xShuki (EUNE)
: Permabanned for no reason
>xShuki: I posted thread about u on boards :) LUL
: Why I deleted this game.
How do you know anything about this Game? All you have done in the Past 10 Days, are only PvE Modes, Botgames and Odyssey. And the **ONE **Normal Game you lost, with 5/17/6 on the easiest Champ who is a Tank tho. You really shouldnt be the One talking about the Gameplay or Meta of this Game, if you arent even playing it.
: About the new golden chroma skins
You have to buy the Skin first.
: So... 4th troll in a row, and not a single ban by Riot!
You cant know if they have been punished or not.
Rioter Comments
: How many f2p tokens can you get from the 2018 Worlds Event?
No, you cant. You get a lot of stuff easier, if you buy the Worlds Pass plus you support the Event with it. I think if you collect them all, you can get 1 Orb, 1 Icon and a Key.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: I don't get why do you downvote my thread. ignoring the problem won't solve it. not for me and not for anyone else playing this game. this thread is exactly to make the ranked system better.
I never down- or upvote anything. --- You want to make the whole Ranked game based on KDA, do you really think thats a good thing? Its way too easy to get a lot of Kills with Assassins, its too easy to get a lot of Assists with Supports and you dont have to be in Fights, so you dont get any Deaths. And you get LP for that, even if you lose the Game? Thats way worse then ignoring a Problem, thats simply splitting People up to "I get all kills or I will flame"
Molens (EUNE)
: what streamers are you talking about? when anyone gets mad he swears and says such things, what are you on? these are just words and obviously no1 thaat says them means them. how old are you? 15?
Oh, right, you are the first one that came up with exactly these kind of words in this Game :^) Do you really think I talk about my Age with some toxic scum, that has just got banned (again) ? Exactly this Attitude will get you banned over and over, so good luck on your next Account.
: Any suggestions for a vayne main summoner name?
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: The ranking system is flawed by the core and that's why low elo is a complete coinflip.
Just play Meta Champs until Gold if you are "The ONE Player" that loses because of the 4 Others, if you cant carry them. Dont play Katarina, she needs too much skill and is kinda dependent on Teamfights which often dont happen properly in LowElo. Stick to the easy Champs, like Lux, Ahri, Xerath, Brand, Viktor, Annie and this kind of Champs. When you reached Gold, stay there until next Year and hope that they make the Ranked System better.
Molens (EUNE)
: well sorry for not being a damn zombie and having a soul. im asking whats so bad about these words worth p[erma banning? dont tell me shit about changing my attitude im not some 12y old kid that you can push and pull.
You dont have to say sorry to me, you are the one who lost his Accounts. And if you continue this way, more will follow. And if you cant see what is toxic in this Chatlogs for yourself, you really need to stop seeing toxic Streamers and Stuff that is making you say such things.
Molens (EUNE)
: perma baned
>what exactly is worth for a perma ban on this chat? That you had your last chance after your 14-Day-Ban, but you still didnt change your Attitude.
: Why has Illaoi not recieved any nerfs?
Its the same thing with Heimer i.E. If you are stupid enough to fight / gank her in her Tentacles and cant dodge her Ult / E you deserve to lose that fight. Just destroy all of her Tentacles. Whenever she hits you with her E, just attack her, every hit you land is -1 Second for her on that Ability. Her Ult is dodgeable with any Dash, Flash, whatever~ Kite her, thats pretty easy too. Also buy grevious wounds.
Sωφrdζ (EUW)
: Can we mute the mastery emote
KatScript (EUNE)
: Νew Kaisa Harrowing skin
is it a confirmed Kaisa skin now ?
: riven help
Skill your E and get 45% CDR as fast as you can.
: I did but Riot doesn't care. Simple. If you say %%%% you tho, you will get banned instantly.
Sure, if you break the rules, you will get penalities, too. Like they do, its just harder to detect if somebody really is feeding on purporse or not. But they can see everything you write, so its way faster to get banned for that.
Flemman (EUW)
: katarina, taric and some other sound real to me too :p
Imagine you name your Son Yasuo, he gets called in public and everybody hates him {{sticker:sg-janna}}
ZurBun (EUW)
: 35 fps with ryzen 1600@4GHz, gtx1070@1.95 GHz & 16gb RAM ddr4 3200 MHz
Cap at 60 and activate VSync for the Time being. I guess they gonna do something against the FPS Issues, you are not the only one.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: If you had to name your future child a league name, what would it be?
: The last time I'm accepting this
Pre- and Post-Game Lobby Chat is recorded too, if he admitted he would feed and did it, you just have to report it.
Ashy sama (EUNE)
: New AP main
Zoe, Xerath, Brand, Anivia, Velkoz, Orianna
: Remake bugged
How could you not carry this as fed Irelia against a Full-Feeding-Team, holy shit.
SonicAF (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Arnoter,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=69lW93Qc,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-09-20T19:42:10.170+0000) > > There should be no Chat Restrictions, only Bans. > 1 Day, 7 Days, Perma-Ban. An interesting opinion. Why do you think chat offences should be _ever_ bannable?
