me to find my main?
You can duo with me if you want to try champions easily (to have your lane) :)
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Bombardox (EUW)
{{champion:64}} "Oops, I didn't see you" {{champion:412}} "Senna needed company..." {{champion:154}} "Pick on someone your own size" {{champion:131}} "The moon also rises."
: yasuo has 420 farm
Yes cause we were splitting the whole game :D
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: Ranked 5s. Gold+
Hello ! I'm 17, I main Mid and Jungle so far, but I can play every role. I'm french but I'm trying to get in touch with english people to improve my level and my accent, etc... I guess I'm pretty serious for my age, if you're scared of it, and I don't flame and try not to tilt as much as possible, which is unusual for french people :D


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