: after playing her and testing few times, In my opinion she is useless, take this as pitch of salt as i am silver only but her scaling sucks af, she is too squishy and the q is awful, zoe can have aoe q while she cant. her ult also does no dmg, she gets punished for hitting multiple waves at the same champ.
That seems good, though It's what I was afraid of. As mentioned I believe that her scalings have to be bad to Keep her from being an indestructible force. Now the only Thing I'm scared of is some cheese strat with her W Additionally I hope that they give her more cc if she ends up being too weak instead of giving her more damage. Suits her more I guess.
: riot cant figure out if something is op or underpowered until they make people play it and see what crazy tactics they will test out. aka using the gamers as playtesters and the ygather their data.. nothing we cna do aboutit.
Agreed. I just feel like "full ap" is a predictable option
: why are u being worried about someone scaling before release? U KNOW ITS GONNA BE OVER pOWERED BEFORE NERF ANYWAYS BECUS RIOT NEEDS THEIR META DATA U KNOW SO RELAX ! u going bald at this point bro relax
I am worried because I want their more experimental designs to work and I'm worried because I want to enjoy the game. Just accepting that a champion is going to be blatantly overpowered is, in my opinion, a rather lazy approach. Additionally, I don't really see where you're coming from. I'm not running around Screaming "Oh no! New champion is OP! Game is ruined!" I mainly wanted to point out that her design seems extremely fragile (after all this wouldn't be the first time a champion gets played completely differently than intended and suddenly is unbelievably powerful) and Maybe talk to people who disagree so that I can see it from a different angle.
: its ok you knwo why ? THEY JUST RELEASED HER SKILLS!
uh... obviously? How could I talk about her skills if they were not out yet?
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