: u can run lol on a toaster. Both of these computers are fast enough by a landslide. I mean, you can legit play it on netbooks and whatnot, if it's the only serious gaming you do and don't need to run any more demanding titles, even a gaming laptop is overkill. but from what it sounds, you're prob better off getting the laptop and maybe a larger screen to plug it in to ,when at home + a decent mouse
Yeah I just like quality really. I do a lot of research based studies so a zippy processor definitely makes those things a little bit faster. I play other games like skyrim, witcher, dark souls, etc etc. Just dont like suddenly not being able to play a release because of a hardware issue, which is why I went a bit overboard with the desktop.
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rozoulini (EUNE)
: teemo vs vlad?
Old but ive just come across this. Teemo can absolutely stomp vlad if he gets enough of a lead in the early. You do this by trying to engage in extended trades and procing thunderlords while it is up, best runes to take would be hybrid reds, AP blues, AS quints, and scaling HP yellows. Pre 6 vlad barely does any damage and you can easily outrange his AE ability due to its predictability. Post 6, shroom the lane and harass with Q. Once vlad hits one you can possibly go all in. There are multiple ways that you can play this lane. Since teemo has a lot of mixed damage it can be a smart move to rush a hexdrinker to bait engages post 6, and pick up an executioners calling along the way. Can follow this with a hextech gunblade and spirit visage. Liandries is always core due to its syngery with shrooms and ability to melt squishies regardless of your build. Then choose an AS item of your preference wits/runaans/nashors are all strong picks. If he doesnt pick up any MR till later you may be best rushing guise and sorc shoes. If double AP grab an abyssal. Teemos so versatile that the build is really your preference and is heavily dependent on enemy team comp. But just with vlad you need to stomp him early and maintain the lead.
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: Well how long was the game?
: Kill contribution is important as well. If you helped in 12 kills, and there were 30 kills on your team in total then it's rather low. Tower/Dragon/Baron kills/assists are important too. I really don't hope you think 6/1/6 with 200 cs at 30~ minutes is S+ worthy... because getting an S+ basically means you played one of the best teemo games ever.
No I didnt think it was S+ worthy, i simply mean that it seems inconsistent. For instance, I had one game with 22 kills, 11 assists, 450 CS, and around 7 deaths, and that only scored an S. Thats why I think it is inconsistent.
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: How to prevent other lanes of feeding while playing top?
I was stuck in plat 5 then something just clicked and I won upwards of 35/40 matches in a row and got diamond. I just found that if I didnt tilt, focused on my lane, and roamed when possible it made it extremely easy, and this was on Teemo. I used different strats, like if they had a rengar or eve then id camp in their jungles to lock them out of the game, which made more of an impact than wrecking top. If I was doing badly and another lane doing well id go tank, with a mallet and peel for them.
aggeaf (EUW)
: When you end up in a team like this
Its a normal, no one cares in normals
MrJossy (EUW)
: Unhealthy champions and dynamic queue
Well i main teemo and dont have a problem. Dont play adc at low ELOs if you cant account for assassins.
: Good job your officially a spawn of Satan... But jokes aside nice one, you can climb with any champion so long as you know them well enough (and out of curiosity which teemo was this, top, mid, jungle, adc or support???).
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Joyi (EUW)
: Zed Counterplay as an ADC.
Problem with champs like this is that you usually need a good team set up to protect you. Either tanks with instant peel, alongside great reaction speeds, or someone who can deny like lulu/zilean. It really takes the team coming together to prevent him getting fed, and denying kills, which isnt always the likeliest possibility in solo queue. What I keep experiencing is people routinely picking AP champs vs zed despite the strength of maw in this meta. Break the meta though, take an adc caster as an adc and stack defensive items if you think he will pose a problem and hope your team will outlast theirs.
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: @Riot - QoL tweaks to Teemo's Blind?
Nah its fine as it is. You know that the blind scales up from 1.5 seconds, just count. Ive had over 1000 games as teemo, it just becomes intuitive. Thematically it makes no sense because it isnt a disarming dart. how would a dart disarm unless it caused paralysis? Then it would obviously imply a stun. A blinded target can still attack, theyre obviously just going to be swinging and not hitting anything.
: Unpopular opinion: Riot should not listen to the Community when working on the assassin roster
If assassins are denied kills in lane, and your lanes listen to pings while youre in the base/taking blue w/e, then they wont get kills on a roam either. This basically ensures that they wont scale into the mid game and will have a very hard time killing anyone. If theres an assassin in the enemy jungle then continually gank them in the jungle. I take teemo vs zed in mid and rarely ever lose, its just about playing smart and hoping that your lanes listen to pings when the enemy is dead or while youre in base.
