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immagine this: you and your friends are playng a boardgame. you make a good dice roll/a good move. one of your friends affected by this move stands up, flip the board yelling "%%%% this game" and go away slamming the door now: have you fun? no u havent play the game neither seen your move gives result are you gonna invite that friend again to play? in lol chances are, that you're gonna meet that guy or someone like him again.
Morrhen (EUW)
: Kinda dumb to say but if you properly report these people for behavior like AFK, griefing etc, it should get them eventually banned, right? Banned from entirety of the game with losing of their progress. Instead of them being able to practice same behavior in normal.
theorically u'r right, pratically the Report system is so abused that u actually need a 9 report or so to get something. and a lot of players just dont bother reporting this kind of thing because: -they stop belive in the system -they are too tilted and immediatly quit -they found it funny and like when someone rage very hardly i saw the sweet pop up "you recent feedback...." even when all team report a guy. so i just assume you also need the enemy players to do that.
Wex0r (EUW)
: This ^
rank is suppose to be competitive, i rather dont have players that want to give up in the first 10 minutes. I said banned from ranked cause i guess banned from lol is...too much, since riot will lose 1/ 3 of theyr players if they banned from the game completely.
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DeCoqq (EUW)
: Malph is useless before lvl 6 so i don't know how he can get 2 kills at lvl 3. One thing i do know, though, that had nothing to do with malph being op
i just see him almost oneshot all. i think the so called "nerf" did nothing at all. that saif ofc there are ppl that dont know how use it, and ppl that are just skilled and no matter what champ they take, they gonna kick your ass, but i think he still need anothjer nerf to avoid that every guy with at least 4 fingers can dominate the game the way i saw him dominate
Torkl (EUW)
: Lvl 3 leona easily survives 5 full combos from lvl 3 malphite and that is not counting regen, relic hp, adcs heal and so on... She can also cc malph, so i dunno what kind of leona you were playing with..
i didnt expect that to happe either!, all of a suddedn the adc died and after 2 sec me 2... we were both sides around 80% hp(he Q the adc time to time, and i Q him time to time) and from that moment on he just oneshot everybody :(
Vingthór (EUW)
: At the very least he had Frostfang as well since its his support item and he probably started with it. 900 magic damage in a full rotation is not at all much damage and on a tank support you definitely survive that. Even squishies survive a full rotation from a support malph building tanky, unless he is very fed. If he is very fed, there is not much you can do, most champions are pretty scary if very fed, you dropped the ball early already. Also, if he ults you on a tank support without hitting your adc, he has pretty much lost already. Not much else he can do after that. Just don't stand next to your adc. Your adc needs some survivability to prevent getting oneshot, after that you can easily peel malph away from him.
the problem was he get 2 kill when he was lvl 3, and than he just roam around killing all. i try actually to bait his R cause i can stay alive 1.5 sec more, to get the others kill him(that was my thought) but he just keep aiming all the rest (including a garen...that soon become a 0-6-0) and at that point what? no hope? is stupidnothing like this is suppose be legal imho. a champ that you cant just stop cause he get a lil fed dosent make sense to me. im not sayng he's not suppose to kill the squishy but he can kill leona and garen as well almost as easy. the concept "nothing u can do" is not in my mind! expecially in a game that spend so much time and patch (btw, why is league not working right now?) on BLANCING the whole thing.
Vingthór (EUW)
: "Only armor items" Has Frostfang, Morellos, Haunting guise. So there's that. Also, if he kills you before he has ult and/or items, you are doing it wrong.
no, like frozen heath. and using his R. actuall was frozen+ninjatabi . 900+magic dmnage. make a perfect sense. and even if have done something wrong (but i still cant figure it out what) after he reach 6 what can u do? (honestly, what? iuf there is a secret tecnique i wanna know for the next time!
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: [Bug?] What im seeing in game is not what is happening...any help?
Connection is perfect. no package lost. (connections was one of the improvment i've done). Hextech repair tool..just broke the game. Every time i've used the game wont start/work properly and i have to uninstall all, reinstall and usually check on some other site on how fix that.. yeah maybe i'm cursed or something...but is all true
ıPyke (EUW)
: Report it as a bug report, probably the best thing you can do, it's the fastest way to contact Riot. I'm stuck in a ghost game at the moment, I think it's because clash went up.. Clash? More like Crash. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
LOL i like the joke. but the bug report is usless. anytime i report a bug the one who reply me sound more like an automatic repl. i never solve anithing by bug report. i usually solve my "lol" problem asking google. but this one is a lil too much complex to write in google ^^
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: Honor system- broken?
its broken, exactly cause people can use it improperly... ofc is not important for progress, but still dosent work how is intended imho! the point of the honor system was to encourage people to be less toxic and more propositive in game (we all know how toxic the LOL experience could be...expecially before the tribunal) but somehow the honor is used to player just to reward the guy who do the most kills! did you know how many times when i lost i've seen the classic "gg...EASY" from the MOST honorable opponent??? not i give a single F to that, but thats EXACTLY the kind of attitude the Honor system should PREVENT...and it dosent. the fault is from the user? ok, fair enogh..still it dosent work
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