: Border removed
If you get chat restricted, you will lose it. Go flame.
GLurch (EUW)
: If you think someone is eloboosted, [send a ticket to the Riot Support](https://support.riotgames.com). On the boards, nothing can be done against this person. If you only did it to get your anger out, that is of course okay.
No, I didn't do it out of anger. I was simply astonished that this guy isn't pemabanned, because it's beyond clear he didn't get his rank legitimately. If I thought Riot support w ould do anything, I would tell them. But, I don't care about bad days, tilting, bad internet, there is no excuse for having 15 stacks on nasus at 20+ minutes. You can get 15 stacks within the first 3 minutes of the game. And, 2000 overall damage and 500 champion damage.. I've seen people who DC at 5 minutes do higher then that.
Danmic (EUNE)
: Looking for a good champion to master
Riven is the best onthat list when mastered. Also, i don't thin kgetting a champion to level 5 mastery is mastering them.
Grips (EUW)
: Not trying to defend him or anything, but did he have any connection issues?
Nope. I was truly confused at how this guy made it to silver and I wanted to explanation as to how this guy so badly lost his lane, so I added him. He is French so he didn't speak much english , but I managed to get this : He is a nasus main He is french He wasn't lagging He knows what Nasus's Q does He can see pings I was truly confused at how the fuck this guy made it to silver. Also looking at his profile now, he never buys boots, bots or pink wards on any champion.
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: FKN bronz divinsion
Automatic silver isn't awarded to players because if you can't get to silver, you don't deserve it.
Rioter Comments
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Ah. That was 6 months or so ago when I was 2 week banned. He said if I didn't flame, within 3 months the system would mark me as reformed and my punishment level would go down., meaning next offense would be a 2 week ban or chat restrict. I was marked reformed for some time before anything happened. These messages were over the LoL client so I can't acsess them. You are a moderator of the boards are you not? I have been banned mistakenly on this account 3 times. First was when they mistakenly banned 7000 accounts, second they banned me because I was hacked,, and third they banned me again because I was hacked. Every time I was banned I posted on the boards and everyone said " deserved, you won't get an unban. " Does the fact I was sent no emails confirming my bans and my chat logs were not emailed to me not tell anyone this was mistaken?
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
http://prntscr.com/crpy0t That's the ban message. Banned instantly , and the below chat logs are form one game. AFAIK, although I was bieng negative, what I said was not nearly enough to jump from a 2-week to perma. I believe that has to be racism, sexism, hate speech or direct insulting of some kind, Ididn't swear or directly insult I was bieng negative and saying " ff we lose " etc. I beleive it was you or torpedosheep who told me about the punishment descaling. No ban confirmations or chatlogs were sent to my email.
Lux Lux (EUW)
: Well that answers it. Flame -> Banned. Reformed? -> Continue playing. Flame again even though marked as reformed? -> Riot's mind: "WHY DID WE CONSIDER THIS GUY REFORMED?!" --- Seriously, is it so hard to not flame? **Obviously flaming solves so many things, huh?** {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
You clearly didn't read the thread, did you? I was told by a riot employee that *when you are marked as reformed, your punishment level goes down *. My next punishment was permaban, therefore I should have recieved a 2 week ban for bieng marked as reformed. The other point, it was an automatic ban, with no chat logs sent to my email.
: Well what was the reason for your ban?
Light flaming, obviously. Still, I was told you would recieve 1 notch less punishment ( for me a 2 week ban ), and ontop of that I was sent no chatlogs.
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Rismosch (EUW)
: But if you would deserve plat, then you would climb to plat.
You missed the neitre point of my thread. I'll put it as simply as possible : > every single game in my match history, exlucding the ones that do not have AFK's or int's in them, is a victory so exactly how does me getting matched with multiple afker's and multiple inter's make me undeserving of plat?
: So much luck is needed. It is indeed so much luck that many streamers actually do unranked to challenger all the time over and over again. Man those challenger players truly are LUCKY. It is definitely NOT ME who is losing the game from time to time and doing mistakes, its the team and the trolls that hold me back! ^ If you read this above do you think I sound pathetic? Well cheers to you I roleplayed as you dear Armakar
There's a difference. I shouldn't have to be a challenger player to get to plat.
: ***
... What's your point? I'm complaining because i'm losing games because of dickhead afkers and people who lock iun lee sin mid cleanse / ghost and int .