Father Tios (EUNE)
: Or the problem is that they don't fall off when behind.. Who knows.
Of course they fall behind. If you deny a zed or LB kills in lane or during roams they wont be able to perform their role appropriately when team fights come. If theres a rengar in the jungle then have a lee or udyr constantly ganking him in the jungle with the help of the top laner. There are so many ways to shut down assassins, people just dont like to play defensively and deny them.
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Joyi (EUW)
: Zed generally beats Diana. Annie is a skill match up. Malph, Garen and Cho mid are reasonable ideas but appropriating a team comp between solo players is almost impossible. Building Steraks does almost nothing versus a Zed, he has the extra damage. Trist is the only one of those 3 champions that can get away, then she's out of the teamfight and can't come back in while the rest of her team loses because they have an adc doing damage. Zed can kill Graves and Corki with ease unless Corki only uses his package for Zed but why would you engage on a corki with package in the first place? If you're not using Ali as your front line and only to peel for one champ, chances are you will lose the team fight. Blitz is a terrible pick vs Zed if their reactions and predictions are any good. Lulu is a decent pick but isn't great in lane due to the current meta of botlane and therefore you will most likely lose engages and laning. Champions are mia for the majority of the game due to basing, etc. If you aren't retreating/playing safe when any mid laner comes bot then there's an issue in the first place. Tell the rest of the player base that part about "soloq is team work" Zed can 1 shot ADCs without ultimate mid/late game. Also, warwick and malz cc ultimates are still removed by QSS. QSS is still an effective item. Maybe the reason you're wrong/don't understand a lot of this stuff is because you don't main zed or played as an adc against him much. The actual solution to Zed: *_Ban him_*
Whatever you say guy. I main teemo and rarely have an issue versus zed. The main issue for ap champs currently is the strength and easy access of maw.
: Morale is more important than people think. When one person is negative, it causes others to lose hope. Once you've lost hope, you stop investing so much into the game, you lose concentration, the team's cohesion crumbles, things just generally start to go awry. Sure, it isn't the magic bullet to start a meteoric rise to the ascent, but you still can't play the game thinking "welp, we've lost this, s@20"
This x10. Ill never understand the people who rage at their team because theyre losing their lane even when your jungle is hard pressuring other lanes and your team is up on kills and objectives.
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raps1355 (EUW)
: Maybe on the lower packages they do but on mine its usually perfect excluding when they do repairs without telling you for like 1-2 weeks but this happens like once a year.
I have the 100 mpbs package. Its not an issue with the connection as speed tests result in 10 ping, and 107 mbps. Ive been through troubleshooting with riot and their tool says theres an issue with communication between my ISP and their servers.
: > [{quoted}](name=Artesin1,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=x8MIsT9Q,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-05-05T07:39:38.112+0000) > > This might make him slightly more viable into the late game. To be honest, you should not play teemo if you cant AA + Q. In fact, if you are not used to do this to poke them down, I dont know what "late game" you are talking about.
Look I know how to stutter step w/ aa and auto cancel with Q, thats a non issue. Teemo still has to choose between accentuating shroom or auto damage so obviously building towards an on hit build can fall flat towards the late game if it stalls that long, and a shroom build may make him high damage but vulnerable to all ins. Adding an on hit component to Q could put him more in line with other assassins. Teemo is classified as an assassin, but the lack of mobility paired with red trinket puts him at major risks when trying to make picks post mid game. If you compare teemo and fizz/GP, because they are slightly similar with the DOT component of their kits, Fizz's and GP's damage seem ridiculously high due to their Q applying any on hit effects. A change like this could make a sheen build more viable and increase his potential as more than a light AP carry.
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OHiei (EUW)
: So qss change
WEll you can ban zed, or dont pick an immobile adc. Save flash specifically for when he marks to you. Its up to your support or the tanks/bruisers to peel for you. Zeds no worse than diana, fizz, or any other bursty assassin. It comes down to how your team is playing. Dont over extend when he's mia, dont stay in lane with low health, and dont engage fights unless you have vision of him. Build early armor, take an adc who can build steraks and cleaver. Trist, graves and varus all do well vs him due to the obvious self peel or cc. if they have a zed then ask someone to play ali or blitz so he gets knocked away or silenced right as he ults.