Because you sign a contract, when making an Account and after every Patch, that you stick to the "Summoners Code" and in it its stated that you will not swear, be toxic or verbal abusive. Or else, you will get a penality.
: Chat Restrictions, Honour, and Their Interactions
There should be no Chat Restrictions, only Bans. 1 Day, 7 Days, Perma-Ban.
Akaśhí (EUNE)
: I cannot understand what happens in League anymore...
>Can someone just explain me why I can beat the shitt out of the enemy in laning phase and he goes 1/9 or 0/10(Jax) he just beats the crap out of everyone after Triforce and Titanic Hydra !?!? Because you dont know how to carry, when you get the Advantage from Kills, or you cant farm and rely everything on Fights.
Lenà (EUW)
: Can wukong get some love ?
Yeah, maybe some nerfs. This champion is luckily not often picked, but he can turn around whole Games with his waaay too strong Kit. I think he needs a complete rework. But I guess they have other Champions ready before they will hit him.
Rioter Comments
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
If a game is getting you stressed out, you shouldnt play it, to be honest.
: Jesus he said Ez at the end of the game, kill him!
IKR, the automated Ban Bot sucks ass
: I was able to move it !!!
Tabbing out while clicking on it? Yeah, sounds hard to do.
Biophilic (EUW)
: 130 FPS with a cheap graphic card
This game is from 2009 with no really big graphic improvements, every laptop from 2013 can get ~100 fps in this game. You really dont need good hardware to play competitive games with high fps.
: Chat banned.
>FTL Eradicate: ez should be 14 day ban
ˉˉIˉˉ (EUW)
: Snowdown Nostalgia.
Wow, that was already 5 years ago? I really liked that mode, it was short and fun. Would be awesome if they would bring it back.
: Which champions are the most interesting to play?
Infιrες (EUNE)
: Well i don't know how my account being stolen is my fault
You downloaded a Virus/Trojan. You shared your Login Data. You visited some sketchy / porn Website that steals your Data. You use your Name and Password on a lot of games that have been hacked. Its really not somebody elses fault, if your Login Data gets stolen.
: Hey there, Arnoter! I know what "random" means, but I mean it could be improved, not exactly how I said, I just wanted to express my idea on it! I wanted to see if it was possible to add something more "rewarding" due to the rarity of the skins that you have. Or perhaps increase the amount of possible skins to be added into a re-roll, so it would be like "As many skins you re-roll, the better the reward!" Something like that :D
But if you know that you get a Legendary Skin Shard for 3 others, its not random anymore, its an outcome you can kinda predict.
: I unlocked the honor level to 0 checkpoint 0 at 1 September .
: Re-Rolling Skins
Have you ever heard what "random" means?
Infιrες (EUNE)
: My account was hacked and banned, is there something that can help get it back?
Nope, every action on your Account, is your responsibility.
MrMatrix313 (EUNE)
: through the wall ??
There is no bug, you go there, where you click.
RogueDek (EUW)
: Then might aswell put everyone who smokes in jail.
RogueDek (EUW)
: Weed has proven to have benefictial effects, and compared to regular ciggarettes it's a lot healthier. So yeah, who should be in jail? The ones who smoke or the ones who made it illegal?
> So yeah, who should be in jail? The ones who smoke or the ones who made it illegal? The ones who smoke it.
: To all the "420WeedBlazeStoned" Players (and they are a LOT)
Naranjo1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Arnoter,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Wp2T1xKH,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-09-09T17:11:10.068+0000) > > Do you mean a Hypercarry, somebody like Heimer, Yasuo or Swain Bot? You make me angry. THOSE CHAMPS DON'T BELONG TO THE BOT LANE
I can feel you, I think the same. But somehow the Meta changed and now they are there. #SAVEBOTLANE
: Looking for adC (different from ad) dia4+ for the climb
Do you mean a Hypercarry, somebody like Heimer, Yasuo or Swain Bot?
Lyngsen (EUW)
: braindead rammus
Nautilus Blitzcrank Malphite But keep on bugging on the one Champion that you just lost to.
: You don't get his point, He want Riot to respect people who wasted their time (years and hours of playing) on League and give them some Rewards as they wish. (Doesn't have to be all skins but at least something to make you a bit unique over others and new players) your rank doesn't matter because I have people playing league since beta/season1 when it was 7 champs every week or 5 days i can't remember good and yet they never played rank games but a hell of players."they are so so good" That's it.
> Riot to respect people Would you respect the people, constantly saying how shitty and bad you are?
: HOW TO PLAY VEIGAR | Build & Runes | Diamond Commentary | Bad Santa Veig...
Stack AP, place your Stun-Cage in Teamfights and use your ult on low life Targets. No problem.
Evidence (EUNE)
: yo
TL.DR: You want free stuff, because other games give you more free stuff. This is pretty stupid tho.
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