: Implying that you NEVER got a win because of a feeder, troll, inting or AFKer in the enemy team. Ok. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
I do. But not as often as I lose. Just lost another game because morgana randomley afk'd so we lost 2 inhibs, 4 towers and Baron.
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Rioter Comments
: I have a formed opinion about what set of values I respect, and what set of values I don't respect = I am clueless and triggered. K.
No, your clueless because your taking what I said out of context. I said that tyler1, a very good draven player, says the hardest part about draven is not tilting. You then reply saying his opinion is basically invalid because he's toxic. Is that the case? Nope. And yes, mental warfare DOES have alot to do with the game, wether you like it or not. If you want to cry and disagree fine but your negativity on the subject isn't welcome. You know LCS teams hire life-coaches and coaches to build their mental fortitude up right? Again, why do you think Dyrus retired and Huni fell off?
: > [{quoted}](name=Armakar,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=BAXnE2gw,comment-id=00070001,timestamp=2016-09-13T15:23:40.955+0000) > > Tyler1 says that hardest part of playing draven isn't catching axes or teamfighting, it's picking him knowing you will be camped from start to finish. Toxic or not, he's right and he's challenger. And there you go, as long as he's challenger, anything he does is beyond re-approach and is acceptable. If he literally killed people to get to challenger, then it'd be okay because it's working. You just proved my point. For people, the ends ALWAYS justify the means. I'd prefer to lose hundreds of matches gracefully, than win one by abusing mental warfare that has NOTHING to do with gameplay and in-game circumstances and teamplay-oriented strategy. And thus, I also have that much more respect for someone who loses gracefully, than to someone who wins a lot but represents everything that is wrong with the community and society. People like that individual are the root of all toxicity. Fact. People like him shouldn't be playing any sort of game that involves contact with others.
There's a difference between abusing tilters and what he does. I specifically highlighted his abuse of tilters. Sure, he flames and trolls just like I do, but that's irrelevant, so no, I didn't " prove your point " . Should everyone who camped dyrus to tilt him be banned and shamed upon? Nope. He admitted it, he had a problem and issue with bieng camped and he didn't handle it well, so he retired. Your actually so cueless and triggered.
: I don't know what am I most disgusted about. You actually considering this as a healthy way to play a game, and asking how to do it. Or the fact that multiple people are ready and happy to answer and teach you. In nowadays' society, it's amazing how it's perceived as fine to think that the ends always justify the means. There is no class, no grace, no sportsmanship, no minimal sense of honor nor moral elevation. If it means winning, people literally don't care about how many other people they need to step over. Pathetic.
Why are you so offended? It's a legitimate strategy. Why do you think people tried camping Soaz and Huni and worlds? Because they tilt hard. If you tilt, you have a weakness. Winning a ranked game can boil down to finding enemies weaknesses and exploiting them to win. If your offended by that, should killing someone because they misplayed be "disgusting " ? Should killing someone who stupidly tower dives you be disgusting? Nope, because they obviously have a weakness with mechanics and did something stupid, and they will get punished for it. I love playing draven. I know FULL WELL that if I play aggro as shit the entire enemy team will gank me over and over again. I once played so agressive in a game I turret dived a level 2 jinx/taric and got a double kill. I got 5 man ganked at 4 minutes and again at 7 minutes, and because of this our top and midlaner just got a cs lead and won. That is a skill, to not tilt like that, it's mental fortitude and I find I barely ever tilt. Tyler1 says that hardest part of playing draven isn't catching axes or teamfighting, it's picking him knowing you will be camped from start to finish. Toxic or not, he's right and he's challenger.
KingTifa (EUNE)
: Anncouncer packs bannable?
Práedyth (EUW)
: is duoq "boosting" illegal?
Nope. It's deifnitley still " boosting " but it's fine in the eyes of Riot as long as you play on your own account.
: basically, she can just watch you until you get low ... almost every jungler does on the red buff so your comment is not right i guess
Yes, all evelyns follow you around your jungle waiting for you to be low, while getting no xp / gold and putting no pressure on any lanes. That's definitely what all evellyns do, what a broken champion bronze ?
: How do you actually deny creeps?