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Tiffan (EUW)
: I Want to Jungle OR Support!
So dont pick support or fill. Whatd you expect is going to happen if a smaller proportion of the community picks support compared to other roles?
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: > I would really love if riot disclosed the age of the people that we were playing with. While I firstly don't think this information would actually change anything, I also don't think it's something Riot can disclose due to privacy reasons.
It might dictate when I decide to play if Im noticing a correlation between play time, age, and win/lose and Im sure many others would feel the same way if it comes down to maturity being a variable that affects the outcome. I dont mean disclosing the information outright, but giving players are option to maybe have a profile where they can choose to list their age would be a thing. I suppose I could just ask in every game, but thats tedious.
: high plat starting to get the low elo syndrome
Games are dynamic though. I main teemo in top. I usually get camped every game, if I dont I usually decimate my lane opponent. However, there are games when I get camped where I can consistently kill the jungler as well as the lane mate solo. Keep in mind Ive played about 1000 games as teemo in top and its just impossible in some match ups to fend for myself, but more often than not my junglers are normally afk in the jungle and make no effort to counter gank, or even walk into a lane simply to create pressure. I frequently find that even though Im camped in at least 60% of my games that the jungler on my team isnt making an effort to camp another lane as heavily as mine, or counter jungler, or even counter ganking so Im not really too sure what theyre actually doing. There are plenty of games where my team could have secured so many more kills had the jungler of been a bit more intuitive, especially when the enemy jungler walks over a ward to a lane. My last game comes to mind: Im teemo, im vs a ryze and a lee in the jungle. I get ganked at level 4 and drop both players to 10% before I die while my yi is just doing top side blue. So rather than come to my lane and clean up 2 free kills, he doesnt. Those kills could have potentially snowballed the game on a champ like yi. I was at plat 3 until that last game, and ive been in plat for the past two seasons so I definitely think I belong there. but even at this elo I find a lot of people pick mid game junglers who can gank pre 6, yet they make no effort to do so, effectively giving the first half of the game to the enemy who has the early eve, shaco, or lee. That really irritates me. what im finding more and more is that people simply dont know how to pressure, and keep the momentum going. They recall at the wrong times. They dont take windows of opportunities to take baron and dragon. They wont die for an inhib that has 2 autos left in health.
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Mikelish (EUW)
: Dynamic Que is ruining my Experience
I just dont get why they removed the team options. Duo queue was bad enough but it was easier to overcome at least. I dont know anyone who plays either so teaming up isnt an option for me, especially since I tend to play champs that arent META. I was doing well before this dynamic queue. I mained teemo to plat 1 and was almost at diamond promos before the seasons ended. The removal of stealth wards and the addition of dynamic queue really ruined my win rate and has left me stuck in gold, which is incredibly hard to get out of unless you come with a team now.
Larry (EUNE)
: How to itemize vs 3 tanks and 2 carries as an adc
you could play safe in the early, and knowing that they have so much hp/armor in the late simply go for a bork and dominiks rush, maybe picking up zeal and boots inbetween. That way youll be prepared for any TPs, or early fights. Getting an early negatron/chain helps a lot vs assassins too.
: Is Aurelian Sol the next Illaoi?
Ive gone teemo vs sol about 5x and not lost in lane once.... usually had them 0/5 within 15-20 min.
: Pantheon Rework?
His gameplay is just so boring to play against. Basically stack enough armor and hp pots and wait for him to run oom, or he engages and you take a ridiculous amount of base damage to the face.
Menardy (EUW)
: Why is there ALWAYS a three-man premade on the enemy team
I agree. I dont even like the idea of having duos if each team doesnt have one. Though I just had a three man premade who went 2/22. So sometimes theyre complete garbage.
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: Why exactly is annie still in her "old" state?
Lets not forget that ridiculous auto attack range
Zeromatsu (EUW)
: I go attack speed runes on him and play around his e, winrate is a lot higher since that. I played him more ap'ish before but that wasn't any good.
Kind of irrelevant since you can do x2 AS quints with 1x ap, ap glyphs, and hybrid pen marks. Ive tried with varying levels of AS and really starting with anything more than 10% outside of the jungle seemed like a waste.
: Unconventional/"Troll" picks
Guinsoos teemo with fervor.
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Dranzus (EUW)
: Should bans be changed from the current 3 to more?
Should definitely add at least 1 to each side. Two would be ideal.
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