Use bushes, use your headshot and your passive. If your taking more damage from minions then dealingyour probably chosing to do it at a bad time. Your suppoused to auto to deny creeps as they go in for the CS. This isn't dota -- you cant literally stop them, the idea is when they go in for a cs they either take the damage from an auto or they get the CS. Eventually they either have no CS or have to back.
Mr Roli (EUW)
I would think because your a terrible player and so insufferable to play with that they just close client.
Joiax (EUW)
: Make server portuguese
Does every country in europe have its own server? Does every state in america have its own server? Nope. Portugual is covered by the EUW server. Making a server is expensive and time consuming, aswell as an ongoing thing to look after and pay for. They arne't going to make servers for individual countries.
lemon42 (EUW)
: I tried to play Fiddlesticks in One for All....
: so i just finished my 10 game chat ban
If you got another chatban you flamed during your 10 game chat restricct or shortly after
: looking for { bronze / silver /gold } player for playing ranked team
Gold people can't que with you if your bronze 4.
: Danish Group for non ragers
I have been permenantly banned 11 times and I don't speak a word of Danish. Can I join?
: Do you really think that your account is that important so a hacker would invest time to crack your password over and over again? I have 2 theories: A) it is someone you know, you just would never suspect this person B) because you repeat the same mistakes, your account is actually not safe at all and the hacker has such an easy time getting into your account and he will keep doing it
Nobody I know has good enough PC knowledge to bruteforce. Nobody. Nobody uses my PC, nobody remote connects to me. The same mistakes? What mistakes? I've wiped my PC several times, i've scanned every drive with 4 different antiviruses. So yes, I do think some sad ass fuck is actually investing the time to bruteforce my account over and over.
Meliodas (EUW)
: FPS stuck at 60
Turn VSYNC off and check you didn't cap it at 60
: Yes it can, because you failed to keep it safe. Especially when you get "hacked" multiple times, the account SHOULD get banned, because it means you didn't remove the leak.
My point is I have attmempted to remove it several times. Do you understand the basics of bruteforcing? If a hackerer is persistent enough you can crack any password, reguardless of where the machine is etc. Am I expected to get witness protection to get this guy to stop hacking my account? Should I double encrypt my passwords? What about hiding myself in 9 ft thick concrete walls with a military protection base outside? At a certain point there's nothing I can do if this guy still wants to take my account.
Rioter Comments
: I'm deeply sorry to ruin your fun here, but I am not Riot Employee :( I think you've been wasting your time.
Your some kind of riot-related person or atleast someone who cares about the rules. What's the green name about ? edit : you most likely like using the boards as I see you postin everywhere and you'd prob like to work at riot so bonus points
: Okay, will do once I'm done here. One more thing: >what you gonna do? You seem to think that because I "had" a Green color I have done something against you. And apparently you think now that I have "lost" my color, I can't do anything against you anymore. Could you elaborate on this ? Do you suspect I've banned you at some point ?
No. I just think it's funny to taunt riot employees. Can my actual account be banned for posting stuff on the boards?
: It does not matter, you shouldn't even say it once, never ! There is no excuse for flaming, even calling others "stupid", which I know doesn't seem like an insult to you, would have justified this permanent ban. You seem to have no understanding why this punishment has been taken, this is sad, because it looks like the chances of you reforming are very low.
True true. We live in a fluffy bunny PG-5 game where calling someone a noob should be grounds to permanently, indefinable ban , sue them and remove their vocal cords and remove their cortex so they cannot process words. Disgusting, disgraceful toxic players. Fluffy bunny world staying ignorant to flamers is the best! Never accept that your a bad player, never tell someone else they are bad. If your teammate is 0/50 you should give them a hug and congratulate them!
: Hmm, maybe you are just colorblind ? I... I don't know ._. Where are you coming from btw ? Did we have a discussion at some point ? Cause I'm not sure where that hate against me comes from.
http://prntscr.com/c9xmvj we had a conversation somewhat themed around why I should reform it ended in something like " im not reforming i'll just keep flaming and *level* new accounts *legitimatley* hehe xd ps I don't flame or break anny rules on this account :) it's my main
: Greetings. Being toxic in only 3 out of 5 games is sadly not a great achievement. And even though you "only" called others "retard", (which is still a severe insult btw !) this punishment is totally justified. I'm sorry but I fail to understand how you managed to not even think about changing your behaivor after the 14-day ban. It clearly said that if you break the rules again, you will be permanently suspended. You did not care about this punishment for just one second. You've had multiple chances to reform, I have no idea why you didn't take any them. This permanent ban is perfectly justified, and the system punished you as intended.
no green name for your anymore Torpedosheep, i will continue to troll the boards and be toxic, what you gonna do?
: permabanned 16 hours after i got unbanned
The 2 week ban is suppoused to act as a warning stating " Flame 1 more time and get banned , kid " I have been banned permanently 11 times. I think in around 8 or 9 of those 11 times, I was banned within a day of bieng 2 week banned. Take head of the warning next time. Don't waste your time crying on boards for an unban - they will NOT unban you no matter how much you ask.
: Rylais doesnt instantly kill you
Are you not reading anything? Me 2-shotting someone has counterplay. I can 2shot Ziggs or Sivir. I can't walk past their entire enemy team to do it, fi they postiiton properly I cannot 2-shot them. Ryalis has no counterplay. Sure, you can buy swiftness boots, that doesn't change the ridiculous amount of slows it outputs.
Edels (EUW)
: Bye game. I cant more.
Cya tomorrow man
: so what are you looking for? an account you can play on? thats accountsharing. you get banned for that
No. As the sentence " looking for smurfs to play w/p and end games fast " and the fact that I gave my smurfs name suggests, i'm looking for people to level with.
Rioter Comments
: I could use spells and slow him, because his team didnt protect the ADC and all died. Ontop of that, if he auto attacks, I am dead. Champions slowing with Rylais has some counter play. Draven? No. I cannot physically dodge auto attacks he throws at me. One/two shotting auto attack is far too much for a champion who has low mana costs.
Read below comment. Ryalis > getting 1shot by anyone
youssof1 (EUW)
: its nice to have a common sense still my problem is not with the permanent ban , it is just that toxic players shouldnt simply get a permanent ban the right punishment should be a permanent ban from chatting and thats not that hard to give and thats not that hard to change the tribunal they already made alot of changes the last year and maybe sometimes they make bad changes and they just need to listen to the players opinions , i remember once when they changed the ingame voice to a male voice and it was shit and everyone was complaining about it so they but the women voice back and thats ok , they just need to open there fucking minds
Permanent ban = more money
Rompanruoja (EUNE)
: tldr; Is angry cus he was abusing draven until he got countered by a smart build and couldn't one shot people anymore Don't you see how ridiculous you sound when you complain about how OP rylais is, while you are talking how you are running around the map two-shotting everyone here and there and not even the one item should counter you?
Wether it's a " counter " or not, a abnormally large amount of people buy the item on a massive range of champions. If we're putting things into perspective - 40% slow on every spell with no cooldown. Also, you say " abusing draven " implying that he's OP.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Soooo... "auto twice and kill" with like 1 attack speed is ok but slow on mage is "too OP, omg nerf"? Also you would easy win but single item in enemy team made you lose? Smelly
I could only auto twice and kill because his team fucked up and all died. Ontop of that, if he lands his W or E then I can't sprint at him and do that. Me 2-hitting him has some counterplay. Ryalis? No. I cannot physically dodge every spell he throws out. A 40% slow is far too much for something that procs on all spells with no cooldown.
: idea for a new champion maby?
Passive - (X) gains stacks when he moves or attacks. At 100 stacks, (X) deals bonnus true damage with each spellcast. Q - (X) fires out 3 bolts that deal damage based on the targets *current* health. The third bolt will crit and summon a 3 demons to attack the target. Autoattacking the same target as a demon grants them bonus true damage. W - **every third auto attack on a target** (X) will gain a buff granting him bonus true damage , movement speed, ability power and attack damage, and allows (X) to use 3 dashes that will also stun any target hit, aswell as healing him and his allies. E - (X) regenerates health based on taking damage. If (X) has not taken damage in 9/8/7 seconds, he will regenerate 5% of his health for each second he is not damaged. R - (X) summons 5 massive demons to charge at his enemies, stunning, slowing, snaring, silencing, fearing and supressing and knocking up all enemies hit. If the demons hit an enemy, (X) is granted a buff granting him bonus true damage, and making all of his spells stun and slow enemy targets. Now all you need to do is release several hype videos, disable the champion when it's released due to bugs and you have yourself a champion!
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